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qBittorrent v4.2.2 has been released

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qBittorrent v4.2.2 was released.
ATTENTION WINDOWS USERS: There's a "qBittorrent" app on the Windows Store which costs money. It isn't an official release nor it is coming from us. The person publicizing it doesn't have permission to use the qBittorrent name/logo.
v4.2.2 changelog:

FEATURE: Allow transfer list text color changes through QSS (Prince Gupta)
FEATURE: Option to show console when external program is run (sledgehammer999)
FEATURE: Rename Country column to "Country / Region" (Thomas Piccirello)
FEATURE: Change the defaults of some settings (FranciscoPombal)
FEATURE: Refactored Transfer List code to allow theming. As a sideffect the row height has more padding. (glassez)
FEATURE: Allow double-click in preview dialog (thalieht)
FEATURE: Expose stop_tracker_timeout in advanced settings (an0n666)
FEATURE: Add piece_extent_affinity to AdvancedSettings (FranciscoPombal)
FEATURE: Reorganize UI theme selection (Prince Gupta)
FEATURE: Show any multiple connections from the same IP in peer list (thalieht)
FEATURE: Add stalled filters to GUI and Web API/UI (FranciscoPombal)
FEATURE: Use IP geolocation database by DB-IP instead of MaxMind (sledgehammer999)
FEATURE: Allow to save downloaded metadata as torrent file (glassez)
FEATURE: Allow single app instance per configuration (glassez)
PERFORMANCE: Move multiple torrents one by one (glassez)
BUGFIX: Disable Torrent Queue by default for new users (an0n666)
BUGFIX: Update free disk space label on Category change in Auto Mode (Medvedishce)
BUGFIX: Save resume data after recheck (glassez)
BUGFIX: Tracker is errored only if all local endpoints fail (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Change placement of stop tracker timeout setting (An0n)
BUGFIX: Redesign torrent startup handling (glassez)
BUGFIX: Show "∞" instead of " -1" in Preferences (Sakib-Abrar)
BUGFIX: Improve code efficiency for reverse resolution of peers (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Handle HTTP redirection to magnet URI (glassez)
BUGFIX: Various fixes for portable mode (Tester798)
BUGFIX: Include resume folder path in exception message (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Change placeholder text in torrent list's filter (djt3)
BUGFIX: Improvements in the embedded tracker to be more spec compliant (FranciscoPombal)
BUGFIX: Improve the options tooltips (NotTsunami)
BUGFIX: Check if file exists in seed mode (an0n666)
BUGFIX: Delegate GUI scaling work to Qt (Nick Korotysh)
BUGFIX: Fix crash when renaming torrent contents (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix total connected peers count calculation (FranciscoPombal)
BUGFIX: Allow other keypresses in LogListWidget (NotTsunami)
BUGFIX: Disable Auto TMM when not using default savepath from monitored folder (thalieht)
WEBUI: Fix first row renaming in files tab (Denis)
WEBUI: Use SVG image for WebUI favicon (Nick Korotysh)
WEBUI: Inherit text color for filter list elements (Nick Korotysh)
WEBUI: Expose WebUI ban counter to users (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Expose WebUI ban duration to users (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Implement "Secure" flag for session cookie (FranciscoPombal)
WEBUI: Remove unused/deprecated option (FranciscoPombal)
WEBUI: Prevent excessive sync requests (FranciscoPombal)
WEBUI: Fix populating statistics window (FranciscoPombal)
WEBUI: Fix matching uncategorized torrents (FranciscoPombal)
WEBUI: Always allow whitespace in category names (FranciscoPombal)
SEARCH: Bump python version for new installation (Chocobo1)
SEARCH: Fix missing string (Chocobo1)
SEARCH: Drop python2 support (Chocobo1)
WINDOWS: Installer: Option to start qBittorrent on Windows start up (An0n)
WINDOWS: Installer: Improve Czech translation (slrslr)
WINDOWS: Installer: Update French translation (zywo)
WINDOWS: Installer: Update German translation (schnurlos)
WINDOWS: Installer: Update Japanese translation (maboroshin)
WINDOWS: Path length limitation is removed on Windows 10 1607 onwards (an0n666)

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