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Borderlands 3: CODEX cracked copy protection from Denuvo

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Borderlands 3: CODEX cracked copy protection from Denuvo

The Windows Game Borderlands 3 was cracked by the Release Group CODEX just 46 days after the launch. The manufacturer Gearbox Software will not be pleased.

The popular loot shooter Borderlands returns with the third part. This time around: Bazillion weapons and a really adventurous story. With it are four new chamber hunters, with whom you can play through the new worlds and enemies.

Borderlands 3 brings a lot of new things

Developer studio Gearbox Software has spent plenty of time making the third part of this loot shooter. Rightly so! Because the third part of Borderlands brings with it many new fighters, weapons, worlds and enemies. Thus, the siren has been revised, which has now got their focus on the melee. The three other chamber hunters FL4K, Moze and Zane have received their premiere in the third part. So FL4K is traveling with a beast and Zane with a doppelganger. Moze, on the other hand, is a soldier who only has weapons in the skill tree (skills of a player).

Gamers waited 46 days for the crack

After all, Denuvo's anti-tamper software kept the crackers from illegally circulating the game for more than a month. CODEX took 46 days to crack the DRM-protected game. The community waited very impatient at the latest since the sales start on this publication. New releases such as Code Vein (DRM: Denuvo) or Outer World (without copy protection) were also circulated illegally by CODEX.

Last night, just before midnight, it was time, there was the much sought-after release of Borderlands 3. Most downloaders have no problems with the game, with only one Reddit user, it was even a crash. This experience was not confirmed by the other users. And this although apparently a new version of Denuvo was used.

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