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Twitch Sells Out For Amazon Prime Day

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Twitch announced today that it would be hosting Twitch Sells Out, an Amazon Prime Day special event that will see the platform host its own live shopping show on /twitchpresents that is being described as something viewers have never seen before. Amazon Prime Day has quickly become something of a calendar event for many, as the two-day event typically unleashes some of the best deals available to consumers during the summer, especially those who are interested in video games and other tech adjacent to that industry.

Twitch has been paying close attention to the way its brand is being promoted lately, with another recent example being the announcement of the Twitch Subscriber Streams beta. In theory, Subscriber Streams are supposed to give content creators the option to incentivize viewers to subscribe to them for exclusive content, potentially increasing their monthly revenue and helping them maintain a viewership base in a highly competitive field. In practice, it's been a much more divisive topic, with many upset that there might now be a paywall to access their favorite viewing experiences. It's certainly made for some controversy, and that's unlikely to change until Subscriber Streams are better understood, especially in regards to how content creators will handle them.

In the meantime, Twitch is lightening the mood with Twitch Sells Out, which will take place on July 15 from 10am to 10pm PT before occurring once more the next day, July 16, between the same hours. Twitch Sells Out will celebrate Amazon Prime Day by assembling a team of people's favorite Twitch streamers, who will apparently be hosting a riff on the live shopping shows that are typically meme goldmines. It won't just be for fun, though - according to Twitch, there will be serious deals on games and gaming peripherals, alongside some previously unseen demos and gameplay from some of the most anticipated games of 2019. Viewers will, of course, need Twitch Prime to have access to the deals on display.


Twitch will also allow people to co-stream the show, allowing Partners or Affiliates to use the Blacksmith Extension to support it. The Blacksmith Extension is an interactive on-screen overlay that will provide purchasing links for the products being sold, and will give the person using it in their own stream a cut of the revenue for any product sold through it.

Twitch Sells Out is exactly what the platform needs right now - a reminder that it hosts some of the biggest personalities in the tech and gaming sectors, and an excuse to showcase those personalities for long periods of time. With people concerned over the direction of content creation at the moment, a reminder that it's still producing some of the best and brightest young talent in the industry is at least a temporary remedy. If fans manage to snag a few deals along the way, it's even better for Twitch.

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