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Here are all the new features now available in Android Auto

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Android Auto is an experience that Google unveiled for cars back in 2014. In a nutshell, it allows you to connect your phone with your car's display. Given the company's notoriety for killing off products in their nascent stage, it seems like Android Auto has been a successful piece of innovation for it so far - even though the Android Auto experience for phone screens was axed with Android 12. Now, the firm has unveiled a set of new features now available for Android Auto customers.

The design for the Android Auto experience has been revamped with increased focus on improved navigation, communication, and playing audio content. This is done by relocating Maps closer to the driver's seat, a Material You-based media card to show album art, a quick launcher to start recent apps, and split screen layouts that are compatible with different screen sizes.

In terms of new features, we have smart suggestions from Google Assistant about missed call reminders, faster access to music, and quick arrival time sharing. Additionally, you can leverage shortcuts to quickly call your favorite contacts and respond to messages. And it's surprising that this has not been supported since launch, but Android Auto finally has a seekable progress bar for skipping parts of music and podcasts. Owners of the latest Pixel and Samsung phones will also be pleased to know that they can make WhatsApp calls, with the capability slated to arrive for more devices in the future.

Moreover, digital key sharing is coming to Samsung and Xiaomi handsets and more car brands soon. Right now, they are only supported on BMWs across Pixel and iPhone devices.

Google also talked about some improvements from its partner ecosystem, summarized below:



High-quality maps and navigation:

The Waze app is now available on select Renault vehicles and is headed to more cars with Google built-in.
Google’s new HD map is now available in select new cars with Google built-in, starting with the Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3. The HD map delivers precise road details like lane markers, signs and road barriers to support automakers' assisted and autonomous driving technology for safer, more hands-free driving on select roadways.

More entertainment:

While you’re waiting for curbside pickup or charging your EV, the car screen is a great place to catch up on shows or movies. With Tubi and MGM+ already available on Google Play, we’ll soon be offering YouTube and more.

Expanded choices:

With the recently announced 2023 Accord Touring model, Honda joins a growing list of brands offering cars with Google built-in that includes Volvo Cars, Polestar, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Renault. Expect even more choices from brands like Ford and Lincoln later in 2023 as well.


All of the aforementioned features have started rolling out today, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.




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