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Some major changes and limitations are coming to Microsoft 365

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Screenshot 2022-11-09 16.49.55.jpg

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft's recommended solution for those who want to use its Office applications and want to utilize cloud storage. For consumers, the cloud-powered solution costs $69.99/year for the Personal plan and $99.99/year for the Family subscription. While Microsoft regularly adds new features to the various services offered in its Microsoft 365 umbrella, it removes some from time to time, too. It has now announced some major changes and limitations to Microsoft 365.

As noted by Windows Central, Microsoft is informing customers of some changes that it is making to Outlook and OneDrive. At Neowin, we haven't received communication about these modifications yet.

After November 30, 2023, it will not be possible to associate new personalized email addresses to your Outlook account. It is important to understand that existing personalized email IDs will continue to function as is for the foreseeable future, but it will not be possible to add new ones. Similarly, if you remove such an email ID after the November 30 deadline, you will not be allowed to add it back.

The other modification also involves OneDrive. Basically, Outlook attachments will count towards your OneDrive storage after February 2, 2023 as well. So if your OneDrive capacity is close to being full already, you should probably consider deleting some unnecessary content from your storage before the deadline. However, Microsoft is offering some leeway by providing 50GB of extra storage for one year after February 2 in order to make the transition easier for customers.

The OneDrive change is likely to impact more customers than the Outlook personalized emails modification. However, it is good that Microsoft has given what seems to be ample time to prepare for the changes before they kick in after a few months.



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