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How to download Udemy courses

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Udemy is a popular online learning resource with more than 80000 video courses at the time of writing. Most courses are paid courses that users need to buy on the site before they can stream them online.

Some users may prefer to download video courses from Udemy to their local system after the purchase for offline access, archiving purposes, or situation where the Internet connection is not fast enough to stream without hiccups or buffer phases. It happened in the past that Udemy videos did not load at all for some users.

Udemy does not provide download links for its courses and limits customers to online course access because of that.

Several applications exist that support the downloading of video courses from Udemy. All require that courses have been purchased or are free; it is not possible to download courses you did not pay for or that are not free.

Udemy Course Downloader


Udemy Course Downloader is a free cross-platform application to download Udemy video courses.

You can download the latest version of the application from GitHub and run it after the download on a supported version of Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

The application requires that users sign-in to their Udemy account using it. The application is open source and users who run it may browse the code repository to make sure that their authentication data is not stolen by the application.

The interface is straightforward. The application displays all courses bought by the account in its interface afterward.

You may switch to the Settings tab to configure download details such as the destination directory for courses and the video quality.

The application supports multiple course downloads simultaneously, pause and resume, and setting download start and end.


The free cross-platform application udemy-dl changes that by adding capabilities to download Udemy courses to the local system.


Udemy-dl is a Python script which means that Python needs to be installed on the system to make use of it. Python 2 and 3 are supported, and the project page on GitHub highlights other dependencies.

The application is a bit more complicated to use; not only does it require that Python is installed on the machine it is run on, it also requires that users use a browser's Developer Tools to extract session information from Udemy for use in the application.

The base command is python udemy-dl.py COURSE_URL but there are lots of additional parameters that let you specify the video quality, destination directory, the extracted data, and other information.

The Python application supports the downloading of entire courses or some chapters or even lectures only for offline access.

Users who would like to give it a go can check out the project website linked above for detailed instructions on using the Python script on their devices.

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