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Promote InviteStore - Earn 5000 Bonus + 500 Rep Points

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[Promoting Invitestore]

In an effort of increasing our user-base and promoting InviteHawk even more, we have initialized a promotion campaign.

Its easy and simple. Just login to your favorite Blog/Forum/Website/Twitter/Facebook account, make a post and share a word about InviteStore, tell them what you think about this site and how it can help. Alternately, if you don't have time then you can use our per-made message template.

Here is the sample of template:

InviteStore - Your first pick for sharing Torrent invites!

• We are a growing invite forum on the internet! You can find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and you can also Buy/Sell your torrent invites or accounts.
• InviteStore gives you the opportunity to get into the best private trackers out there either by buying your way in or just grab free invites given by our members.
• Get all your exclusive private torrent invites which includes BTN, HDBits, PTP, AnimeBytes, Empornium, etc. InviteStore is your ultimate guide for all torrent trackers & your access to best Scene on the Web.
• Grab your free Invite to TorrentLeech or Bitspyder once you register. Earn points by being active and claim free invites from the Members Shop!
• Never miss a chance to signup on a tracker with open registrations. InviteStore sends you regular updates about sites with open signups. Just subscribe to our Open Signup Section.
• Get to know everything about a tracker with all the updated information by checking out the Exclusive Tracker Reviews!


-Spread a word at any three Blogs/Forums or Social networking sites and post a link here with screen-shots.
-Do not break other site rules/policies and post in an appropriate section like link heaven, links database or general discussions.
-Do not overlap your postings. (if you already posted at x.y.z site then try to find another site and spread a word)

After your links and screenshots gets verified by Admins/Mods, you will be awarded 500 Free +Rep points. These points will help you to maximize your reputation here and you can get involve in many deals. Plus you can tell us desired user title you wanna set here.

Note: You cannot participate in this campaign if you have any infractions/warnings.

Start Promoting your favorite InviteStore now..

Good luck!

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