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Looking for a Seedbox recommendation? -Read this First.

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Simple Guidelines for Getting a Good Recommendation.

The folks here are very helpful, they want to assist you, but if you give them nothing to work with, nothing is what you are likely to get back. We want you to find the best possible fit.

So how do you find this fit for you?

First, Google is your friend, often searching before posting will give you the answer your looking for, not a week has gone by where someone most likely has tried to find the very service you are trying to find, so it is statistically unlikely that you are searching for something that hasn't been searched for before - especially if you have simple criteria like best and cheap. Also searching other requests can help you refine yours.


Ok, so you've searched, and determined your criteria isn't found, how do you get the best results? The most fruitful way is to provide the eager folks here every possible detail - the details that might help narrow down what vendor is the best fit for you. You make a lazy one line post, you are most likely going to get lazy one-word responses, or "Check us out!" messages from opportunistic vendors.


Me and others have suggested baseline criteria for getting the best results, and really a necessity for any quality response:

What is your budget per month?
How much disk space do you need?
Are you looking for shared or dedicated seedbox?
Particular uses, streaming? VPN? One-click ease? Racing?
Other important criteria might include, you might touch on, is for example:

What is the primary reason for getting a seedbox? DMCA? Ratio? Wife discovered Porn? Please expand.
Location (yours and/or the vendors)? Most seedboxes are concentrated in Europe (France, Netherlands, Germany)
Particular speed (100M, 1G, 10G, Ludicrous Speed, etc)? Slow, fast, fastest.
Do you use public trackers extensively?
How much experience do you have with seedboxes, linux, and alike? Need a lot of handholding?
Is your location problematic? e.g. I'm at university. I'm one of three people on the island of Yap.
Particular payment methods the vendor needs to accept: bitcoin, paypal, paysafecard, Turkish Lire?
Particular content: Games, TV shows, Anime; Movies; Remuxes; the oeuvre of Fatty Arbuckle?
Using problemsome trackers like public ones or challenging trackers like RED and CHD?
Any idea on how much bandwidth you need a month? 1TB; 3TB; 30TB?
Are you a paranoiac, need special safety assurances?
Other more unique requirements? You want to run a website too; Azureus is your favorite client, can't live without it; Or god forbid you really, really need Windows.

More Question -


Question| Answer
 What is your budget per month?|  
 How much disk space do you need?| 
 Are you looking for shared or dedicated seedbox?| 
 Particular uses, streaming? VPN? | 
 What is the primary reason| 
 Need support for Publics?|
 Particular speed| 
 How much experience do you have with seedboxes, linux, and alike?|  
 Is your location problematic?| 
 Particular payment methods|
 Particular content |
 Problemsome trackers?| 
 Any idea on how much bandwidth you need a month? | 
 Are you a paranoiac, need special safety assurances?|
 Any other unique requirements?|


Every little bit helps.

The more details you provide, the more likely you are to get a targeted detailed recommendation.

Best of luck, and Welcome.

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