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GPW is now open source

open source code

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, I am very happy to share this news with you here: just now, we officially open sourced all the code of GPW on GitHub , including:

Site Web Framework: GazellePW

Tracker server: Ocelot

Some supporting tools

Speaking of Gazelle, you may not be unfamiliar. Like NP (NexusPHP), it is a Web framework for building PT sites. Although the functions of Gazelle are much more complex and richer than those of NP, compared to the wide application of NP in major domestic sites, Gazelle is only used more abroad. Gazelle has no Chinese interface; on the other hand, the original version of Gazelle is more suitable for the construction of music stations, and the support for film and television stations is weak.

In a blink of an eye, GPW has been established for a year. During this year, we have added a lot of functions and code cleaning to Gazelle, including: clearing music-related codes that have nothing to do with film and television, publishing automatic access to film and television information, poster wall , slots, search systems, etc.; at the same time, we use modern technology to reconstruct the front-end architecture, including: componentization, responsive layout, mobile phone adaptation, etc., which greatly improves the front-end scalability and ease of use. , like all members of the development team here! Today, we have open sourced the Gazelle version of GPW and named it GazellePW (GazellePosterWall) . We hope that it can help the ecology of PT sites at home and abroad. The open source version is not perfect. We also hope that those who are interested in Gazelle and GPW will join us. Build together, let's work together! 

Oh yes, in order to celebrate the open source of GPW code, our front-end developers have added a new theme style for us: Github(beta) , you can set your own experience in your personal settings! Hidden text : ShowIf you are a developer and love GPW and are willing to contribute to GPW, don't hesitate, please apply directly on the site

Join us, the GPW development team welcomes you; if you just want to contribute to the GazellePW code, you are very welcome to submit a PR or issue on GitHub.

As we all know, our code was leaked a year ago, and the source code of the development version was released on GitHub by someone with ulterior motives. At present, this pirated version is still standing naked on GitHub. I deeply regret this. Everyone should know what can be done and what can't be done. I hope these people can think again whether what they have done is meaningful and valuable, and whether there is a trace of shame and apology for this matter.

GPW in my eyes

I have joined GPW for over a year, and I would like to share my views with you today. First of all, this is a non-profit community. Everyone, including the working group and the members of the site, are selflessly building this community. There are no bigwigs, no powerful people here, just a group of excellent people doing cool things. Fairness, impartiality, objectivity and rationality have always been the principles of doing things respected here, and co-construction and openness have always been the spirit advocated here.

For various reasons, GPW has been controversial for a long time. Some people give it the label of "patriotism", some people say that it is a Chinese PTP, and some people say that it is deserted, has few resources, and has poor seed preservation. I think GPW is GPW. At present, it is still very weak. People who are full of exploration and sharing spirit in the whole station are still exploring step by step. I hope that everyone can argue less emotionally and think more rationally. Don't say it in the unexpected world, but experience it personally. Let's see what GPW has done and see if it is what you expect and love.

I hope that everyone can love this community, and are willing to contribute their own strength to the favorite community. This strength can be seed generation, seed preservation, suggestions, or feedback. It can be any Site, anything that is helpful to everyone, you will definitely learn from GPW, get a lot of what you need, and GPW will become more colorful because of you!

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