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"Ghost" seeding
Hello friends and neighbors! 

I hope you are enjoying our silly little site.

Recently, we have been having some problems with people not actually seeding any data.  It would appear users are setting their torrent client to have very few upload slots and only upload at the slowest possible speeds.  Some users seem to think this is good way to game the UNIT3D stats system. 
It is not, and will get you banned.

Your upload stats can be seen from  -then click "seeding" and sort by leechers.  If there are multiple people downloading from you and no data is moving, you need to check your torrent client or risk repercussions. 

I realize not everyone has great internet access, but without seeders, our site will die.  If you need help setting up your torrent client for a slow internet connection, don't be afraid to ask in the forums or on discord.  We have some pretty smart users that will be glad to help you out.

If any user is found to be cheating the stats system by blocking or severely throttling their uploads, they will be banned.  There are not many ways to get banned from JPTVclub, but not seeding your downloads back is one of them.

If you are having trouble downloading a file in a reasonable amount of time from a seeder, send me a DM explaining the situation.  I will do everything I can to help out.

Seed your downloads for a week, and all will be well.

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