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Mystical Ruins & Refreshing Summer


Hey GazelleGames!

Lost Ruins
The summer torrential rains have washed out the hillside and exposed the entrance to a long lost dwarven mine! Being long isolated from their fellow dwarves, these mines surely hold unique tribes, with powers as yet unknown to gazelle kind! Take the chance to explore the secret dwarven tunnels and discover new tribes of dwarves and their unique cuisine! Just make sure not to go too deep into the tunnels, you never know what kind of dangerous miner-consuming monsters lurk in these shadows!

Be careful on the journey. Archeological finds are easily consumed, losing valuable hints in the process! Excavation work is also still undergoing to clear the rubble away. Check back later for new updates if you're stuck!

Update! Excavation workers have announced a big new find: forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=25352&postid =2052149#post2052149

Refreshing Drinks
The local gazelles have turned out in quite the number at the beach next to the landslide, some of them have been setting up shop and handing out delicious drinks to the intrepid cave explorers! Unfortunately, we currently lack the knowledge to craft these invigorating beverages, but perhaps we'll find some hints in the ruins?

The reveal of the dwarven mines has released some unknown magic, causing all of the slimes in Gazellia to mutate! Instead of dropping the screams of consumed miners, slimes now cough up slime balls which could contain digested gold from the miners, crystallized screams, or even a special slime dye that turns your username strangely sticky for a couple of weeks! There are even rumours of a strangely mutated new colourful slime! Check them out in the shop to buy them if you meet their requirements, or gaze upon them in longing as you chat away! If you're already a friend to slimes, perhaps the Book of Pet Crafting can reveal a secret!

Many thanks to our dedicated item and art team members, especially Phantasm, ThePeach, and TNSepta, for realizing this event.

 GGn Staff

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