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Keeping old torrents alive
We need your help to keep our torrents alive!

We're streamlining our hosting after the server loss incident earlier this year. As part of this, we will remove old tracker URLs from our configuration. Up until now we've continued to support them, but this adds complexity to our site that makes it harder to maintain.

Unfortunately, some older torrents are mainly supported by seeders still using an old tracker URL, and simply disabling the old tracker URLs would risk us losing torrents due to insufficient active seeders. Therefore, we need your help. There are two things you can do:

1.  Check whether you're seeding any torrents that have a tracker URL not starting in: , and fix them. Read the forum post for instructions.
2.  Look for torrents with the bad.peers tag that you could download and seed, thus saving the torrent from oblivion. This tag is automatically generated based on a script to determine the torrents that heavily depend on old tracker URLs. You can search for this tag combined with others to find and save torrents that fit your personal tastes.

We will monitor progress, and take action depending on the results. This could involve changing which torrents have the bad.peers tag, or sending system messages to users who are still using old tracker URLs.

Read the forum post for more information

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