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HP Reveals AMD Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 APU Specifications

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HP México has inadvertently revealed the specifications for AMD's forthcoming Ryzen 5000 (Cezanne) desktop APUs. Hardware detective momomo_us spotted the deets in a document for the HP Pavilion gaming desktop TG01-2003ns.

AMD has been diligently transitioning its entire processor portfolio over to the latest Zen 3 microarchitecture. The desktop APU and Threadripper product lines are the last ones on the list to receive the Zen 3 treatment. Similar to the Ryzen 5000 mobile variants, desktop Cezanne will exploit the Zen 3 microarchitecture, but still retain the old Vega graphics engine. However, we expect the latter to feature some improvements in terms of better clock speeds.

While we've seen countless leaks of the Ryzen 5000 APUs, this is the first time that we're getting information from a solid source. As expected, AMD has prepared three Ryzen 5000 APUs to replace the current Ryzen 4000 (Renoir) APU lineup. Logically, the Ryzen 7 5700G will be the flagship APU and the Ryzen 5 5600G is the middle man, while the Ryzen 3 5300G is the entry-level part.


Ryzen 5000 will stick to the same core count as its predecessor. The APUs will max out at eight Zen 3 cores. However, Ryzen 5000 will offer double the L3 cache across the board. The Ryzen 7 5700G and Ryzen 5 5600G have 16MB of L3 cache at their disposal, while the Ryzen 3 5300G is limited to 8MB.

The improvement in clock speeds isn't significant, but Zen 3's true value lies within its IPC. In terms of operating clocks, Ryzen 5000 appears come with a 200 MHz higher base and boost clocks in comparison to their Ryzen 4000 counterparts.

The Ryzen 7 5700G arrives with eight cores and 16 threads. The octa-core part boasts base and boost clock speeds of 3.8 GHz and 4.6 GHz, respectively. The Ryzen 5 5600G, on the other hand, comes wielding six cores and 12 threads. HP listed the Ryzen 5 5600G with a 3.9 GHz base clock and 4.4 GHz boost clock. The Ryzen 3 5300G will round off the Ryzen 5000 lineup. The APU seemingly checks in with a 4 GHz base clock and 4.2 GHz boost clock

The jury is still out on whether AMD will make the Ryzen 5000 desktop APUs available to the public. In case you've forgotten, Ryzen 4000 desktop APUs were limited to OEMs. While you could still buy one from the black market, it was a hassle due to the overseas shipping and the fact that you're buying a product that doesn't come with a warranty. We've seen when Zen 3 can do in AMD's Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) processors, and it would be a shame if AMD left APU enthusiasts out to dry again.

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