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Alan Wake 2 Is In The Works From Remedy & Epic According To Insider

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Alan Wake 2 may finally be happening thanks to a deal from Epic Games. Exact details of when it'll release, what it'll be about, and how it might connect to Control are scarce, but reputable insider and GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb has stated that he's heard that Epic's recent deal with developer Remedy included funding for the long-awaited sequel.

Epic Games struck a deal with Remedy quite recently to help fund games in the Control universe, a new IP that the developer successfully got off the ground back in 2019. Many have been hoping for an Alan Wake sequel, but due to rights issues, lack of proper funding, and more, it's been an issue. Remedy used Control as a bit of a trojan horse for a continuation of the Alan Wake universe via in-game references and expansions. This only fueled the fire and thanks to Remedy proving itself more than capable yet again, it seems that at least one publisher is finally interested in bringing the game to life.

Jeff Grubb reported on his latest Twitch stream that Epic has greenlit Alan Wake 2 following numerous offers from other publishers. Remedy had already confirmed plans to make more Control and Alan Wake games, but was vague on if that would just be Control 2 or something else entirely. According to Grubb, it seems to be the latter for at least one of its in-development games. "It should be the follow-up fans of that series want. There was a bidding war, but Epic had the best publishing deal, so Alan Wake 2 seems like it's coming," said Grubb. He went on to note that he has no idea what Remedy's plans are for a sequel to Control at the moment.


Epic has been quite bullish on being developer-friendly for a while now. Thanks to its mountains of Fortnite money as well as revenue from the Epic Games Store, the studio has had plenty of cash to throw around. On top of helping Remedy fund its next few games, Epic has acquired noteworthy indie developers such as Rocket League developer Psyonix and Fall Guys developer Mediatonic. Whether or not the games from these developers will be PC exclusive via Epic Games is a bit of a mystery, but it seems somewhat unlikely.

Alan Wake got its start on Xbox 360 and, given that it is more of a cult-classic than a blockbuster hit, relying on the PC audience to make a sequel a success seems unlikely. It seems far more reasonable for Epic Games to do some sort of timed-exclusivity for PC and bring Alan Wake 2 to consoles a few months later, but as of right now, nothing, not even the game itself, is confirmed.

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