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Fortnite Season 6 Adds Tameable Raptors To The Island

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The newest chapter in Fortnite features an abundance of wildlife scattered across the island, including tameable raptors. Fortnite's battle royale mode has earned renown for the game-changing updates it receives on a regular basis, and this is no exception. Battle royale was a feature added to the game shortly after its push into early access back in 2017, when Save the World was the game's main focus. However, with the battle royale's drastic rise in popularity, Epic Games has shifted most of its efforts to the PvP mode, which now overshadows its predecessor. It's this publicity that's been fueling the numerous crossovers and updates to the title in recent years, with each season bringing a slew of new content to the platform.

Throughout the game's second chapter, the Zero Point storyline has been the focus of each new season. As far back as season 4 of the game's first chapter, players were introduced to The Zero Point, an object that has been revealed to act as a bridge between the game's island and other realities. This object acts as the center focus of chapter two, with both the story and content revolving around the anomaly. Acting as a bridge between worlds, Epic Games has used The Zero Point to canonically insert a massive amount of crossover content, featuring iconic franchises such as Marvel and Alien. The recent arrival of Fortnite's Primal chapter also acts as a finale to the Zero Point storyline, and it includes a solo interactive cinematic when players launch the game that brings an end to the titular saga along with a new beginning for future content arcs.

Primal sends Fortnite's island back in time, introducing hunting and wildlife taming to the game's abundance of features. Outlined in a detailed post from developer Epic Games, this blast from the past includes raptors inhabiting the island's new form, giving players the option to hunt them down for crafting resources or tame them to hunt other players as a pack. Wildlife is the focus of this season, featuring animals such as wolves and boars roaming around the island alongside the raptors for the first time in the game's history. Players can hunt these animals in every match, using the meat and bones to craft and upgrade an assortment of Primal gear to bolster their loadouts.

Also featured in this season is a new batch of crossover skins for players to use, featuring Tomb Raider and Teen Titans in the new lineup of crossover franchises. Coming as another surprise, this will also be the first season to introduce an in-game skin for a real-world athlete. Players will now be able to run around the island hunting and gathering as FIFA athlete Neymar Jr. after unlocking the skin in the battle pass. Coming with these skins is the addition of new NPCs scattered across the island, some friendly and others hostile, including several bosses to encounter.

Fortnite's new season of content is shaping up to be another large addition to the already massive game. With all of the new content to explore and unlock, Epic is trying to reel fans back into the battle royale experience, and taming raptors is definitely one way to get people's attention. Things are looking strong for Fortnite despite the game's recent dropoff in popularity amongst the streamer community. The introduction of dinosaurs indicates that loyal fans of the game still have a lot to look forward to. The Primal chapter began on March 16th and continues until June 7th, when the next season of content will cycle in and replace the current Battle Pass. Fans should start hunting for that Primal gear now before it's gone.

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