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Battlefield 6 May Include a Battle Royale Mode, According To Leak

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A recent leak suggests that Battlefield 6, which is scheduled to launch this year, might include a battle royale mode. The game is expected to release during the Holiday season, and the flow of rumors is likely to get stronger in the coming months. Whatever the case with these battle royale rumors, Battlefield 6 will soon be revealed officially, considering its imminent 2021 release. According to the industry insider and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, the Battlefield 6 reveal is coming in May, although plans for that are yet to be solidified internally. Judging by Grubb’s words, EA and DICE are at least considering May as a potential window for a formal announcement, which will prepare franchise fans for a more elaborate event during June’s E3.

Not all the rumors surrounding Battlefield 6 deserve any attention, but sometimes, they get a hilarious response from developers. That was exactly what happened to a tweet by analyst Roberto Serrano. His list of facts about Battlefield 6 was mocked by the game’s official Twitter account, and for a good reason. Serrano didn’t reveal anything particularly new, mostly sharing the common truth about the game. For that, he received a troll answer from developers who listed obvious facts about spaghetti. Leave it to Reddit, though, to uncover some new potential news about the upcoming Battlefield title. Hardly to anyone’s surprise, the upcoming Battlefield 6 title is likely to feature a battle royale mode, according to the most recent rumors.

The initial batch of speculation was conveniently gathered by YouTuber Lossy in a dedicated video, which comes from EA, which sent a survey to Battlefield fans. Several questions referenced battle royale mechanics including maps changing over time and an obligatory battle pass filled with both premium and free cosmetic rewards. The survey particularly focused on whether or not fans have any interest in a free-to-play mode in the first place. The next day, an insider leak courtesy of the bf6leaker user appeared on Reddit. The insider claimed to be in touch with a person from Battlefield 6’s development team.

Apparently, the game’s release will be accompanied by a standalone free-to-play battle royale mode. It will reportedly serve as a hub, allowing for combining content from previous titles and supporting up to 128 players. At least three maps are going to be featured from the start: Wake Island, Metro, and Locker. Although not everything on the Internet deserves to be viewed as truth, Reddit moderators have already said that the insider provided them with proof from someone with actual knowledge about the game.

Although the recent rumor sounds doubtful, it’s not the source’s confirmation that makes the very idea of having a BR mode in Battlefield 6 believable. Common sense is. Battle royale games are continuing to accumulate huge revenues for gaming companies, while the audience is not expressing any tiredness from the genre. Despite possessing the Apex Legends brand, EA most likely wants an even bigger piece of cake, and the upcoming Battlefield 6 looks like a perfect opportunity to feature another battle royale mode, which will appeal to the fan community.

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