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Half Life Alyx is Available at a Steep Discount Right Now

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Although it seems like it was just yesterday, it has already been a year since the VR experience, Half Life: Alyx, was released on PC. Steam is celebrating the first year anniversary of Valve's extremely successful shooter by offering a 40% discount on the game until the end of the month. Half Life: Alyx is sold normally at $60 but it is available for only $36 until March 31st.

Half Life: Alyx has been highly acclaimed as the best VR game of 2020 and has taken home numerous awards. The game received the Coney Island Dreamland Award for best AR/VR Game during the 2021 New York Awards, VR Game of the Year Award during the recent South By Southwest (SXSW) Gaming Awards, and VR Game of the Year in last year's Steam Awards.

The highly acclaimed VR game is definitely worth every penny according to most reviews so now would be an excellent time to buy the game. However, the game does require a PC with good specs to run the game and a VR set but there have been considerable price decreases in equipment so now may be the best opportunity to dive into the VR experience. Even if not everyone can run Half Life as it has high requirements, comments on Steam recommend the game so anyone who is considering giving the game a try should take the opportunity to buy it now that it is at an all-time low.


As if the huge discount on Half Life: Alyx was not enough, Valve is also offering custom mod creations via the Steam Workshop through two big categories. The first one is aimed at people who want to enjoy the campaign mode again as it is filled with new guns and enemies. The second one is to explore different levels including a minigolf course. Furthermore, the modding feature has made it possible for amazing creations such as the Half Life: Alyx crossover with Bioshock. The creation was so inventive and successful, it was expanded into a full campaign that included original Bioshock content.

While this is not the first time Steam has offered Half Life with a huge discount. Back in November of last year during the Steam Autumn Sale, Valve's famous VR game was being sold with a 25% discount which is also a good deal. While there might be other chances to get discounts in the game on one of the upcoming Steam sales it is better to get the game now that is under $40.

Half-Life: Alyx is currently available for PC.

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