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Tiger Woods Signs Exclusive Deal With 2K On PGA Tour Game Series

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Legendary golfer Tiger Woods is officially returning to the virtual greens in PGA Tour 2K greens after inking an exclusive new deal with 2K Games. Woods's first stint in gaming was with EA Sports’ annual Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, which started in 1990 as PGA Tour Golf and spanned 23 games until its final entry, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour in 2015. EA changed the name after it and Woods mutually agreed to split after their deal expired in 2013. PGA Tour 2K21, the first game licensed by the PGA Tour since 2015, has received wide praise and has been called a return to form for golf sims.

Tiger Woods recently suffered a car crash, which left him with multiple leg injuries. Previously, the golf legend returned to professional play after a previous car crash and sex scandal in 2009. Both events hindered Woods' play for several years before winning the 2019 Masters, his first major title win in 11 years. He then won the Zozo Championship in 2020, tying the record for most PGA title wins at 82.

According to 2K Games, Woods has signed an exclusive long-term deal with the publisher and will serve as the PGA Tour 2K series' executive director for all titles that follow follow PGA Tour 2K21. His likeness and name will be exclusive to 2K-published golf games for the length of the deal. In addition to his directorial role, Woods will act as a consultant for future games while 2K partners with his TGR Foundation.

The release also says that HB Studios, a Nova Scotia-based independent developer, officially joins 2K as a part of its gaming studios. HB will be responsible for the PGA Tour 2K franchise moving forward. Founded in 2000, the studio developed several EA franchises, including the FIFA, NHL, Madden, and NBA Live series. Prior to the 2K game, HB shipped three entries in its original Golf Club series. It was also responsible for PlayStation’s Wonderbook game from 2012.

With Woods’ return to the PGA Tour series, more 2K Games golf titles can be expected in the near future. However, not all is right with the sports franchise, as both WWE 2K20 and NBA 2K21 were roundly criticized at launch. The latter was so buggy and glitchy that WWE 2K21 was canceled, with the lackluster WWE 2K Battlegrounds replaced the launch of the canceled project. Meanwhile, NBA 2K21 was considered a microtransaction-laden cash grab. It would be wise for 2K to take the critical and player feedback of its most recent titles to heart in order to develop better and more polished sports games for the future. Perhaps the next PGA Tour game can be a jumping-off point for righting that ship.

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