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Valheim's Final Boss Beaten In Seconds By Wolf Pack Led By Player

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The only thing that feels more powerful than running into battle with the final boss of Valheim, with some armor and a weapon that took hours to craft, is running into battle with a pack of super wolves bringing up the rear. Valheim is a procedurally-generated sandbox game, but with some serious survival elements heightened by the numerous enemies that roam the land. The game is also loosely driven by a story, which is where the five bosses of the game come into play. Odin tasks the player with summoning and defeating each of the Forsaken in the Norse afterlife, but he didn't say how, and one player figured taking an army of bloodthirsty wolves to the fight might help their chances.

All kinds of wildlife can be found in the various biomes of Valheim, ranging from the comparatively docile boars to the dangerous Lox. These two animals are great for resources and some companionship at a player's base if caught and tamed, but the threatening wolves that roam the mountains are what players want if they are looking for a sidekick that will follow them around and fight by their side. Regular wolves are deadly already, but two star wolves are absolutely ferocious and this player must have gone through a lot of of pains to capture a pair.

The player who took on this challenge posted their army's victory to Reddit. User WoodDivision5 bred around fifty two star wolves for this expedition, and says that their frame rate dropped to around 10fps at their base trying to keep up with fifty wolves moving around and howling incessantly. They show the battle with the final boss in a clip that isn't even a minute long. The daunting Yagluth barely has time to finish its spawn animation before the wolves finish it off, while the player hangs back and merely watches. It seems most of the wolves even made it out unharmed; the army still looks full after the fight.

This is actually at least the second time WoodDivision5 has beaten the final boss, the previous run also aided by wolves, though only half as many. This is the last thing to do on a Valheim player's quest list; after this the world is free for the fan to do whatever hey wish, whether that involves taking on the bosses again, or investing time in building the perfect base, or whatever other project might strike a player's fancy. One Valheim fan recently created a spiral staircase leading nowhere, which might help players build bases more like fortresses and castles.

WoodDivision5 says in a comment that after the battle with Yagluth, they set their mighty following of wolves free in the plains to save themselves from the constant howling and their computer from the dropped frame rate. To manage to breed that many wolves is an achievement in itself, and the way this player used their army to take down a formidable foe that is part of the storyline of the game shows just how much freedom players have in Valheim, and that they can play in whatever way makes them happy.

Valheim is available on PC in early access.

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