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3DTorrents | 3DT | 3D / HD | 2021 Review

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3DTorrents | 3DT | 3D / HD | 2021 Review


Tracker Name    3DTorrents
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre    3D / HD
Tracker SignUp    Invite Only
Maintain Ratio    Easy
Bonus System    Yes
Chatbox    Yes
Banned Countries    None

Tracker Description


3DTorrents (3DT) is a private tracker that wants to be heaven on earth for 3D movies.

They have a good collection for New Movies, even some older Files in 3D have good amount of speeds.

Maintain ratio is easy as :
- Many 50% freeleech torrents are uploaded daily , snatch them by seedbox.
- Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count.Every file Over 2GB you download, you get .7 points per hour for seeding.
- Required share ratio is 1.0.
In My Opinion this is a good 3D tracker, It has explanations about the 3D world such as devices, apps, and the differences between the 3 methods.

They have a unique invite system whenever you reach 3D monster rank you can finally use invites there with bps .

The pretimes and the speed are ok, you can easily build a good buffer with the help of Bonus system... Overall decent one for 3D lovers to enjoy some movies.

Hit & Run rules => If your ratio is bad and you hit n run, you will most likely receive a warning. Seed any file as long as it took to either get enough points to get a 1.0 ratio or to upload enough data.

Rules - Required share ratio is 1:1.

They also have a Active Chatbox along with forum section .

They Have a donation system In their site . Users who donates can enjoy many Facilities as a VIP their .

They also Have a Good Collections Of 4k UHD Bluray copy , Adult contents , 3D softwares .

I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots

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||Home Page||








||How to||


User Rank





||Bonus System||



Pre-times    6.5/10
Speed    7/10
Content    7/10
Community    6.5/10
Overall    7/10

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