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Razer's Futuristic Gaming Chair Concept Has a Flexible Screen Built In

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Razer has unveiled the concept for their newest gaming chair and it has a built in flexible screen. It is designed to be the pinnacle of its kind and offer a fully immersive gaming experience unlike anything experienced before.

CES 2021 is a virtual conference that is currently taking place where tech companies are able to showcase some of their upcoming products. The gaming tech company Razer is taking part in this years conference by revealing some of their latest creations including a non-gaming item called Project Hazel, which will supposedly be the "world's smartest face mask." Razer also debuted a concept for an item the company is more closely associated with in the form of a gaming chair called Project Brooklyn.

The showcase of Project Brooklyn was posted onto Razer's YouTube channel earlier today and it shows off many of the product's features. The 60" full surround OLED display will be stored in the back of the chair and can be deployed with a single button press. A collapsible table is stored under the 4D armrests, making the chair equally usable for both console and PC gaming. Players will also be able to literally feel the games they are playing with the inclusion of Razer's hypersense technology and dynamic lighting effects can be triggered for certain games if they are synced properly with Project Brooklyn. The actual chair itself has high-density foam cushions that are meant to keep good posture during long gaming stints.

Project Brooklyn, Concept Gaming Chair

As exciting as Project Brooklyn sounds, it is worth noting that it still seems to be in the concept stage. No release date or price has been set for the futuristic gaming chair, however the latter can be estimated thanks to another Razer product currently on the market. Razer Iskur, a chair that does not have nearly the amount of features Project Brooklyn will reportedly have, costs $499 on Razer's website. It is reasonable to assume that Project Brooklyn will be significantly more expensive by comparison.

Razer's newest chair certainly looks like it will be one of the more immersive gaming experiences outside of virtual reality to the point where it might be too much. While gamers typically love immersion, having a large screen that close may not be the type players are looking for. It will be interesting to see just how much of a demand there will be for Razer's Project Brooklyn, especially if the price of the Razer Iskur is any indication.

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