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Colorful Births Three RTX 3060 Graphics Card Models

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In line with Nvidia's RTX 3060 announcement today; Colorful is releasing three new GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards, all with beefy triple-fan coolers and a wide variety of color themes to choose from.

The RTX 3060 will be Nvidia's new mid-ranged product priced at around $329. Nvidia says the card should be around 10-15% faster than the RTX 2060. This is Nvidia's official word though, so take it with a grain of salt. Once we can get a 3060 to test, we'll know where it lands in our GPU hierarchy.

Colorful's baseline RTX 3060 card is called the NB, and seems to be more about functionality than anything else, with a nice two-toned black-and-red look, but no lighting to speak of. For cooling, the NB features a large triple-fan cooler design, with dual 90mm side-fans and a single 80mm in the center. The shroud itself looks very efficient, with plenty of ventilation along the sides that will help improve airflow. On the back, the NB includes a metal backplate for extra rigidity and a premium look.

Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W

The iGame RTX 3060 Ultra W is Colorful's only white-themed RTX 3060 card in the lineup so far. It features the same fan layout as the NB, a triple-fan cooler design with two 90mm fans and a single 80mm fan in the center. But unlike the NB, the Ultra W has a more unique aesthetic, with a matte-white finish accompanied by an iridescent material that changes color from purple to blue when you change your viewing angle.

Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Advanced OC

The flagship of the trio is the iGame RTX 3060 Advanced OC. Colorful says the company used the same cooling design as the RTX 3060 Ti Advanced OC, so both cards should look nearly identical. The RTX 3060 Advanced OC features a red, black, and silver color scheme with the red accent being a large red ring around the center fan that also lights up. The cooler is a triple-fan design like its siblings and features four 8mm heat-pipes for heat dissipation.

Colorful RTX 3090 Neptune

Colorful is also showing off a new RTX 3090 SKU called the "Neptune," a beefy card with a 240mm AIO. Like previous RTX 3090 models. the Neptune is equipped with a dual-slot GPU block that cools the entire GPU and PCB components. The radiator is equipped with RGB fans and the center of the Neptune waterblock features an RGB ring as well.

The Neptune will cost $1,999.

Colorful's RTX 3060 cards should be arriving in February along with the rest of the RTX 3060 cards from Nvidia and its partners. However, we can't be sure of when the RTX 3090 Neptune will arrive on the scene. But don't get your hopes up, as graphics card availability is still a problem in early 2021. We'd be shocked it that substantially changes with the RTX 3060.

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