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AEW’s Brodie Lee Passes Away at 41

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Jon Huber, better known as AEW’s Brodie Lee, and the former Luke Harper in WWE, has passed away at 41 years of age. Although Huber’s wrestling debut was in 2003, he truly broke out and became a household name when signing with World Wrestling Entertainment and becoming Luke Harper in 2012. Alongside Erick Rowan, he was the muscle for Bray Wyatt in the group known as The Wyatt Family, which quickly became one of the most popular acts when they debuted on WWE’s main roster in 2013. Huber would eventually go on to become an Intercontinental Champion and a two-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion during his run in WWE, and even showed his potential as a singles star in a classic ladder match with Dolph Ziggler at TLC in 2014, and a singles match with Randy Orton at Elimination Chamber in 2017.

Unfortunately, due to WWE’s stop-start nature, Huber eventually became lost in the system and asked for release from his WWE contract in April of 2019, and was eventually granted it in December 2019. He would then go on to make his All Elite Wrestling debut in March of 2020, where he was officially known as “The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee, the leader of the faction known as The Dark Order. In an impressive run, Huber showcased his ability to speak as his “intelligent monster” character while also headlining AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV against the World Champion Jon Moxley, and later, capturing the company’s TNT Championship from Cody. On an October 7 edition of the company’s weekly show Dynamite, Huber would lose the title to Cody, and it would also mark the last time he appeared on AEW television.

Sadly, AEW released an official statement on their Twitter account announcing the passing of Jon Huber, who only turned 41 on December 16. The promotion would write: “In an industry filled with good people, Jon Huber was exceptionally respected and beloved in every way – a fierce and captivating talent, a thoughtful mentor and simply a very kind soul that starkly contradicted his persona as Mr. Brodie Lee.” According to an Instagram post from Huber’s wife, Amanda Huber, the death was due to “a non Covid related lung issue.

It’s truly heartbreaking news for wrestling fans, adding to the misfortune that has been experienced in this trying year of 2020. Huber was not only 41 years of age, but from the perspective of the fans, he was finally showcasing his true potential in a major wrestling company like AEW. The unfortunate news is no doubt a reminder of the fragility of life, as not long ago, Huber was performing incredible feats of athleticism in the ring, and he has now tragically passed at only 41 due to a lung issue. Huber’s death also comes after WWE legend Pat Patterson passed away earlier this month.

Since the announcement, there has been an outpouring of tributes from wrestlers from various companies showing their love and appreciation for Huber while also echoing the words in AEW’s statement of him being “a thoughtful mentor and simply a very kind soul.” Huber’s kind personality has always shined through, even speaking about his departure and frustration in WWE, he never lashed out at the WWE in the way a lot of wrestlers have done in the past, and he always showed his appreciation for the opportunity. Our thoughts are with Huber’s family and friends, as it’s clear, the world has lost an exceptionally talented performer and an even better person.

R.I.P. JON HUBER DECEMBER 16, 1979 - DECEMBER 26, 2020

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