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Google Translation:

A note on dolphin users reuploading Open.CD’s prohibited resources

Now we will explain the incident of DicMusic users forwarding the ban on resource transfer on our site

Our site received a private message from a site user at about 9 pm on September 3, 2020, indicating that two torrents were stolen, and the torrent ID (8****, 7****) and description were attached. The applicant hoped our site could help to find out and deal with it.

After receiving the application, the administrator M*** used his account to verify and found that the two torrents mentioned did indeed have theft problem and involved two different users. The verification basis is that the equipment and time in the resource LOG are the same, so it can be judged as the same resource. The administrator M*** then used Dolphin’s report system to report on the two torrents and hoped to delete and provide information such as the IP address of the reposted person to facilitate processing on our site.
Warning, punishing or even banning users who repost the resources of this site in violation of the rules are in line with our site's prohibition rules.

However, even though the management of Dolphin chatted and laughed in their official group, we still did not see that the report was processed or responded. The administrator M*** approached the Dolphin webmaster C*** and asked him to deal with it.

Dolphin webmaster C*** rejected our site request, and immediately the administrator M*** made the matter public on our site’s official group, indicating that it will be traced to the end, hoping that informed users can provide relevant evidence.

With the help of enthusiastic netizens in the group, one of the offenders learned of the incident through matchmaking and took the initiative to apologize to the applicant. The applicant took the initiative to respond to me and informed me that the 8*** torrent issue had been resolved, and hoped that I would withdraw the punishment for the user who violated the rules, and I agreed and would not pursue the case. Our site's handling of the offender is reasonable, and the handling results respect the opinions of the releaser, and there is no problem.

The other violator never admitted or clarified this matter to our site. We believe that he recognized his problem and accepted the ban. In fact, there is not only one illegal reprint (7***) for this user. Our site is still open to appeal to this user, and there is no process error.
So far, the application processing for this user ends here.

Regarding the attitude and practice of Dolphin webmaster C***, I believe that he has greatly hindered the work of safeguarding the interests of users and maintaining the security of resources. It is against the spirit of the domestic PT circle, so he is banned.
For the AD-level management of Dolphin, our site thinks they also need to be banned accordingly. However, I do not know the management structure of Dolphins because of the fact that I have not asked the world. I am worried that the innocent will not be dealt with temporarily. The ban was not made until the day before yesterday after it was confirmed. This processing method is consistent with the fruit GD event processing method, and there is no intentional target.
If Dolphin's AD-level management can prove that he has not participated in the seed management work, our site will cancel the punishment according to the situation.

According to reports from enthusiastic users, the prohibited torrents of Dolphin were not deleted, and they were replaced by Dolphin AD-level management resources on November 23, 2020. The time point is intriguing. I will not comment on this, only a statement of facts.

The above is an explanation of the incident on our site, and some user information has been coded.

Dolphin strongly protested and refused to accept the slander of our site and its management, and condemned its harassment of our site users (including but not limited to the use of small group voices, private chats to spread false statements).

Finally, I hereby appeal to everyone to abide by the no-transfer rules of our site and other sites and be lawful PT people. Play PT and enjoy life.

OpenCD Management GROUP

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