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If you're running low on storage, this 1TB SSD is on sale for $75

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FireShot Capture 12252 - If you're running low on storage, th_ - https___www.pcgamer.com_if-your.jpg

How low will SSD pricing go? We can't say, but as long as it keeps trending downward, as it has been lately, we'll be happy campers. The result right now is that buying an SSD has never been more affordable than it is right now, highlighted by this deal for a 1TB model from Team Group.

Newegg is selling Team Group's GX2 1TB SSD for $74.99. It's a straight-up discount of $19 over its regular selling price, meaning there are no promo codes to punch in and no fussing with mail-in rebates. Just as importantly, this is the least expensive 1TB-class SSD around.

You're not getting the fastest SSD in the world with this model, but for general purpose computing and gaming in its current state, it is certainly fast enough (and much peppier than a mechanical HDD). Specifically, Team Group rates this drive as being able to deliver up to 530MB/s of sequential reads and up to 480MB/s of sequential writes.

As for durability, it has an MTBF rating of 1 million hours, and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Note that this is a 2.5-inch form factor drive. If you would prefer an M.2 form factor drive, and are willing to pay a little more, Team Group's MS30 in 1TB is on sale for $87.99 (down from $93.99), and offers similar performance, as it's also a SATA model. And if you want the M.2 form factor and the faster performance of an NVMe interface, this Silicon Power 1TB model is on sale for $94.99 (down from $97.99).

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