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Now accepting....

Greetings Pornbay Users,

It has come time to announce our newest plan to help grow Pornbay, and increase our community engagement.

So what are we doing? New contests? New Uploading Events? Forum discussions on various topics?

In a word, yes... In more detail, we're in the process of creating a new Community Engagement team. These people will be a type of Intern / FLS team, who's focus is on creating buzz, and activities to get the Pornbay community more active and engaged. They will be the ones who will help create official site events, such as uploading contests, themed uploading events, and forum contests. They will also help users who wish to create community run events, (what that will look like, will depend, and be on a case by case basis).

So what does that mean for you, the person reading this announcement?

Well as with other staff related recruitment, we're opening up a forum post Apply Here where users who are interested in volunteering to post their "application" for consideration.

In your post, please include the following:

1) Why you wish to be considered.
2) What areas of community engagement you have a specific passion / interest for.
3) Why you think you would be a good fit for the team.
4) How active you are currently on the site, and what would change were you selected.

Please be honest, we're not looking for the perfect candidate, honesty, and integrity are important. We're also not looking for someone who is here 24 / 7... As with other volunteers on site, we understand that things happen in real life, and that RL should come first.

Also, like with FLS this is NOT a staff position, you will however have access to staff discussions and staff messages. Therefore it is also very important that you understand that staff communication, and staff/user interactions are privileged information and should be treated with confidentiality.

We look forward to reviewing applications, and selecting people who will help to make PB more active and engaging to our users.

The Pornbay Admin Team

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