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960GB Kingston SSD On Sale, Under £100

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960GB Budget SSD King

Yep, one of our favorite budget 960GB SSDs from Kingston has finally dropped below the £100 mark. Available now on sale at Ebuyer for £90 including free delivery, Kingston's A400 SSD, packs in a whole 960GB of potential storage, making it ideal for a secondary budget games and media hard drive. Ok it's not going to have those blistering sequentials, and impressive random 4K performance of say a Samsung 860 Pro, or any PCIe drive for that matter, but for AAA title loading times and everything else in between in the modern gamer's arsenal of media, it's a sure hit. At £90 that brings the value down to 10.66 GB per £1 spent, and let's face it, that's pretty impressive, given five years back you'd have been paying this kind of price for a 120GB SSD.

On top of that it also comes with a pretty sweet warranty package too, including 3 years limited and free software support, alongside an average life span of 1 million hours mean time between failures when tested in the labs, or at least according to Kingston. The only downside is that it does come with TLC NAND flash as standard, this is a common budget flash used in these drives, typically on the slower side in contrast to something like MLC it's still far more impressive than the even more budget oriented QLC drives we're starting to see pop up from the likes of Crucial, Samsung and other manufacturers.


FireShot Capture 284 - 960GB Kingston SSD On Sale, Under £10_ - https___www.tomshardware.com_new.jpg

Best Budget Setup?

Combine this thing with a solid 250GB PCIe SSD for your OS, and not only will your system be quieter (thanks to a severe lack of spinning platters), but it'll also be seriously quicker. Getting you into whatever game you've got your heart set on much faster than any spinning hard drive could ever muster. Are there better drives out there sure? But right now for this price? Well we haven't seen them that's for sure.

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