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Google Translation:

Call for LOGO Design

Cutting edge:
You may know the LOGO of BMW and Mercedes-Benz and have a deep impression, but you don’t know which company belongs to which country or group. Remembering the LOGO means writing down everything. LOGO represents the image of a company and is the soul of a company ! Lemon needs a soul too!

1. With lemon as the theme, the design conforms to the image and characteristics of this site
2. Can show the soul of the site
3. Can show PT elements
4. The submission must output the original psd, png (three standard sizes of large, medium and small, there is no fixed standard, adapt measures to local conditions, height: 30~100px, width: 50~300px), and the description of your LOGO design

Submission time: From now to September 20, send to this mailbox in the form of email attachment, remember to write your ID on this site
Evaluation time: September 21 to September 26
Announcement time: September 27

Evaluation method:
The working group first selects 10 works that are considered excellent, and then through the voting system of this site you can vote for these 10 works. All members of this site can cast a sacred vote. The highest vote is elected. In case of the same number of votes, it will be selected by the working group!

1. The champion will receive a 6-month VIP + permanent yellow star + a security card + 500,000 karma value
2. The remaining 9 contributors will receive 1 month VIP + 100,000 karma value
3. If the champion wishes, he can join the working group and become the head of the art group of this site (newly set). If the champion gives up joining, he will be selected from the other 9 contributors, who can become team leaders or members!

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