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Adam Sandler Battles A Mysterious Murderer In Hubie Halloween Trailer

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The trailer for Netflix's Hubie Halloween features Adam Sandler's latest sweet-natured idiot character saving his home town on the spooky holiday. Sandler's movies can be placed into two categories - serious or goofy. The former SNL actor likes to keep audiences on their toes by going between the two, starring in Oscar-worthy dramatic roles like Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems and then taking it easy by making a silly comedy with all of his friends. Hubie Halloween, made as part of Sandler's exclusive production deal with Netflix, falls firmly into the latter category. The first images from the film were released on Wednesday, promising tons of silly Halloween-themed action.

It stars Sandler as the titular character, Hubie Dubois, a simple-minded but sweet man who is obsessed with Halloween, and is the Salem town idiot as a result. Julie Bowen, whose first major film role was in Happy Gilmore, once again plays the much more intelligent love interest opposite Sandler's goofball lead. Sandler's usual comedy cohorts are along for the ride too, with Maya Rudolph, Kevin James, Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi all appearing. The cast also features current SNL star Kenan Thompson as a police officer frustrated by Hubie's well-meaning but misguided attempts to help out the local force.

Now, Netflix has released the first trailer and poster for Hubie Halloween, and the footage confirms that this is Sandler at his silliest. The movie is squarely aimed at families, and looks like a harmless horror-comedy parody, with all of the performers going as broad as they can. The plot revolves around Hubie becoming convinced that monsters are real when his fellow citizens of Salem start disappearing. The only problem is that, as the town's joke, no one believes him. You can watch the trailer and see the poster below.

FireShot Capture 12437 - Adam Sandler Battles A Mysterious Mu_ - https___screenrant.com_hubie-ha.jpg

The trailer also shows off another Sandler trademark, with a number of familiar faces, like Shaq, veteran comic George Wallace, and gangster movie star Ray Liotta appearing to make cameos. Based on the footage released today, this is a classic Happy Madison (Sandler's production company) film. Meaning fans will be adding it to their watch list as soon as they can, whereas those who can't stand Sandler's comedies will be sure to scroll right past the inevitable large advert for Hubie Halloween on Netflix's front page.

Much like The Wrong Missy, The Ridiculous Six and Murder Mystery, Sandler isn't trying to reinvent the wheel here. While that might draw criticism from some, the fact is that the movies he's made for Netflix have been incredibly successful, and as a family-friendly holiday project, Hubie Halloween is likely to be a hit too. Hopefully, though, this means Sandler gives his fans a more dramatic effort next time around.

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