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nCore | nC | General | 2019 Review

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Tracker Name: nCore(nC)
Tracker URL:
Tracker Type: Ratioless, General
Tracker Signup : Invites Only (Hard)


[*] This's one of the top three general trackers. Only FL and IPT gives it a good competition. It's the best ratioless general tracker.
[*] They have very good pretime. Scene contents uploaded fast and comes unrar-ed (exception: software/game).
[*] It being Ratioless is one of the best things. While you don't need to worry about ratio, upload comes easy, even without seedbox. They have interesting HnR rule (minimum 48 hours) which scale according to size of torrent and amount of uploaded data. By the time you finish watching you can get 1:1 ratio on decent connection.
[*] Even with their ratioless system they have good retention.
[*] Amongst the general tackers this has most p0rn contents. Heck, this even beats major p0rn trackers and comes second to EMP.
[*] One major downside is site's interface in Hungarian. (Google) Translator needed. Though things like Jackett/Sonarr/Radarr can make things easy.
[*] You can can get a maximum of 3 point per day if you don't upload (100MiB upload,1GiB download,daily login). For every non rejected upload you get 5 points. For invitation one need be donor class and one invite costs 3000 BP.
[*] Overall it's a chill tracker to be in.

STATS 02/05/2019

Number of users:    688 652
User:    256 866
Tag:    382 247
Elite:    45 725
Legend:    3 322
Number of Torrents:    516 083
Torrent Size:    1.27 PB
Seeder / Leecher ratio:    1754 %


Home/Index Page*

Browse Page

Upload Page

Recommended Page

Forum Page

Wiki Page

* Used google translate

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