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GazelleGames | GGn | Games | 2019 Review

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GazelleGames is a 9 year old tracker with a well established user base and a reputation for quality.


We have an easy to maintain ratio system that is designed to be lenient on new users whilst also rewarding torrent retention. It is complimented by a fully comprehensive gold and items system where users can trade in gold (bonus points) in exchange for a multitude of practical and aesthetic items. Freeleech is offered generously through staff picks on frequent rotation and user voted (games of the year) torrents. Upload credit and gold can also be won in the forum games, themed "drawing" competitions, as well as earned by filling upload requests, the IRC idle bonus, and random gold and item drops simply by using the site and IRC.








Our torrent organization is second to none. With the power of gazelle, torrents are grouped intuitively and all versions, updates, gamedox, soundtracks etc. of a game are organized into an easy to navigate page that includes game descriptions, screenshots, user comments and links to reviews. We also have custom group pages for many games and series across the site such as:






GGn has a fully-fledged shop where users can browse through and purchase from a plethora of different items ranging from site and stat buffs, to user customizations and site features, as well as get into crafting new items using crafting materials and recipes.


Quality torrents are the bread and butter of GGn, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. GGn has an active and helpful community with a strong IRC userbase and active forums. Our rules are well documented and easy to follow and our Wiki is an invaluable source of wisdom for new and experienced users alike.


We rank users a little differently at GGn, with a user class system that rewards community involvement and content contribution alongside seeding ability so user class is not solely dependent on bandwidth or ratio.



30 December 2018
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7 hours ago, Negcreep said:

Could I please get an invite to gazelle? I have a torrentleech invite available for trade if it helps.

You can look on admin store for a purchase.

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