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No Man’s Sky Dev Planning Ambitious Next Game That’s Not A Sequel

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No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is planning its next ambitious title, which won’t be a sequel to the initially controversial - yet eventually widely loved - space sandbox. Just recently, Hello Games released The Last Campfire - a game of a much smaller scale.

The Last Campfire was being mainly kept off the radar, with just a few minor gameplay reveals building up to its surprise release. No Man’s Sky, on the other hand, was the complete opposite in terms of PR, as many players still remember the pain of getting a game completely different from their hype-fueled expectations. Kudos to Hello Games, though, as the tiny independent studio never refused to keep its promises. Two years after launch, No Man’s Sky finally received proper multiplayer, while in 2020, the game is among the most immersive feature-rich sandboxes on the market thanks to a steady flow of crucial gameplay updates and content drops. But what’s next for Hello Games?

Sean Murray, Hello Games’ founder, revealed the studio’s plans regarding its next big project in an interview with Polygon, without delving into anything specific. The main point shared by Murray is that the upcoming mysterious title won’t be a sequel to No Man’s Sky, as the developer believes that making sequels is a bit depressing. Such an attitude was actually among the reasons why Murray left EA, where he worked prior to founding Hello Games. Making an original game is certainly not an easier path, though, and Murray admits that the road toward No Man’s Sky's current state was paved with rookie mistakes and overconfidence. The end result, however, was worth it.

Additionally, Murray believes that talking about No Man’s Sky a lot prior to its launch helped to gather the community it now has - otherwise, even the biggest fans could’ve missed the game. With a smaller project in The Last Campfire, however, the studio took a different route, mainly keeping the title’s features a mystery until its surprise release. Which approach should Hello Games’ next big project adopt is still a debatable point, but the studio certainly has more experience to draw on now. He now believes that half of what the team did to promote No Man’s Sky was unnecessary, which means the next game will be revealed in a lot more cautious way.

Hopefully, Hello Games has learned a valuable lesson over its bittersweet experience with No Man’s Sky. Its latest game, The Last Campfire, is an unexpected departure from the immense scale of the previous title, which indicates that the studio is probably following its passion rather than the desire to emulate past success. It is also a sign that the next project, whatever it eventually proves to be, will be all the better for the tough lessons Hello Games learn with No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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