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New Monster Hunter Game For Switch Reportedly Being Revealed Soon

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Capcom is working on a Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo Switch and has a reveal planned for the near future, according to an industry insider. The most recent entry in the series was the 2018 Monster Hunter: World and its subsequent Iceborne expansion, which was only available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

While the latest mainline entry in the franchise is not available on the Nintendo Switch, there is a spin-off game available on the console. Monster Hunter Generations launched in 2016 for the 3DS and a port later came to the Nintendo Switch. However, there have been no mainline entries available on the Switch, so it would make sense that Capcom would want to release a title purpose-built for the console rather than simply adding another port.

Now, a Monster Hunter game designed for Nintendo Switch may be in the works. At least, that's according to a respected industry insider known as Dusk Golem, who has previously made a number of accurate leaks about Capcom games. The leaker has indicated that the publisher is working on a version of Monster Hunter for Nintendo's console and that it "is being revealed soon." Unfortunately, there's no information on when a reveal will happen or what the game could be.

FireShot Capture 11547 - New Monster Hunter Game For Switch R_ - https___screenrant.com_new-mons.jpg

Dusk Golem also confirmed that this new game in the long-running action role-playing series is running on the same engine used in the recent Resident Evil remakes, saying, "Monster Hunter Switch is running on a Switch compatible version of the RE Engine." That would mean Capcom is replacing the MT Framework engine used in most other Monster Hunter games and bringing the RE Engine to Switch for the first time.

The leak comes from a respected industry insider who has proven reliable in the past when it comes to Capcom leaks. Earlier this year, Dusk Golem correctly provided a number of details about the upcoming Resident Evil 8. This included the fact that it would be played from a first-person perspective and that it had started development as a sequel to Resident Evil Revelations 2 but was converted into a mainline title following internal feedback.

While any rumors like this have to be taken with a grain of salt, the accuracy of the leaker's previous predictions does add a layer of authenticity to the information recently released on Twitter. Nintendo fans will, of course, be the happiest if the rumor is true, as they have missed out on experiencing a new Monster Hunter game on the Switch. The fact that it is being made with the RE Engine could also be sign that Resident Evil games could come to the console as well.

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