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Microsoft Possibly Has Huge Next-Gen News At Tokyo Game Show

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Microsoft is attempting to sell its home console in Japan once more, as the company will be opening the 2020 Tokyo Game Show with a 50 minute long Xbox showcase. The Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest gaming conferences in Japan, but the 2020 event was canceled due to COVID-19.

The Xbox brand is popular in North America and Europe, but it has failed to gain a significant foothold in Japan. This is due to Japanese gamers preferring companies from their homeland, like Nintendo or Sony, or switching completely to mobile phones. The Switch and the PS4 have been battling in Japan for sales over the past few years, while the Xbox One is barely a factor in the discussion.

Microsoft has been making friends in Japan, with Square Enix bringing Final Fantasy titles to Xbox One and Game Pass over the past year. It seems that Microsoft wants to build even more influence in the Japanese market, as the company will be kicking off the 2020 Tokyo Game Show, which will be a streaming event this year. According to Game Watch, Microsoft will host the opening conference on September 24, with a 50-minute long presentation about the Xbox brand, which will almost certainly cover the Xbox Series X.

FireShot Capture 11541 - Microsoft Possibly Has Huge Next-Gen_ - https___screenrant.com_xbox-tok.jpg

The Xbox Series X faces stiff competition from PS5 and Switch this holiday season, and winning the Japanese market will be a huge step forward for Microsoft. A long presentation filled with announcements for games tailored to Japanese fans could be what Microsoft needs to help the Xbox Series X have a chance in the region, and the fact that it's opening the Tokyo Game Show means that they should have some special reveals saved up. If Microsoft doesn't bring the goods, then it may as well not show up.

The Xbox Series X lost its biggest asset when Halo Infinite was delayed to 2021, but Microsoft isn't out of the running just yet. There are still several months before the Xbox Series X is released, and the company has plenty of time to announce tiles for its launch line-up. The 2020 Tokyo Game Show could be the perfect time to unveil more about Elden Ring, which would put the attention of the world squarely on Microsoft's show and the possibilities of the Xbox Series X.

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