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HDBits | HDB | HD | 2019 Review

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We are a site dedicated to all things HD, with a strong focus on providing the best available high-quality (internal) encodes, caps, remuxes and sources. This not just hot air, we have hybrid encodes combining the best sources from various regions, remuxes combining the best video and audio stream, great and efficient Hi10p anime/cartoon encodes and in general encodes that are virtually indistinguisable from their source(s). Regularly, older and/or inferior releases are trumped in favour of newer and better ones. 

We sport groups such as but not limited to: DON, EbP, CtrlHD, NiP, TayTo, SbR, NTb, EA, ESiR and this is just op the top off my head and only for films. We also have a very large TV section that rivals BTN's HD section. All these people have come together in HDBits for one thing: quality.

If you have a similar mindset, HDBits is the place to be! ~ HDB Staff

STATS 5/18/2019
Max users    21000
Registered users    17,899
Unconfirmed users    1
Male users    17,411
Female users    465
Torrents    269,007
Total Size of Torrents    3,780.84 TiB
Peers    1,114,125
Seeders    1,097,346
Leechers    16,779
Seeder/leecher ratio    65:1


I don't know where to start. HDBits.. well let's just say, it's the best private torrent tracker out there. Yes, it's a HD tracker. Doesn't have games or SD contents but in terms of SPEED, RETENTION & CONTENT, HDBits tops every tracker. Starting their journey in 2005, HDB is one of oldest bittorrent tracker. It is the birthplace of P2P WEB-DL. Yes, you heard it right. HDBits covers more than 80% WEB-DL of the internet. From HULU to Netflix, Amazon to HBO, HDB rippers rip from every possible streaming services out there. And the best part is, you'll get the highest quality available for any content you are looking for. So that was WEB-DL part. Let's talk about Blu-rays. Ahem. HDBits currently have 47505 full blu-ray discs of Movies, Music and XXX. That number is bigger than many HD trackers full library. Uploaders from various trackers upload their Blu-ray discs to HDB first. Some of the uploaders have access to scene ftp. So most of the scene blu-ray arrives here before any other scene tracker in BDMV version. Yes, they don't allow any sort of archives for any content. If you are a member of HDB, you'll never have to look for BD Disc on any other tracker. Now let's talk about the most popular feature of HDBits. INTERNAL encodes of Blu-ray content and WEBRips. Right now, there are more than 150 Internal groups at HDB. Though not every group releases regularly. But still, the number of active internal groups at HDB is way more than any HD Trackers. Recently HDB started allowing 1080p x265 encodes for HDR support. So right now, you can enjoy a popular movie in any version you like. HDBits puts a lot of impact in bittorrenting. If HDBits implements a rule, all of the P2P groups starts implementing that eventually. Even scene adapts the changes made by HDBits. So it's kinda like the 'Baap' of Bitorrenting :P
I have joined HDBits not that long ago. But I enjoy being a member of it so much. Mostly because of the contents & there unbelievable retention. I mean they have tons of contents which were uploaded 6/7 years ago, still have more than 15 seeds. Rentention wise, HDB tops every possible tracker out there. Only downside of this tracker is their look. I mean it seems kinda old and backdated to me. Good thing is, there are no Hit & Runs. Yes, all you need to do is keep your ratio above 1 and boom. They have 25, 50 & 75% freeleech on various contents but the worst part is freeleech is only applicable for HOME connection. Meaning FL will be counted if you snatch with seedbox/server/vpn. 100% Freeleech is rare and it depends on Staffs wish. All XXX have NO RATIO freeleech. Meaning no DL/UL count. Maintaining ratio on HDBits is not that hard if you own a Seedbox and upload frequently. I haven't faced any difficulties maintaining ratio on HDB since I upload often. I was kinda lucky to get into this tracker so quickly. For some people it took 5/6 years. I know my opinion doesn't matter, but this tracker is highly recommended for quality enthusiasts. It's like a heaven for them. Invites are open right now. Though only VIP+ and members with huge seeding size can invite only.





















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It's really the best tracker I've ever gotten.
It's Top, I love it.

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