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Every Major Movie Still Releasing In 2020

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The 2020 movie schedule has changed significantly this year due to coronavirus, but here is every movie still slated to be released in theaters. When 2020 began, there was a promising schedule of movies of all genres and sizes to be excited about. While Bad Boys for Life and Sonic the Hedgehog proved to be early year box office successes, the rest of the year has seen incredible changeover. The coronavirus pandemic shut down movie theaters in March, and the movie industry hasn't been the same since.

When movie theaters shut down, spring releases like A Quiet Place II, Mulan, and No Time to Die were delayed. It wasn't long after that F9 moved out of 2020 entirely, and studios slowly began taking films out of the summer season. For better or worse, Tenet has been the film that is mainly dictating what theaters and other studios do, as its recent indefinite delay has caused more reshuffles. In some cases, the delay of one film meant delaying many others, leaving 2021 and the following years with nearly as many changes. These delays likely won't stop either as productions are still stalled mainly around the world.

Delays haven't been the only decisions to impact the theatrical movie experience, as many films have been sold or moved to streaming services so they can be released now. Disney took Artemis Fowl and Hamilton to Disney+, Paramount sold The Lovebirds to Netflix, and Universal made noise by making SCOOB! and Trolls World Tour Video On Demand options. These are just a selection of titles that would've been released in theaters. The VOD option and delays have left only a handful of significant movies still scheduled to be released in theaters in 2020.

The New Mutants - 8/28

FireShot Capture 8402 - Every Major Movie Still Releasing In _ - https___screenrant.com_2020-mov.jpg

Disney and Fox's The New Mutants is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on August 28th. The Josh Boone-directed X-Men film was initially slated to be released in 2018 but has already been delayed multiple times. It was supposed to come out in April before coronavirus hit, and despite Disney's push to market the movie at Comic-Con@Home, the chances of it sticking to the current date seem slim. The panel even joked about the likelihood of New Mutants getting pushed again, even amidst speculation it could go straight to Disney+ instead. Since Disney moved Mulan out of August, the odds of New Mutants coming out then doesn't look good.

Bill & Ted: Face The Music - 9/1

FireShot Capture 8405 - Every Major Movie Still Releasing In _ - https___screenrant.com_2020-mov.jpg

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters' return for Bill & Ted: Face the Music will be available in theaters on September 1st, but that won't be all. The film was previously set to be released on August 14th but moved back to August 28th when Tenet was pushed to August. Now, Bill & Ted: Face the Music has been moved to September for its theatrical release, but the movie will also be available on VOD the same day. Since most theaters might not be open at the start of September, the on-demand option could wind up being the only way to see Bill & Ted 3.

The King's Man - 9/18

FireShot Capture 8408 - Every Major Movie Still Releasing In _ - https___screenrant.com_2020-mov.jpg

Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman prequel The King's Man is slated to hit theaters on September 18th. The film was previously set to be released in February of 2020 but was pushed to September long before coronavirus hit. At the moment, Disney and Fox have yet to change The King's Man release date. Although there is a chance that select theaters could be open by then, other major studios have pulled highly-anticipated films out of September recently, so The King's Man current date is far from secure.

Wonder Woman 1984 - 10/2

FireShot Capture 8411 - Every Major Movie Still Releasing In _ - https___screenrant.com_2020-mov.jpg

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 2nd. Warner Bros. sequel to Wonder Woman was originally planned to come out last December before moving up to November 2019 to avoid Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The Gal Gadot-led sequel was then delayed to June 2020 so that it could be a summer blockbuster just like the first film, but that put it in the crosshairs of coronavirus delays. It was already delayed to August and now October due to the pandemic, so only time will tell whether or not theaters will be able to show Wonder Woman 1984 on this current date.

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