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Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection Finally Coming in 4K

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The complete collection of HBO’s Game of Thrones is finally set to arrive on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray later this year. Though the series came to a rather divisive end last year, fans around the world are still eager to relieve every moment of its award-winning run. After eight seasons filled with huge amounts of carnage and a riveting storyline, George R.R. Martin’s book-to-TV adaptation came to a close. For many, the series had only grown more engaging and essential over time. Others, however, felt that Game of Thrones lost its way after a certain point and that it ultimately failed to deliver on all that it had built up over the years.

However, even fans who found numerous faults with the later years of the series as well as its finale can agree on one point: Game of Thrones was a phenomenal achievement. It brought a visually spectacular adaptation of the novels to TV screens around the world. Unfortunately, fans have had to wait for a complete box-set of the series, rendered in the best quality possible. Thankfully, that wait is over at last as of November 3, 2020.

A new press release from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has revealed the entire Game of Thrones series will be released in 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever. Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection will feature all 73 episodes of the award winning series, along with over 15 hours of bonus footage for $254.99 USD (or $289.99 in Canada). In addition to this, U.S. customers will also receive a Digital Copy of the series with their purchase. However, for those die-hard Game of Thrones fans who aren’t satisfied with this, an exclusive limited-edition version will also be available from Best Buy for $285.43 USD (or $320.43 in Canada). Each season of the limited-edition set is packaged in its own steelbook and housed in an individually numbered metal case.


As previously mentioned, the upcoming 4K Game of Thrones set includes a wealth of bonus features that are sure to please fans. Among these is Game of Thrones: Reunion Special – a two-part cast reunion, shot live in Belfast, Ireland and hosted by Conan O’Brien. Also included in the set is Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, a documentary which focuses on the final Game of Thrones season, as well as an animated history of Seven Kingdoms called Conquest & Rebellion. Though these three features are arguably the greatest standouts of the new 4K sets, there is of course, much more for fans to dig into, including audio commentaries, deleted and extended scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes and much more from each season of the acclaimed HBO series.

Though there are sure to be those who will argue the price of the box-set is quite high, Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection will quite easily be the most extensive option available to the public. Whether or not that justifies the price tag is debatable, but for the program’s enormous fan base, it will be difficult to ignore the lure of something that offers so much, in addition to each episode in 4K Ultra HD.

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