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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Thinks TV Design Will Have Major Impact on Gaming's Future

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FireShot Capture 4422 - Xbox Boss Thinks TV Design Will Have _ - https___screenrant.com_xbox-fut.jpg

Today, Xbox division head Phil Spencer shared his thoughts regarding the future of gaming and its connection with the future of television. Spencer predicts a move toward game streaming, suggesting that as streaming technology through television grows, gaming technology must follow the same path in order to offer players the best gaming experiences they can.

Microsoft has already shown a shift in focus toward game streaming with its intended release of Project xCloud, which aims to deliver a massive amount of Microsoft games from all three of its current generations of consoles to mobile devices. Currently, it’s only available in beta for both Android and iOS devices, but with the less than stellar launch of the Google Stadia, it’s likely that Microsoft will be pushing the official release of Project xCloud soon.

TwinFinite reports that Spencer commented on the future of game and console design during his interview on the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ Game Maker’s Notebook podcast. Spencer spoke mostly about the prevalence of multi-device streaming, including music and TV shows. He states that he can see gaming going the same direction, where one console and TV is the main gaming hub, but those games can be played from any device in or out of the home. Spencer remarks that most households have more than one TV now, and being able to easily access games exclusively through the one TV that a console is hooked up to is limiting. He wants Microsoft and Xbox to keep up with the shifting television environment by allowing gamers to take their games from one TV to another without having to reconnect a console.

FireShot Capture 4423 - Xbox Boss Thinks TV Design Will Have _ - https___screenrant.com_xbox-fut.jpg

The Xbox Series X, due to release this holiday season, will also offer gamers a variety of improved gameplay experiences. The new Xbox boasts more power and better graphics than past consoles, and any Series X games that release at launch will also be playable on the Xbox One. Microsoft hopes that this will establish fans of Series X launch games and encourage them to purchase the Series X in order to experience the improved gameplay and graphics. Most important, however, are the rumors surrounding a cheaper, all-digital version of the Xbox Series X that will be released after the initial console. The console would be another Google Stadia competitor, and will likely work with Project xCloud to store save data and game files and transport those to other devices.

Xbox’s move to game streaming through Project xCloud and an all-digital Xbox Series X console will cater to the television needs that Spencer observes in his Game Maker’s Notebook interview. With the rise of multi-device households, it makes sense that home game consoles will want to capitalize on that and give players access to their games in as many ways and on as many devices as possible. It’s appealing to players to have the option of starting a game in one room, and being able to continue where they left off on their mobile device or on another TV in their house. It's clear that Microsoft wants Xbox to remain an entertainment hub for the entire family, and they want as many people playing as possible.

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