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Xbox Series X Can Quick Resume Even After Full Reboot

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FireShot Capture 4442 - Xbox Series X Quick Reboot Is Better _ - https___screenrant.com_xbox-ser.jpg

Although Microsoft has already revealed some exciting details about the Xbox Series X, one of the most exciting could be the console's ability to quick resume a game even after a full system reboot. Microsoft initially announced the console as Project Scarlett at its press conference at E3 2019. However, the real reveal came at the 2019 Game Awards when the company presented the next-generation console as the Xbox Series X.

Since then, Microsoft has started releasing more information about the new console. The Xbox Series X has some impressive specs that include a GPU with AMD's latest Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures that offer the system twice the processing power of the Xbox One. The Xbox Series X will provide 4K resolution at 60 fps, with a possibility of going all the way up to 120 fps. The company has also promised vastly improved graphics performance from the new system. More importantly, the Xbox Series X supports cross-generation play, meaning that players can play all Xbox games, going back to the very first Xbox console, on the new system. Smart delivery also means that players will only have to buy a game once for any Xbox console to play it on the Xbox Series X.

But that's not all. Microsoft's Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) spoke to Xbox director of programming manager Jason Ronald on the Major Nelson Podcast about the quick resume feature on the Xbox Series X. Although the Xbox Series X already allows players to quick resume a game they're already playing, allowing them to dive back in without dealing with re-loading anything, the quick resume also works even after a full system reboot. To sum up, players can turn off their Xbox Series X, but still jump right back into a game quickly when they want.

FireShot Capture 4443 - Xbox Series X Quick Reboot Is Better _ - https___screenrant.com_xbox-ser.jpg

Even better? Quick resume works with multiple games so that players can instantly jump into and out of titles. And it can do that even after a full system reboot and software update. Quick resume is, obviously, a game-changer, pun intended. Ronald spoke about how the feature would make it nearly impossible for gamers to go back to older consoles once players get used to using quick resume.

Microsoft has been very transparent with details about the Xbox Series X, in direct contrast to its main competitor, Sony, which still hasn't revealed any new information about its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, other than a logo - although the company provided details on its technology very early into the development process, so it's not like fans have no idea what to expect. It's going to be interesting to see how Sony decides to remain competitive during the next round of console wars, especially as it seems that Microsoft currently has the most ammunition to win those battles.

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