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PrivateHD | PHD | HD | 2020 Review

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Tracker Name    PrivateHD
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre    HD
Tracker SignUp    Application/Invite Only!
Maintain Ratio    Easy
Bonus System    Yes
Banned Countries    None
Tracker IRC    Server:; Port: 6667; Channel; #privatehd

Tracker Description

PrivateHD is an High Definition (HD) private tracker also a brother tracker with Avistaz ,AnimeTorrents, CinemaZ and Exoticaz.
It is an active tracker, uploads torrents daily and Full Blurays of trakcers like CHDBits, M-Team, HD-Torrents, HDChina, TTG, among others.
PrivateHD was born in May, 2015, and has since achieved a commendable growth in user base, quantity & diversity of content, and user interface design.
The tracker currently has 42k+ users with 41k+ torrents and primarily specializes in HD content for English language movies and TV series in various resolutions (720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p) and rip types/sources (BDRip, BluRay, Full/Raw BluRay, HDRip, HDTV, REMUX, WEB-DL & WEBRip). The site also has a very small music collection in both FLAC and MP3.
If you are looking for TV series pack remux 4k releases PHD is the right place for you ,
PHD is home of EPSiLON releases , also they have Good amount of releases from TEPES, DON, NTb, TrollUHD, Cinefeel , GHOULS, QOQ and so on.
Ratio maintain isn't a problem there with so many free leech files of 50% /100% files along with double upload files . Also Bps system is implanted there
where you can buy upload amount with bps and also invites can be purchased but invite cost is really expensive though , per invite 100k bps .
They have torrents covering 20 countries languages which indicates how large the community is  .
PHD Currently invites only but they do open application sign up from time to time .
PHD Remuxes are just as good as the most reputable trackers, there is no difference between Source and Encode, it is definitely a great tracker to have if what you are looking for is quality.

PHD Team: EPSiLON, HDBEE, SiGMA, Absinth.

Internal Releases & Pre-times

EPSiLON (ex PrivateHD):
Internal REMUX group, which now has some of the best pre-times among all REMUX groups. EPSiLON releases both movies and TV series, is extremely fast and active, and, in due course, will be in the conversation for one of the top REMUX groups in all private trackers. Aside from EPSiLON, some users also release their own REMUX occasionally, but those need to be approved by staff.

Internal Full/Raw BluRay group, still relatively young (around 5 months old), but like EPSiLON, it’s very active, and works with both TV & movie Blu-ray Discs. Pre-times are not the focus of this group.

Internal x265 release groups, which now calls PHD home after KickassTorrents (KAT) was taken down. While the demand for x265 releases may not be particularly high at the moment, the UTR-HD is one of the most active, and perhaps the best, x265 out there that focuses on encoding high quality 10-bit HEVC releases. UTR-HD does not only focus on new releases, they encode both old and new TV shows and movies, and pre-times are not the primary focus. Like HDBEE, the group is still young on PHD (about 5 months), but is growing by leaps and bounds.

Apart from internal releases, the pre-times for other P2P & Scene releases (for both movies & TV shows) on PHD are among the best & fastest anywhere. Uploaders are active and very competitive among each other.


||Home Page||





















Pre-times    9/10
Speed    9/10
Content    8.5/10
Community    9/10
Overall    9/10

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