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Found 12 results

  1. Tracker Name: AlphaRatio The IRC Bonus rate increases based on the number of users in the #AlphaRatio channel. IRCBonus is also effected by the SiteWide Bonus Booster, example is when Donations hit 100%. Tracker Name: BeyondHD A bonus of 1.5 BP/hour will be applied if the Member has a 2FA enabled. Tracker Name: DigitalCore You can earn points by joining IRC and idle in #digitalcore. For every hour you receive +0.4p. Tracker Name: FunFile Come to and you will receive 1 cr. for every 15 minutes you spend in the channel. That's 2976 credits per month. Tracker Name: GazelleGames The IRC Bonus: 4.5 Gold an hour. Two Factor Authentication: 12 Gold per day. Tracker Name: There is a bonus for being online at IRC, for every hour you are online at IRC (using the same nick as you do on the tracker!) we add 40MB upload to your stats. Tracker Name: M-Team 10% + Bonus if 2FA is enabled. Tracker Name: MyAnonamouse You will receive 0.2 points per 10 minutes or 1.2 points per hour for time spent in IRC, provided that you are logged into IRC services. Tracker Name: PiXELHD 5 bonus points are also awarded for each 15 minutes you are in our IRC channel. Tracker Name: PolishSource Every hour idle in our IRC channel is 10000 points. Points are reset once a year - New Year's Eve. To anyone without exception. Tracker Name: PreToMe Members that are in the #PreToMe channel on our IRC server will gain 0.5 cr. per hour for being there. Tracker Name: PTFiles Idling in IRC Channel = 2 points per hour
  2. Empornium News

    Saint Nicholas Day Christmas time is arriving and gifts are coming Today, the 6th of December, is Saint Nicholas Day. In many European countries it is tradition that Saint Nicholas, or one of his helpers, brings small presents for good kids and coal or the cane for the naughty kids. Depending on the country, the tradition can be quite freaky (looking at you, Austria). If you were a good boy/girl on Empornium, you get invites! Great Pervs get 2 invites Sextreme Pervs+ get 4 invites Please read and follow the rules on the invite page. We will also enable the Special Gifts feature again. This allows you to send gifts of bonus points to random users, with some parameters you can set up. Want to bail out someone who can't seed enough? You got it. Prefer to reward uploaders? You also got it. Or anything in between. Keep a look out for it and get into that Christmas spirit. Discuss here
  3. BroadcasThe.Net (BTN) News

    IRC User Identifiers is offline for the past 7 hours.
  4. BeyondHD News

    Tracker is unstable (torrents are reporting errors).
  5. XtremeZone (MYXZ) News

    Promotion from 25th of November to 30th of November, donate same amount of money get 2x benefits
  6. Site maintenance Don't worry, we will be back soon.
  7. HD-Torrents News

    New internal group: Welcome our new internal group ExREN here
  8. UHDBits News

    Connectivity issues due to expired SSL certificate.
  9. Ewerest News

    Google Translation: Dear Users! This site is currently undergoing maintenance and other work, please be patient and understand all possible errors!
  10. RetroFlix News

    Donation donate.php, a little help from you.
  11. Blues-Brothers News

    Freeleech is ON until 26 Nov 2019
  12. Google Translation: Rules adjustment !!! Please Important note !!! Adjustment of the Seeding and Leeching rule, please pay attention because that really hurts now if minimum seeding-time is not kept. e.g. You download a torrent of 50GB, but only upload 2GB and do not seed 48 hours within the next 10 days, then you will be charged 500GB as a download! Faulty requests are deleted! e.g. - wrong Cat. -Wikipedia, Amazon Links etc. - no exact description of what is being searched etc. If someone is conspicuous and makes repeated erroneous requests this can lead to a request lock. * we refer to the request rules