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Found 77 results

  1. Secret-Cinema News

    You may have noticed some of the movie posters missing on the site. It only affects the older torrents. We are currently working on a solution for the problem. Please be patient.
  2. BrokenStones (BS) News

    June Newsletter 2022 Welcome To This Months Newsletter With the huge successes of the Freeleech Token giveaways we decided one more Freeleech Token giveaway. Look for them in the announcements forum (Only one gift from each topic); Freeleech Token for a 1 minute read about requests (Ongoing) Is your password up to date? Earn 2 Freeleech Tokens if it is (Ongoing) Is your avatar worth 5 Freeleech Tokens? Avatar must meet all the board image rules and avatar requirements! (New) Competition Rules Update Click here to go to the updated competition rules Monterey OS Wondering if something is working on Monterey OS? Check this topic for submissions. Feel free to add to the list, and share your info with the community. Freeleech Tokens What are Freeleech Tokens and how to use them? Don't forget to use them to avoid ratio hits. The staff are seeing far too many users with ratios under 1.0.0 but have plentiful amounts of Freeleech Tokens. Caution About V2 BitTorrent Files Avoid creating V2 torrent files with your torrent clients that offer this support. Transmission currently does not support V2 torrent files and will produce an invalid error instead. Transmission is also currently the most widely used client on here. Any reported V2 torrents will be deleted simply because the majority will not be supported. Staff Picks Apps of the month: Ghost Buster Pro Handy inoffensive app that find quite a few left overs. (Small files) EdgeView 3 Nice little light weight image viewer. Game of the month: Cities: Skylines A modern version of the classic hit Sim City. Board Updates, Changes and Reminders Briefly; The main rules page cannot be edited currently and all new rules or changes are listed in the BrokenStones Wiki here Request Statistics March 2022 total requests created = 19 April 2022 total requests created = 17 May 2022 total requests created = 37 19 Users Read the Rules and Created their Requests Correctly 02 Users Added the Missing Info after their Warning 16 Requests Deleted due to Rule Violation 18 Users Warned for Missing Info 11 Users Warned - Strike 1 07 Users Warned - Strike 2 00 Users Warned - Strike 3 (have had their Request Privileges Revoked)
  3. Bit-HDTV News

    Can't find your favorite TV show or Movie on Bit-HDTV? Create a thread in the Requests forum. Keep in mind that only HD content may be requested. Is there a torrent you can't snatch on Bit-HDTV? Make a Re-seed request. Please do not post re-seed comments in the comment section of torrents. Any such comment will be deleted.
  4. Tasmanit News

    Welcome back! A massive welcome back to everyone who has found their way back to! Huge apologies to all for the numerous problems that have caused so many of you to be unable to access the site for some or all of the past year or so. You will find Forum threads explaining some of the reasons for this. As you see, however, we are back up and running, with all of our fantastic Uploaders once again working their socks off to provide all of your favourite Australian and New Zealand TV. Pile in, enjoy, and don't forget to thank the Uploaders! The team
  5. nCore News

    Summer Quiz 2022 - Round 2 - Post in the forum! Dear Users! The summer quiz has reached its 2nd round. The questions for the quiz are available HERE . It is important to know the following about the worksheet: • At the top of the worksheet, we have provided some letters of the correct solution in advance, which are also in the right place. It is your job to guess and arrange the other letters so that we end up with a meaningful word. • Each of the answers provided has 1-1 letters. • A meaningful Hungarian word can be extracted from the letters belonging to the correct answers, which is the solution of the quiz. • You have to guess the letters for the two starred places! The decipherment can be submitted HERE . The deadline for submissions is 02.07.2022. 16:00. The reward for correct decipherers is 5,000 points and a badge. Important information: • The solution is a meaningful 13-letter Hungarian word. • Rewards will be awarded within 72 hours of the end of the game. • Case is not case sensitive. The version of the solution given in English alphabet characters is also correct. • You only have one option to submit the solution, so make sure you type the solution correctly. • Publishing the solution may result in exclusion. Thank you for participating so far, the next quiz will be in the fall.
  6. JME-ReUnit3D News

    ATTENTION : general safety information! Hello everyone on JME, with this new information , this time as a NEWS article , please implement the information below! Please take the time to read this PM at least up to paragraph 4, Screenshot Go Private ! we would like to draw the attention of our users to the fact that you should set your privacy well in your profile. Due to the current situation, I took the trouble to take screenshots of where and how you can best do this. ATTENTION: Is only required if you have not already set your profile to , and like I would like your profile to be generally visible. Otherwise click on the become private and your profile can only be viewed by the team! This is how we get to the users who want sensible privacy settings. I've made a screenshot of every important tab especially for you if you don't feel like reading through everything yourself: Step 1 Call up profile, then Step 2 & 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 So why are we recommending all this? I got the following piece of information from a tracker on which I "myself" was made aware of this issue: "The reason for this is very simple, there are members who make screens of your profiles when they are not closed and use them to apply to other trackers." This problem certainly does not only occur there! Please hide your profiles on all trackers! do yourself a favor Please check your settings, please take the time to do so. If you have questions, we are happy to help. your team
  7. Ebooks-shares News

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick message ......if you want any of my books and they arent seeding please give me a shout and I will get them going for you. I have had a couple of disasters over the past few years which meant I lost the torrents however I still have the books. Finally it is near the end of the month and my donors obviously have been great and keep on donating however they do need help so if you want to donate please also contact me............! Thankyou and enjoy your reading. Kind Regards ironside
  8. DICMusic News

    [Announcement] Hot summer, hot newcomers | Warmly Welcome Our New Members This year's weather is a bit messy, it's hot and cold, and it's finally really hot now. In this round of open applications , more than 700 newcomers have joined Dolphin. Here, the management team would like to express their welcome to the newcomers on behalf of all old users. The specific data are as follows: Total applications: 1012 Pass number: 731 (pass rate 72.23%) Number of rejections: 224 Number of failures: 57 In the inbound welcome letter , we provided a detailed guide designed for newcomers (I don't know if you have read it carefully ^_^), but we also found that you still have some other questions, so we made a set of FAQs, If you have questions, feel free to ask them in this thread: [Mengxin Q&A] Dolphins look a bit special, I want to know... At the same time, we strongly recommend that every novice friend read the following two articles: [Beginners on the Road] Start your first download and listen to the DIC [Beginners on the Road] Wiki Guide We also have long-term activities with benefits, you are welcome to participate actively: [Long-term] [Official] Newcomer check-in points reward post [Long-term] [Official] The first point reward post for newcomers As a young site just turned three years old, the dolphins still have a lot to explore. I hope you and the members of the management team will continue to work hard to build an excellent music library. Welcome everyone!
  9. Audiences News

    Dear viewers and friends, Hello everyone; due to the needs of site development, the recruitment rules have been updated and this notice will be opened again for open recruitment; the existing official original DIY group - Audies, the official suppression group - ADE, the official streaming media web group - ADWeb are open to the public Recruitment; Interested friends are welcome to sign up to participate. The specific rules and requirements are as follows: Quote: 1. Official original DIY group - Audies (Click here to view the original post) ① I love this site, I love this site’s DIY group and the resources it produces. ② I am interested in DIYing the original disk, and I am interested in making Chinese and Chinese and English subtitles. Teaching tutorials are provided in the group. If you don’t know something, you can ask questions at any time. Basically 24 hours a day, there are big guys sticking to the post to answer questions and provide help, but there is no foundation but a strong willingness to learn, not three minutes of enthusiasm (basic DIY process: find subtitles, find the original disk, process subtitle styles, convert, mix, and publish) ③ No part-time jobs on other sites (except for seed guards and reprinters) ④ Able to obey the arrangement of the official team Entering the internship period, you will become a formal team member after you release four parts. You are required to release four parts every month. You can ask for leave for special reasons. ⑦ This site has a complete task management system and PT-related incentives such as magic. ⑧ There is no recruitment upper limit for the time being. Quote: 2. Official suppression group - ADE (click here to view the original post) ① Love this site, love the suppression team and the resources produced by this site ② Interested in the suppression of film and television resources, but have a strong willingness to learn, not a three-minute popularity ③ No part-time jobs on other sites (except for seed guards and reprinters) ④ Able to obey the arrangement of the official team , requires four per month, and can ask for leave for special reasons ⑦ This site has a complete task management system and PT related incentives such as magic ⑧ There is no recruitment upper limit for the time being, and recruitment will be suspended depending on the situation Quote: 3. Official Streaming Web Group - ADWeb (Click here to view the original post) ① I like this site, I like this site’s web group and its published resources ② Interested in streaming media resources, but have a strong willingness to learn, not a three-minute popularity ③ Sufficient time, this recruitment requires sufficient time during the day to meet the Requirements for chasing dramas released on the station as soon as possible after the streaming media is updated ④ No part-time jobs on other sites (except for seed guards and reprinters) ⑤ Able to obey the arrangement of the official team ⑥ The device is Windows 10 / 11 system, no hardware requirements The monthly requirement depends on the number of chasing dramas, and you can take leave due to special reasons. ⑧ This site has a complete task management system and PT-related incentives such as magic. ⑨ Temporarily recruit three members, two domestic streaming media members, No need to bring your own members; a foreign streaming media team member needs to bring your own members If you are willing to learn to join the group, please click here to apply: Title: Apply to join the official DIY/Suppression/Web group Contents: 1. Have met the above requirements and have a strong willingness to learn, not a three-minute enthusiasm 2. Briefly describe your own situation
  10. HDChina News

    tracker maintenance notice 6/23 21:00(UTC+8) The tracker is currently under maintenance, please keep seeding, we will complete the maintenance as soon as possible. sorry for the inconveniences caused. 6/24 00:46(UTC+8) tracker is now back to normal ====HDChina Management Group==== tracker维护通知 6/23 21:00(UTC+8) 目前tracker处于维护状态,请保持做种,我们将尽快完成维护。 不便之处,敬请谅解。 6/24 00:46(UTC+8) tracker现已恢复正常 ====HDChina管理组====
  11. Aither News

    Tracker Changelog | v6.2.1-1 | Update: 2022-06 v6.2.1 (Fix) Lazy loading N+1 by @HDVinnie in #2265 (Fix) top navigation shifting on mobile by @Roardom in #2267 (Fix) bbcode color by @Roardom in #2269 build(deps): bump guzzlehttp/guzzle from 7.4.3 to 7.4.4 by @dependabot in #2274 (Update) Album Controller by @thomasswild in #2271 (Update) Album Controller Test by @thomasswild in #2272 (Fix) 3rd party upload bots sending unsupported bbcode by @Roardom in #2276 (Add) Simple Laravel Log Viewer by @HDVinnie @Roardom in #2270 (Release) v6.2.1 by @HDVinnie in #2279
  12. TranceTraffic News

    HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TRANCETRAFFIC !! Holy shit we're all getting old! Can you believe it's been 18 years already since this site first appeared? It's kind of incredible if you think about it.. Happy birthday to TT and shout out to the OG's that have been here from the start! Thanks to all the uploaders and staff for your time and everything you do. As is customary now, we're turning on freeleech so grab and leech all you can! Hope you're all staying safe, and here's to another great year - ZDRuX
  13. AsianCinema News

    Happy Sunday @everyone We have lowered the rank requirement to the restricted section of forum to PowerUser. This includes the External trackers and Invite forums. We hope this will allow for more users with good standing to offer/request invites to other sites. Please remember to follow the rules from those sites at all times. Any violations can and will lead to account termination. Yours, The ACM Team (via Discord)
  14. Swarmazon News

    @Members While our uploader API is still shiny and new we're complementing it by publishing our search API! Using your API Token found in (Settings) you can now search for torrents across any item found in the torrent name as well as media reference ID. Currently the fields supported are: api_key (required) filter media_ref (imdb w/tt or steamID) You don't need fancy tools or even Postman to try this out for yourself, simply visit our API with your web browser. I would suggest using Firefox because of its awesome JSON formatting support. Example search by Name: Example search by Media Referance: You can also get fancy and combine filter & media_ref if needed. Search results will be returned in JSON key pairs which include name, ref_id, upload_timestamp, hash, and download link. A very special thank you is owned to @G************* for sharing his knowledge with us. These two APIs will soon bring GG-BOT support and improved L4G support. In time category and type searches will be added which will improve our Jackett support as well. Happy Friday all and I'll hope to see you in the swarm! (via Discord)
  15. Orpheus News

    AoTM: May Round 1 Winner & Round 2 Voting Open AoTM: May Round 1 Winner & Round 2 Voting Open AoTM May Round 1 Voting has closed and we have a winner! AoTM May Round 1 Winner: Negativland - True False Congratulations to i************ for their winning pick. 20,000 Bonus Points have been added to your account. This album will be Freeleech until the next round (FLAC only) AoTM May Round 2 Voting Voting is open for two weeks and all nominations are Neutral Leech. AoTM June Nominations are open.
  16. OpenCD News

    In order to facilitate everyone to publish resources, this site has been adapted to the conversion plug-in Auto_feed. After installing the plug-in, a YADG module is added under the title of the release page to facilitate you to fill in the resource parameters, and a quick seed transfer module has also been added to the seed information pages of some other sites for your convenience. For detailed tutorials, please move: Click here . Now you can easily get album information from external websites to fill in, I hope it will be convenient for everyone to publish. I would like to thank tomorrow505, the plug-in developer who led this adaptation, Pterclub who organized this test to manage the pretense, and participated in the test of Xiaocai, September Meng, TheM14, Xiaoxiami, and tulipa. This site has always emphasized the co-construction nature of PT. I am very happy to have more people participating in the construction of the site. The development of the site is inseparable from the support of every user. thank you all! OpenCD Management Group 2022.6.15
  17. BitBR News

    Scheduled maintenance notice We are going to apply an upgrade to the code and bring some changes to our darling BitBR, so we need to agree on the date. Come on? ⚠ Scheduled maintenance date: 6/21/202 ⚠ Start time: 10:00 AM GMT -3 ⚠ Expected finish: 18:00* PM GMT -3 *Can be extended if necessary. At the end, you will have the information of what was done and the next steps. Hugs, Turko.
  18. GainBound News

    Instructions on the release of original resources by open cooperation groups and individuals At the beginning of the site, this site is for the majority of users to seek cooperation in groups and individuals to join original publishing work, either in the name of an individual or in the name of a group. The requirements for joining and cooperation are as follows: 1. Only publish exclusively on this site, and the resources are original resources 2. Enjoy the same treatment as the official group publishers Everyone is me, and I am everyone. Welcome all the great gods to join us, other unfinished matters will be negotiated at that time. If you are interested, please contact me for consultation. PS: This site has been recruiting for a long time: official seed suppressors, seed reviewers, PHP programmers, click me to apply to join, become a site veteran, and enjoy retirement benefits.
  19. DigitalCore News

    Uploading improvements underway. The amazing R4bb1t is working on improvements to uploading back-end and this will mean exciting things for members and some occasional uploading difficulties as while work on the code. We will keep you updated as these improvements move towards completion.
  20. News Site is now closed for forever ! Service Unavailable Tracker: [Could not parse bencoded data: Site Closed! - Telly.Wtf ]
  21. BitBR News

    Recruitment Hello everyone, The tracker will undergo a restructuring and for that we will open vacancies for STAFF, where we will basically reorganize things and try to make the tracker better for all of you. Interested in participating? Access the link: Speak your registration with the subject STAFF. Requirements: -Active in the community -Strict with posting pattern Hug, Turko.
  22. U2.dmhy News

    Passhash Algorithm Upgrade Site has done a passhash algorithm upgrade recently. Passhashes using new algorithm is 25 million times harder to be cracked by brute-forcing method (testing hardware is Nvidia RTX 3080). Since we do not store plaintext password, we were unable to convert old passhash to new passhash automatically. Thus, user enrolls into new algorithm only when: 1. Account Registration 2. Password Update (new password could be same as old password) Algorithm upgrade does not affect user experience and can not be undone. Since the security of passhash only takes effect in the hypothetical plot of database leak, we do not plan on forcing users to change their password in 2022. From 2023 we may (or may not) display a non-removable upgrade notice (for those not upgraded yet) or simply force user to upgrade.
  23. DesiTorrents News

    @everyone We are now recruiting for staff. This is the final round of recruitment. The criteria is below : 1. You must be a regular member with poweruser/superuser class or above 2. You must NOT have any hit & runs, ever, recorded on your account. 3. You are able to dedicate 2-4 "active" hours per day to work with the team. 4. You must have a sharing spirit and willingness to contribute towards the community. 5. You must have a general understanding of how private trackers work and must be on at least 2 other reputable private trackers. There will be an interview conducted by our admins and mods. Start by opening a support ticket. (via Discord)
  24. GainBound News

    The second seeding competition has officially ended! I wish the students of the University of Hong Kong to be able to make the gold list! Dapeng rose with the same wind in one day and soared up to 90,000 miles. After ten years of cold window no one asked, he became famous all over the world. Celebrating the college entrance examination, cheering for the majority of students, the second seeding competition on this site has officially started. The rules are as follows: Publishing scope: all the seeds are allowed to be published on the site, and all seeds published during the event will enjoy free event Time: 2022.06.07 12: 00 - 2022.06.9 12:00 Event Rewards: Reward 1: During the event, each seed will be rewarded with an additional 1000 mana, which will be manually launched by the management on the seed page, and all participants can get it. Reward 2: The top 10 people in the number of seeds will receive the following additional rewards. Note: Only if the number of seeds is more than 30 will be eligible for Reward 2. First place: Mylove invites 10, magic power 10W . 9 pieces, Magic 9W 3rd place: Tayrel invited 8 pieces, Magic 8W 4th place: ggboi invited 7 pieces, Magic 7W 5th place: 43water invited 6 pieces, Magic 6W 6th place: huabanlu123 invited 5 pieces, Magic 5W 1st place Seventh place: w015432 invites 5, magic 5W Eighth place: kankandian invites 4, magic 4W ninth: Sesshomaru invites 4, magic 4W Tenth place: haishi369 invites 3, magic 3W
  25. SecretCinema News

    Happy 5th anniversary to Secret Cinema (the most recent incarnation) Can you believe it has been five years since we resurrected Secret Cinema from the ashes of the old Secret Cinema? The wonderful trip of non-mainstream cinema continues as we discover fantastic new films that have been forgotten for flown under the radar. We continue to build a cohesive community capable of sustaining a collective digital archive of rare, unusual, classic, and fringe culture artifacts. As a community, we share a wide variety of cultural touchstones with each other both for relaxation and for greater contextual understanding of the rarities we value highest. In plain language, our main goal is to collect and preserve weird stuff, and if we do technically violate a copyright now and then it's because on the side we're doing what people in every community do: hanging out together and watching movies. So here is the challenge: Add your favorite films with memorable anniversary and birthday scenes to the SC five year collage. Go here to add a film and say a few words about the film and about what SC means to you. We'd love to hear from you the member since you are why we are still here doing this every day.