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Found 3 results

  1. BrokenStones (BS) News

    December Newsletter 2021 We reviewed last years December Newsletter and it looks like the world is still in a weird place. Again all Staff here at BS, wish you, your family and friends all the best, look after yourselves. The site has had many an issue over the last year and we do honestly thank all members for their time and patience with this. Going forward for the New Year, we will be looking at certain options, so again, this process is not a quick fix. Christmas Freeleech 2021 We will have a Christmas Sitewide Freeleech for the holidays! We are a little late this year with the news, however, you all know the rules.... The event will start at 20:00 (UTC) 23rd December 2020 and will end at 20:00 (UTC) January 3rd 2022. UTC=Universal Time Coordinated=GMT Note: ALL Torrents uploaded before this announcement are Freeleech! ALL Torrents uploaded after this announcement are Freeleech! Neutral Leech torrents will remain Neutral Leech. Torrents will return to their previous leech status after this event ends. Torrents uploaded during the event will revert to Normal Leech after this event ends. ❗ Please make sure to check that torrents are listed as Freeleech on the torrent browse page, and keep a close watch on your data (especially during the beginning and ending of the Freeleech). Please do not edit your release descriptions during Freeleech. Doing so would make the torrents Normal. You have been told All the best wishes are here: Christmas Freeleech 2021
  2. BrokenStones.Club | BRKs | Apple Apps | 2021 Review Tracker Name BrokenStones (BRKs) Tracker Genre Apple/Mac Apps Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker URL: Tracker Signup Closed/Invites Only Bonus System No Maintaining Ratio Easy Banned Countries No Tracker Description BrokenStones (BRKs) is the best private tracker specialized in Mac Apple World , got almost all mac content. Tracker got +13K registered members with more than 30K uploaded torrents , which is really good community with very nice content indeed (with regard with it's category speciality). Getting good ratio there isn't hard at all , as : - Many freeleech (Gold) torrents uploaded daily , you can snatch with seedbox once uploaded. - Users there got freeleech tokens , to be used on a specific of your choice to snatch it freely. - You can upload your own stuffs , but with care about their uploading rules / prohibited uploads / etc... - When you donate , you get extra GBs upload count according to how much you're donating. Forums is active & nice to be there , also invites aren't hard to get as long as you can upload at least 1 torrent to reach PU rank to be able to receive invites , etc.. Needless to say this is a great tracker and probably the best when it comes to Mac stuff. HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS REQUESTS COLLAGES FORUMS UPLOAD TOP TORRENTS RULES WIKI USER CLASSES DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre Times - 9/10 Community 8/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8/10 Tracker Score 8/10
  3. Empornium Buffered Accounts : Unused Account + Email - 90 USD Pornbay Buffered Accounts : Pornbay 300gb - 4TB Buffered Account - 25 USD Orpheus Buffered Accounts : Orpheus Invite - 25 USD Unused Account - 20 USD CHDBits Buffered Account: 2TB - 5 TB Buffered Account - 30 USD Buffered Accounts : vigilante Account - 60 USD BizTorrents Buffered Accounts : 30GB - 200GB Buffered Account - 15 USD Bibliotik Buffered Accounts : Bibliotik Invite - 45 USD Positive Ratio Account - 50 USD EXIGO Buffered Accounts : Random Buffered Account - 45 USD BitSpyder Buffered Accounts : BitSpyder Invite - 5 USD 100GB Buffered Account - 15 USD More buffered accounts available on request - 3TB, 4TB, 10TB Buffered Accounts : Filelist Invite - 15 USD 50GB - 300 GB Buffered Account - 20 Euros CGPeers Buffered Accounts : 4.7TB Buffered Account - 20 USD CartoonChaos Buffered Accounts : 200GB Buffered Account - 25 USD Cinematik Buffered Accounts : 1.9TB Buffered Account - 25 USD More buffered Accounts available on request. HD-Torrents Buffered Accounts : HD-Torrents Invite - 15 Euros M-Team Buffered Accounts : M-Team Invite - 20 Euros 2TB Buffered Account - 30 USD ToTheGlory (TTG) Buffered Account : 1TB Buffered Account - 35 USD BrokenStones Buffered Accounts : BrokenStones Invite - 35 USD NCore Buffered Accounts : 2.8 TB Buffered Account - 30 USD Buffered Accounts : 220 GB+ Buffered Account - 40 USD Elbitz Buffered Accounts : 1.7TB Buffered Account - 30 USD No buffer Account - 20 USD IPTorrents Buffered Accounts : 1.5TB Buffered Account - 20 Euros Buffered Account : Ethor Invite - 25 USD Elite Tracker Buffered Account: 200 GB Buffered Account 25 USD U2Dhmy Buffered Account : Buffered Account - 40 USD Oppaitime Buffered Account : 200 gb+ Buffered Account: 30 USD PrivateHD Buffered Account : Unused/Buffered Account - 25 USD BeyondHD Buffered Account : 100GB, 300 GB, 400 GB Buffered Account - Starting from 35 USD Payment Method: Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum Contact me: Mail : Telegram: @Invitestore Discord: Thanoos#1023