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Found 14 results

  1. Tracker Name PrivateHD Tracker URL Tracker Genre HD Tracker SignUp Application/Invite Only! Maintain Ratio Easy Bonus System Yes Banned Countries None Tracker IRC Server:; Port: 6667; Channel; #privatehd Tracker Description PrivateHD is an High Definition (HD) private tracker also a brother tracker with Avistaz ,AnimeTorrents, CinemaZ and Exoticaz. It is an active tracker, uploads torrents daily and Full Blurays of trakcers like CHDBits, M-Team, HD-Torrents, HDChina, TTG, among others. PrivateHD was born in May, 2015, and has since achieved a commendable growth in user base, quantity & diversity of content, and user interface design. The tracker currently has 42k+ users with 41k+ torrents and primarily specializes in HD content for English language movies and TV series in various resolutions (720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p) and rip types/sources (BDRip, BluRay, Full/Raw BluRay, HDRip, HDTV, REMUX, WEB-DL & WEBRip). The site also has a very small music collection in both FLAC and MP3. If you are looking for TV series pack remux 4k releases PHD is the right place for you , PHD is home of EPSiLON releases , also they have Good amount of releases from TEPES, DON, NTb, TrollUHD, Cinefeel , GHOULS, QOQ and so on. Ratio maintain isn't a problem there with so many free leech files of 50% /100% files along with double upload files . Also Bps system is implanted there where you can buy upload amount with bps and also invites can be purchased but invite cost is really expensive though , per invite 100k bps . They have torrents covering 20 countries languages which indicates how large the community is . PHD Currently invites only but they do open application sign up from time to time . PHD Remuxes are just as good as the most reputable trackers, there is no difference between Source and Encode, it is definitely a great tracker to have if what you are looking for is quality. PHD Team: EPSiLON, HDBEE, SiGMA, Absinth. Internal Releases & Pre-times EPSiLON (ex PrivateHD): Internal REMUX group, which now has some of the best pre-times among all REMUX groups. EPSiLON releases both movies and TV series, is extremely fast and active, and, in due course, will be in the conversation for one of the top REMUX groups in all private trackers. Aside from EPSiLON, some users also release their own REMUX occasionally, but those need to be approved by staff. HDBEE: Internal Full/Raw BluRay group, still relatively young (around 5 months old), but like EPSiLON, it’s very active, and works with both TV & movie Blu-ray Discs. Pre-times are not the focus of this group. UTR-HD: Internal x265 release groups, which now calls PHD home after KickassTorrents (KAT) was taken down. While the demand for x265 releases may not be particularly high at the moment, the UTR-HD is one of the most active, and perhaps the best, x265 out there that focuses on encoding high quality 10-bit HEVC releases. UTR-HD does not only focus on new releases, they encode both old and new TV shows and movies, and pre-times are not the primary focus. Like HDBEE, the group is still young on PHD (about 5 months), but is growing by leaps and bounds. Pre-times: Apart from internal releases, the pre-times for other P2P & Scene releases (for both movies & TV shows) on PHD are among the best & fastest anywhere. Uploaders are active and very competitive among each other. ||Home Page|| ||Browse|| Upload ||Forums|| ||Requests|| Subtitles Guidelines ||Rules|| ||Bonus|| ||FAQ|| ||Donation|| ||Ratings|| Pre-times 9/10 Speed 9/10 Content 8.5/10 Community 9/10 Overall 9/10
  2. Tracker Name Pornbay Tracker URL Tracker Genre Porn Tracker Signup Closed Maintain Ratio Easy Bonus System Yes Tracker IRC Channel: #Pornbay, Network:, Port(ssl): 6697 Description Pornbay is a well known porn tracker that used to be open to for anyone to sign up. Pornbay eventually closed signups to combat multi-account users and bots that were creating accounts constantly and has not re-opened since. The tracker currently has almost 63k enabled users and over 143k torrents. They do not currently offer invites to users in order to bring in new members. Maintaining ratio on Pornbay is fairly easy as freeleech torrents are uploaded fairly regularly, with any torrent over 30GB automatically being given freeleech designation and leechers being fairly high. A bonus points system is also available to buy away download amounts to increase ratio. Homepage Torrents Collages Tag Top 10 Upload Requests Forums Rules User Classes Bonus Stats Summary Speed 9/10 Content 7/10 Community 8/10 Overall 8/10
  3. nCore | nC | General | 2020 Review Name nCore Tracker URL Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Free Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty -- Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries -- Traker Irc Server: Standard port: 6667; SSL port: 6697 Channels: #ncore, #ncore-bot, #ncore-help Description nCore is the best hungarian general tracker right now with more than 686,000 members and 475,000 torrents. I am quite fond of nCore because of the great content and the fact they are ratioless. Their speeds are awesome, even at old torrents. It is my favorite tracker, I think it is the best general torrent tracker. Invites for nCore are not easy to find. The tracker excels in a lot of categories, for example old movies can be found in good quality and awesome speed, but their pretimes are really good too. Most of the movies/TV torrents are with dupe language: hungarian and english. The site is very active with a lot of torrents uploaded daily and can easily be navigated using Google Translate extension. Home Categories & Browse Offer Requests Forums Upload nCore Wiki (English version!) Bonus Premium Ratings Speed 10/10 Pretimes 10/10 Content 10/10 Community 10/10 Overall 10/10
  4. Femdomcult | FDC | XXX | 2020 Review Tracker Name Femdomcult Tracker URL Tracker Signup Invite Only Tracker Type Ratio Based Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker IRC None Tracker Description - The ONLY tracker solely dedicated to female XXX domination and fetish. It does offer some mainstream stuff though. - Browse through amateur, anime comics, asian femdom, audio, femdom, fetish, crush, images, lezdom, POV, scat, strapon and transdom torrents. - Doors are opened a few times throughout the year. Sadly the invite system is currently disabled so try not miss the open signups. - Site stats show 17,072 enabled users, 48,960 torrents and a seeder/leecher ratio of 15.96. - FDC do not have an IRC channel and heavily rely on the chatbox and forums. The chatbox is a popular place to stop for a yarn or check out what's new in the forums with the rest of the community. - Ratio is ridiculously easy with tracker staff offering a lot of torrents as freeleech. Even without freeleech the seed retention is crazy. - Seed bonus allows users to buy upload credit, freeleech slots, badges and point donation. - The donation page is pretty bland, pay 50 USD and receive 500gb upload to your account. If you wish to donate and pay for VIP status you need to contact staff. Stat Home Browse Tags Top 10 Requests Collages Forums Bonus Shop Upload User Class Rules Shop Pretimes - Community 6/10 Content 7/10 Speed 6/10 Tracker Rating 7/10
  5. | Ethor | General | 2020 Review Tracker Name Ethor Tracker URL Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Maintaining Ratio Easy Bonus System Not Available Banned Countries None Tracker IRC Not Available Tracker Description - Ethor is a general Quebec/French tracker It has great content of Movies, TV, Apps, E-books, Games and Music.Most of torrents are with great speed. They have 22k+ users and 102k+ torrents. - Signup is via invite only. - Browse through apps, ebooks, games, misc, movies, music, porn, sports and television. Torrents are well seeded so ratio building shouldn't be an issue for you. - Ethor does not offer IRC but instead a shoutbox which seems to be really popular. There is also no seed bonus system in place - Donations can only be paid via crypto. Members in Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau or Trois-Rivières can donate via Bitcoin ATM's rather than online. Stat Home Torrents Top 10 Requests Forums Upload User class Upload Rules FAQ Donation Ratings Pretime 8/10 Speed 8/10 Content 9/10 Community 8/10 Rarity 8/10 Overall 8.5/10
  6. HD-Torrents | HD-T | HD | 2020 Review Name: HD-Torrents URL: Genre: High Definition (HD) Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: Server: Main Channel: #HD-Torrents Announce Channel: #HD-Torrents.Announce |--- DESCRIPTION ---| HD-Torrents is considered one of the best trackers specialized in HD for movies and tv shows. It has great internal encoders group:HDMaNiAcS,KRaLiMaRKo and others. The releases of their internal groups feature a discount of either 25% or 50%. That means that only 75% (or 50% respectively) of the download is counted toward your ratio. The upload is counted in 100%. You will find great collection of Blu-ray/ HDDVD disks, Remuxes mkv container,WEB-DL streamsand only 720p, 1080i/p and 2160p standard resolutions are allowed; |--- HOME ---| |--- BROWSE ---| |--- REQUEST ---| Top 10 |--- OFFERS ---| |--- BONUS ---| |--- FORUMS ---| |--- RULES ---| |--- FAQ ---| |--- UPLOAD ---| |--- USER CLASSES ---| |--- RATINGS ---| Speed: 9/10 Pretimes: 8/10 Content: 9/10 Community: 8/10 Overall: 9/10
  7. Tracker Name CHANNELX Tracker URL: Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Sinup Invite Only Bonus System Yes Seed Diffculty Easy Banned Countries None Description ChannelX is a tracker for HD English content. The feature are Plex Optimized movies and TV. ChannelX has a group to pubilish the Plex Optimized in this tracker. Every day hundreds of torrents are published. Maintain is easy because of bonus system. It also has a huge graveyard of 5k+ torrents, where torrents without any seeder are listed. All torrents are required minimum 7 days of seedtime. Seedtime doesn't start until you are a seeder and have 100% of said torrent. Partial downloads are not recommended for this reason. Still, there is a 3% buffer. All members except VIPs are required to maintain a general overall ratio of 0.4 or better to download. There are Trumping System for the better quality of videos. Login Page Home Page Torrents Upload Request Bonus Store Forums User Group Rules FAQs My Ratings Speed: 6/10 Content: 6.5/10 Community: 7/10 Pretims: 6/10 Overall: 6.5/10
  8. CinemaGeddon | CG | Movies | 2020 Review Tracker Name CinemaGeddon (CG) Tracker URL Tracker Genre Movies Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Medium Bonus System Yes Banned Countries None Tracker Description CinemaGeddon (CG) is a private tracker dedicated in movies , especially the old & rare ones. CG collects really bad-rated and obscure trashy horror, martial arts, gore, exploitation and action flicks..If you are looking for such movies This is the right place to be . There are alot of B-Movies on this tracker you probably never heard of before! Tracker got around + 24,K registered members with App. +167K uploaded torrents , which shows how active the tracker is in this specific category. Upload rules for CG are ::~~ 1. The 12-Month Rule for uploading ==>No source can be used for uploads until 12 months after its release Seriously: no source. If a bluray is relased on 2016-01-01, no rip sourced from that bluray is safe until 2017-01-01. Not the disk itself, not an x264 made using that disk as a source. Earlier sources are acceptable; if the film was on TV two years before the bluray came out, that TV rip is not constrained by the bluray release date. This 12-month rule applies to all torrents, all media: ebooks, movies, TV rips; until it's been out for a year, it's unsafe. 2. Safe - We Want These IMDb Ratings Not all movies are allowed on CG , they should at least meet any of the following : - No IMDb Page - Fewer than 1000 votes on IMDb - A rating of less than 3 on IMDb 3.Actorial Presence Their Projects exist to provide as complete a collection as possible of some actors; if your film contains any of the following stars, upload away: - Steven Seagal - Jackie Chan - Jean-Claude van Damme (The Expendables series excepted). 4.Soundtracks Soundtracks of movies that are safe on CG are also safe. If you've got a compilation soundtrack that mostly contains tracks from safe films, it's probably safe, but ask in Customs & Excise before uploading. 5. Unsafe - CG Don't Want These as uploading contents : Popular Films Some common sense helps here; has your mother heard of this film? Then it's probably too popular for us. If you find yourself lacking in such common sense, though, think of it this way: If it's got more than 3000 votes on IMDb, it's probably too popular for us. Again, if you think it deserves to be here regardless, ask in Customs & Excise. 6.These Categories If it's one of these, we don't want it: TV Series We're a movie tracker, and our sister site, TV Vault, is for TV series. Anime There are, at the last count, 8,334,122 sites devoted to downloading anime. There's no need for it here. Porn If it's bog-standard porn, we don't want it. If it's got that certain ineffable 'CG' vibe about it, though, we'll consider it. All porn has to be cleared in C&E before being uploaded. Want to upload porn? Read this first!. One of the best things on CG , is their Rare content! A lot of movies exclusive to this place are ripped and uploaded by CG members , also got a nice design & easy to use. ||Home Page|| Category ||Browse|| Top 10 Upload ||Forums|| ||Requests|| CG Featurama Rank ||Rules|| ||Credits|| ||Donate|| ||STATS|| ||Ratings|| Pre-times -/10 Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 8/10 Overall 7/10
  9. CGPeers | CGP | CG/VFX/Art | 2020 Review Tracker Name: CGPeers (CGP) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art Tracker Type: Ratioless Bonus System: No Maintaining Ratio difficulty: Easy Tracker IRC: Server: Channel: #cg Banned Countries: None Description • CGPeers is a torrent tracker specializing in 3D / Visual Effects / Computer Graphics / Design / Computer Assisted Art. • With a giant database of about 300,000 users, CGPeers owns 30,000 torrents. Home Torrent Top 10 Upload Requests Rules Stats Ratings Speed 8/10 Content 8/10 Pretimes: 8/10 Community 7/10 Overal 7.7/10
  10. BeyondHD | BHD | HD | 2020 Review Name: BeyondHD URL: Genre: HD/UHD Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Application/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: Server: SSL Port: 6697 Non-SSL Port: 6667 |--- DESCRIPTION ---| BeyondHD (BHD) is one of the best trackers specialized in HD/UHD exist in torrent world. It contains two the famous internal encoders who are considered to be the best out there:FraMeSTor and BeyondHD,besides others including BHDStudio and iFT.Building up ratio is not a probelm, there are Freelech,25 %,50% and 75% promos out there.With great style and great collection of HD,UHD,REMUX,Blu-ray for lots genre,Beyond HD is considered to be a must tracker for HD and UHD addict. 2020 tip: You should be a member of this tracker of you are looking for quality. |--- HOME ---| |--- CATEGORY ---| |--- BROWSE ---| |--- REQUESTS ---| |--- BLACK LIST ---| |--- STORE ---| |--- BONUS ---| |--- FORUMS ---| |--- RULES ---| |--- FAQ ---| |--- DONATION ---| |--- USER CLASSES ---| |--- STATISTICS ---| |--- RATINGS ---| Speed: 9/10 Pretimes: 9/10 Content: 10/10 Community: 9/10 Overall: 9/10
  11. Name Biztorrents Category E-Learning Type Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio Medium Signup Closed URL: IRC Channel: #BizTorrents, Network: Description Biztorrents is a growing private tracker community dedicated to improving lives from the financial aspect. Here, you can find and share anything money or business related. The goal is to provide access to a variety of helpful resources to encompass both beginners and experienced businessmen alike, giving that little boost so that beginners can get off to the right foot or so that experience businessmen can hone their skills. You are free to ask any serious questions or post in the forums. Invitations have been closed for a long time now. Home Torrents Upload Forum Top 10 Bonus User Class Rules FAQ Donation Stat Ratings Content 6/10 Community 6/10 Speed 6/10 Overall 6/10
  12. Name BitSeduce Category E-Learning Type Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio Medium Signup Closed URL: IRC Channel: #BitSeduce, Network: Description Bitseduce an exclusive community devoted to the art of seduction and self-improvement. The goal is to provide a complete library of seduction and self-help material that will help pave the way for any person seeking to improve his or her lifestyle. As part of the community you are free to ask any questions or just mingle with other members in the forums. They have around 3100 registered users and over 6300 torrents. Invites have been disabled for non staff classes since many years now. Home Torrents Offered Upload Forum Top 10 Bonus User Class Rules FAQ IRC Donation Stat Ratings Content 5/10 Community 4/10 Speed 6/10 Overall 5/10
  13. Anthelion | ATH | Movies | 2020 Review Tracker Name: Anthelion Tracker URL Tracker Genre: Movies Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintain Ratio: Easy/Medium Description Previously Known as TehConnection, Anthelion is a new private Tracker Specifies in Movies only. its a ratio base tracker with almost 1610 Enabled Users and 6394 Torrents. Maintaining Ratio can be difficult sometimes because of low amount of leechers. They got bonus system aswell. User can buy upload credit in exchange for earned bonus. community is not that active since its a new tracker and content wise Tracker does not have much to offer. Staff recently started competition for uploading rare old movies in reward for Bonus points to get the site growing. STAT Home Torrents Upload Top10 Collections Requests Forums Rules IRC Rules WiKi User Ranks Bonus points Store Donate Content: 7.5/10 Speed: 6/10 Community: 6/10 Overall: 6/10
  14. | ABT | E-Learning | 2020 Review Tracker Name ABTorrents (ABT) Tracker URL Tracker Genre E-Learning (AudioBooks) Tracker Tybe Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed difficulty Medium Tracker Signup Invite Only Banned countries None Tracker birthday 2011-06-21 2,777 days old Tracker Description ABTorrents (ABT) is a well-known private tracker for Audio Books with plenty of hard to find content and unique uploads. It has a lot of torrents in various categories such as : Business,Comics,Computers,Comedy,Science,History,C hildren,Biographies ..etc. Considered the premier audiobook torrent location on the web. Their torrents is better seeded and gets better releases. Maintain ratio isn't hard as Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy yourself invites / Freeleech time / extra GBs to your upload count Got active community with nice requests section that are being filled as soon as possible which makes the forums are active as well. It's a good tracker with some great contents but sadly it lacks seeders. ABT is Highly recommended to any audiobookphiles where it's stuffs couldn't be found nowhere else . This makes ABT a very valuable site to have if you are looking to seed some other sites with audiobook sections. Home Browse Forum Guidelines Top10 Torrents Upload Donation Seeders in need User Class Ratings Pre-times -/10 Speed 7/10 Content 8/10 Community 7/10 Overall 7/10