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  1. Name: BakaBT Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: Anime Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Medium Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION BakaBT is a private BitTorrent tracker, focused on East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) content. Content is quite diverse : Artbooks, Music videos, OSTs, live action and of course Anime series and movies. BakaBT became a private tracker on April 11th, 2017. BakaBT was formed in 2009 after the Boxtorrents extinction. It is the largest anime-dedicated private trackers around. With 50,620 registered users BakaBT is the largest private anime tracker around. BakaBT is tracking 21,000+ Torrents with 0 unseeded, there are many active members always searching for the best quality material to be able to archive them in the best possible quality over many years and maybe many decades in the future. Forums are always active, and the staff are willing to help whenever you need them and the encoders/uploads are always testing source material for creating the best encodes. Maintaining a good ratio is not an easy task despite the Seedbonus System in place. Joining BakaBT is very hard. The tracker is completely closed as there is no invite system. One of the best anime trackers in the game along with Animebytes. Highly Recommended. LOG IN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS OFFER TOP 10 ADOPTION UPLOAD RULES USER CLASSES FAQ BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre-Time: 8/10 Speed: 9/10 Content: 10/10 Community: 10/10 Overall: 9/10
  2. TRACKER'S NAME : PrivateHD TRACKER'S URL: SIGNUPS : Application/Invite Only! TRACKER'S TYPE : HD SEED DIFFICULTY : Easy RATIO BASED : Yes BONUS SYSTEM : Yes BANNED COUNTRIES : None TRACKER IRC : Server:; Port: 6667; Channel; #privatehd TRACKER DESCRIPTION PHD was the home of EPSiLON (One of the top remux groups).. But they fell apart & few months back they left PHD. (AvistaZ Network) and this tracker has a lot of HD raw content Movies, TV Shows. This tracker is very much active if you are interested in series so you will not be disappointed because they are very active and uploads new episodes as soon as possible, recently they have changed the rules TV Packs are not allowed anymore. There are 47,276 torrents in different languages, you can find French, Spanish, German, Italian and many other languages. PHD website is easy to use and their interface is cool not too dark not too light which is perfect. PrivateHD is part AvistaZ Network and there are other exclusive trackers from the same Network AvistaZ, AnimeZ, CinemaZ, ExoticaZ. Ratio rules are basic and they're still testing out HnR, bad ratio will convert you from member class to leech and there are chances if you don't improve so you know the drill, but still there is hope with all the freeleech and the bonus system it is almost impossible to be banned. PHD Remuxes are just as good as the most reputable trackers, there is no difference between Source and Encode, it is definitely a great tracker to have if what you are looking for is quality. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS MOVIES TV SUBTITLES UPLOAD TOP TORRENTS FORUMS RULES GUIDES FAQ & USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Speed : 9/10 Pre-times : 9/10 Content : 9/10 Community : 9/10 Overall : 9/10
  3. AvistaZ | General | 2021 Review Name AvistaZ Tracker URL Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries None TRACKER DESCRIPTION AvistaZ is a general tracker for Asian content, they allow to upload Movies, TV-Shows and Music, they only allow Asian content like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, etc. for English content or other releases are it's brother trackers; which are: PrivateHD, AnimeTorrents, CinemaZ and YourExotic. It's content is from Full Blurays to encodes of DVDs and TV. Most Full Blurays are freeleech, and upload content from ADC, M-Team, CHDBits, TTG, HDChina, among others Chinese trackers. They have a total of 87,415 torrents so far. They have a bonus system so it's easy to survive the tracker, apart from the freeleech and x2 UP is not a problem maintaining a good ratio. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS MOVIES TV SUBTITLES REQUESTS UPLOAD RULES FAQ GUIDES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Speed : 7/10 Rarity : 7/10 Content : 8/10 Community : 8/10 Overall : 7.5/10
  4. Secret-Cinema | SC | Movies | 2021 Review Tracker Name: Secret-Cinema Tracker URL: Tracker SignUp: Invite Only Tracker Genre: Movies (OLD) Seed Difficulty: Ratio-Less Banned Countries: None Tracker Description Secret-Cinema (SC) is a private tracker specialized in Classic , Non-Mainstream Movies & obscure content - including silent films, classics, cult, arthouse etc. Got old stuffs like it's same category KG , Cinematik , etc.. Got +24K uploaded torrents includes old and foreign movies as well as obscure and arthouse motion pictures with only 2.5K registered members makes the activity there is good. SC got a quote regarding their Ratio rules " Our ratio requirements are really very simple , None! " , makes it a Ratio-less community for sure that will please the users around , but hey! they expect you to keep your downloads seeding for sometime or staffers will consider you ONLY a snatcher & delete your account.. In forum, there is a special section called "Secret-Pharmacy" or “PotM (Pill of the Month)” where you can view current and previous monthly picks. At last , it's a good alternative if you don't have access to KG / CG . but being easier to join & not risky to deal with makes it better for me to depend on if you're very keen on old stuffs.. Login Home Browse Collages Requests TOP 10 Upload Forums INFO User Classes Store Donate Ratings Pre-Times -/10 Speed: 4/10 Content: 7/10 Community: 7/10 OverAll: 6/10
  5. PTerclub | PTER | General | HD | 2021 Review Tracker Name :PTerClub Tracker URL: Tracker Genre :General | HD Tracker Type :Ratio Based Tracker Signup :Invite Only Bonus System :Yes Seed Difficulty :Medium Tracker IRC :NA Banned Countries : NA TRACKER DESCRIPTION is a chinese tracker which is rising up so fast among all other trackers,Specialized in HD for movies,TV shows and music vids PTer was established in 2018,reaching about 5K users and morethan 25K torrents. It conatins great collection of 4K,Blu-rau,Remux,WEB-DL and HDTV releases besides Games,Music,DOCU,Sports and ebooks. It covers districts like CHN,HKG,TWN,KOR,JPN and others.It contains their internal encoders : PTer and PTerWEB which are considered one of the best teams in encoding and their releases are verified in other top trackers. HOME TORRENTS MV GAME SUBTITLE REQUEST OFFER TOP 10 FORUMS WIKI USER CLASS BONUS DONATE MY RATING Pre-times : 8 / 10 Speed : 9 / 10 Content : 8.5 / 10 Community : 8 / 10 Overall : 9 / 10
  6. NicePT | XXX | 2021 Review Tracker Name: NicePT Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: XXX Tracker Type: Ratio based Tracker Signup: Open Signup / Invites Only Seed Difficulty: Easy Bonus System: Available Banned countries: None /~~ DESCRIPTION ~~\ NicePT is a small Chinese tracker for porn/XXX releases. The content is good so is the speed. Keeping a good ratio is easy, because they have a lot of seeders and leechers, also large torrents and packs that have a gift icon are Freeleech. /~~ STAT ~~\ /~~ HOME ~~\ /~~ TORRENTS ~~\ OFFER /~~ FORUM ~~\ /~~ SUBTITLES ~~\ /~~ TOP 10 ~~\ /~~ UPLOAD ~~\ /~~ USER CLASS ~~\ /~~ FAQ ~~\ /~~ KARMA BONUS ~~\ /~~ DONATE ~~\ /~~ RATING ~~\ Speed 8.5/10 Content 7.5/10 Community 6/10 Pretimes 6.5/10 Overall 7/10
  7. TeamHD | THD | HD | 2021 Review Name: TeamHD (THD) URL: Genre: HD Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: NA DESCRIPTION I represent a new Russian tracker TeamHD that focuses on HD video content. As for now, They are working in the test mode (official opening date is to be announced) but new releases are uploaded every day. Team core are HD enthusiasts and experienced (and well-known) encoders. More and more former HDClub uploaders as well as ordinary users are finding a shelter here. They also have big plans for HDClub legacy, i.e. recovering original uploads of the famous Ukrainian tracker (as for now They are working on a web archive parser that will help to restore those files). Currently there’s only a Russian version of the website available but They already started working on the English version. Registration is available by invites only. Log in Stat HOME Torrents Top 10 Forum RULES User Class FAQ BONUS SYSTEM RATINGS Speed: 7/10 Pretimes: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 6/10 Overall: 8/10
  8. DiscFan | DF | HD | 2021 Review Name: DiscFan URL: Genre: High Definition (HD) Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium/Hard Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: NA |--- DESCRIPTION ---| Discfan is a chinese tracker, may be not considered to be one of the top chinese trackers. You will find collection for 4k,HDTV,Blu-ray,DVD and others.You will find many releases from other reputable chinese trackers. With database of about 5K users and over 11K torrents, it is considered to be niche active tracker. GUI is simple and available in English besides chinese language. |--- STATISTICS ---| |--- HOME ---| |--- BROWSE ---| |--- REQUESTS ---| |--- SUBTITLES ---| |--- UPLOAD ---| |--- OFFER ---| |--- FORUMS ---| |--- KARMA BONUS ---| |--- USER CLASS ---| |--- RULES ---| |--- FAQ ---| |--- DONATE ---| |--- RATINGS ---| Speed: 8/10 Pretimes: 7/10 Content: 7/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 7/10
  9. TorrentCCF | TCCF | General | 2021 Review Tracker Name TorrentCCF [ClassiClubForum] Tracker URL: Tracker Genre General Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Easy Banned Countries None Tracker Description TorrentCCF (TCCF ) is a Chinese tracker with Chinese and English Interface. Their internal groups are TorrentCCF - CDC - NORMTEAM - TLF - BMDru - NowYS. Tracker got around 8K registered members with about 21K uploaded torrents (+1K more than 2017 review) , Shows that tracker isn't a good chinese choice like other big boys CHD , HDChina , TTG , etc... TCCF have many freeleech Torrents & double upload ones that would make no problem in maintaining easy ratio. Bonus point system Implemented , where members can buy extra GBs / Invite / VIP status. Stats Home Torrents Sub-Titles Request Offers Section Upload Top 10 Forums Rules FAQ User Class Karma Bonus Points Ratings Pre-Time -/10 Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 7/10 OverAll 7/10
  10. BeiTai | General | 2021 Review Tracker Name BeiTai Tracker URL Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Sinup Invite Only Bonus System Yes Seed Diffculty Easy Banned Countries None Description BeiTai (备胎) tracker is a newly founded Chinese tracker. Mostly focus on High Difinition movies and TV series of CHINA and AMEICAN. BeiTai don't demand the ratio higher than a decent number like 0.3 or something, which makes the members less active but easy to survive. If you're new to tracker thing, BeiTai should be your first choice. So far BeiTai's got 11k+ members and 1.5k+ torrents. You'll find something surprised there sometimes. No HnR rules. No donation system. Admin team is nice to everyone. Stat Home Torrents Forums Offers Rules FAQs Bonus My Ratings Speed : 5/10 Content : 6/10 Pretimes : 5/10 Community : 7/10 Overall : 6/10
  11. Brasil Tracker | General | 2021 Review Name: Brasil Tracker URL: Genre: General Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: NA |--- DESCRIPTION ---| Brasil Tracker new Brazilian Private Torrent written in gazelle,with very active community & good content for Bemani fans. It has a nice user interface with good contents like movies,tv shows,music,Docs,Apps,etc.. Freeleech is enabled from time to time.The interface is in Portuguese but you can use chrome for translation in to English easily. |--- LOG IN ---| |--- HOME ---| |--- CATEGORY ---| |--- BROWSE ---| |--- REQUESTS ---| |--- TOP 10 ---| |--- FORUMS ---| |--- RULES ---| |--- WIKI ---| |--- UPLOAD ---| |--- USER CLASSES ---| STORE |--- RATINGS ---| Speed: 6/10 Pretimes: -/10 Content: 6/10 Community: 6/10 Overall: 6/10
  12. Ebooks-Shares | ES | Ebooks | 2021 Review Name: Ebooks-Shares URL: Ebooks-shares : Login ( Genre: Ebooks Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy/Medium Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: #ebooks-shares |--- DESCRIPTION ---| Ebooks-shares is a small community for e-learning and general reading material. They have lots of ebooks content including Computer,Audio,Comics,Languages,Magazines,Fiction, Non-Fiction and etc.. Downloads must be seeded for a minimum of 48 hours or to a 1:1 ratio. Your account based ratio must be kept above 0.5 otherwise you will face downloading disabling and/or account disabling. Maintaining a ratio is easy if you jump on a torrent fast enough, some files have low seed numbers which can make it harder. Some torrents are available to VIP members only and regular members cannot download these. Donations can be made through Patreon with prices ranging between $5 - $100,in exchange you will receive the usual VIP status, bonus credits and free download periods. IMO,it is a nice tracker to have in addition to MAM |--- HOME ---| |--- WANTED ---| |--- BROWSE ---| |--- UPLOAD ---| |--- BONUS ---| |--- FORUMS ---| |--- RULES ---| |--- FAQ ---| |--- DONATE ---| |--- RATINGS ---| Speed:6/10 Pretimes: -/10 Content: 6/10 Community: 6/10 Overall: 6/10
  13. 3DTorrents | 3DT | 3D / HD | 2021 Review Tracker Name 3DTorrents Tracker URL Tracker Genre 3D / HD Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Easy Bonus System Yes Chatbox Yes Banned Countries None Tracker Description 3DTorrents (3DT) is a private tracker that wants to be heaven on earth for 3D movies. They have a good collection for New Movies, even some older Files in 3D have good amount of speeds. Maintain ratio is easy as : - Many 50% freeleech torrents are uploaded daily , snatch them by seedbox. - Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count.Every file Over 2GB you download, you get .7 points per hour for seeding. - Required share ratio is 1.0. In My Opinion this is a good 3D tracker, It has explanations about the 3D world such as devices, apps, and the differences between the 3 methods. They have a unique invite system whenever you reach 3D monster rank you can finally use invites there with bps . The pretimes and the speed are ok, you can easily build a good buffer with the help of Bonus system... Overall decent one for 3D lovers to enjoy some movies. Hit & Run rules => If your ratio is bad and you hit n run, you will most likely receive a warning. Seed any file as long as it took to either get enough points to get a 1.0 ratio or to upload enough data. Rules - Required share ratio is 1:1. They also have a Active Chatbox along with forum section . They Have a donation system In their site . Users who donates can enjoy many Facilities as a VIP their . They also Have a Good Collections Of 4k UHD Bluray copy , Adult contents , 3D softwares . I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots Log In ||Home Page|| ||Browse|| ||Forums|| ||Games|| ||How to|| User Rank ||Rules|| ||Donation|| ||Bonus System|| ||Rating|| Pre-times 6.5/10 Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 6.5/10 Overall 7/10
  14. TvChaosUK News

    Site Issues As many of you will be aware, the site has had some issues over the past several days. Repairs to the database are ongoing, but these things do take time. At times you may find it difficult to access the site, and at others it may be much slower than normal. RSS feeds are also likely to be affected. We will update you as and when there is anything to tell, but until things are back to normal, please just be patient. We are aware of all the issues, so there is no need to contact us about them. Regular updates are posted on the FaceBook page, as well as in our Discord chat room. If you have not yet joined the Discord chat, now would be a good time to do so! To join the Discord chat, please CLICK HERE to access the forum post and invitation. 10/02 No change, still busy fixing...hang in there everyone!
  15. GFXPeers | GFXP | Misc | 2021 Review TRACKER NAME : GFXPeers TRACKER URL : CATEGORY : Misc TRACKER TYPE : Ratioless TRACKER SIGN UP : Invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : Easy BONUS : None BANNED COUNTRY : None TRACKER DESCRIPTION GFXPeers is the best graphic related tracker, own by GFXDomain Forum Content is amazing, there are full of graphic related content, keys and more. All of the torrents have a good speed to leech and seed. LOG IN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS TOP TORRENTS REQUESTS UPLOAD RULES DONATE MY RATINGS CONTENT : 9/10 PRE TIME : -/10 SPEED : 9/10 COMMUNITY : 9/10 OVERALL : 9/10
  16. Tracker Name: Myanonamouse Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: E-Learning Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only/Application Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: Channel: TRACKER DESCRIPTION MyAnonamouse is a private E-Learning tracker for Audio books, Ebooks, comics, radio etc. MyAnonamouse is the best tracker as they don't have harsh rules and the staff is very friendly. There are lot of E-Learning uploads there and some uploads have VIP status which can be downloaded by exchanging the bonus points and get the VIP status. They have more than +616k torrents with more than +62k users at the moment. Their huge collection of e-books, audiobooks, radio programs and even music sheets can really impress any of those who love reading. You can always find interesting topics at the forums or just chat to other users at IRC page. Ratio maintaining there is easy but, of course, seeding e-books (H&R: 72 hours) is not the same as seeding HD-movies. Plus, if you use seedbox, you should tell staff about it. They're really serious about it. So, the most effective way of maintaining ratio is uploading. But you have to pass the exam based on basic rules to have the ability to upload stuff. LOG IN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS TOP TORRENTS UPLOAD FORUMS RULES USER CLASS FAQ BONUS POINTS DONATE MY RATINGS Pre-Time - -/10 Speed - 8/10 Content - 9/10 Community - 10/10 Overall - 9/10
  17. | EZ | E-Learning | 2021 Review Tracker Name: Elbitz Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: E-Learning Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION Elbitz is a private E-Learning tracker with lots of e-learning stuff which are also available on other trackers but some uploads are rare also. Maintaining ratio is difficult as the size the the torrents is not large. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS TOP TORRENTS FORUMS UPLOAD RULES FAQ USER CLASSES DONATE MY RATINGS Speed -- 8/10 Content -- 8/10 Community -- 8/10 Rarity -- 8/10 Overall -- 8/10
  18. SpeedApp | SA | General | 2021 Review Tracker Name: SpeedApp Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: General Tracker Sign-Up: Invite Only Tracker Type: Ratio-less Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Tracker IRC: N/A Banned Countries: None Description SpeedApp is a Romanian general tracker. In Spring 2020 three major trackers ICETorrent, MyXZ & SceneFZ merged together & created SpeedApp. Like its predecessor ICETorrent its a ratio-less tracker. Their categories consist of Movies, TV series, Adult, Games, Cartoons, Anime, Hentai, Music, Music Video, Sports, Images, Documentaries & Tutorials. They've got 2160p 4k, 1080p, DVD, SD & Remux Blu-rays content. Their internal release groups consist of SPBD, SP4K, SPHD, SPWEB, SPDVD, iREAL, PiPS, FZBD, CRC, NViDiON, Eshare & FZ4K. You'll find other release groups from the scene as well. Beside specific Romanian content, English content is widely available. Maintaining ratio isn't a big deal at all, freeleech content & site-wide freeleech are available on special occasions. Minimum seed time requirement is 48 hours or ratio 1:1. In order to promoted to Power User rank you should be a member for 90 days with 200 GB upload & at least ratio 2. In order to promoted to Elite user rank you should be a member for 180 days with 1 TB upload & at least ratio 3. Invite is available for members with Elite user rank or above. Bonus point system is available also. You can buy upload credit, custom title, VIP, invite & gift tokens with your bonus points. Download speed is nice. Community discussion is active as well. Log In Home Torrents Games Requests Forum Rules FAQ User Rank Bonus Donate Rating Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Pre-times 7/10 Community 6/10 Overall 7/10
  19. BrokenStones.Club | BRKs | Apple Apps | 2021 Review Tracker Name BrokenStones (BRKs) Tracker Genre Apple/Mac Apps Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker URL: Tracker Signup Closed/Invites Only Bonus System No Maintaining Ratio Easy Banned Countries No Tracker Description BrokenStones (BRKs) is the best private tracker specialized in Mac Apple World , got almost all mac content. Tracker got +13K registered members with more than 30K uploaded torrents , which is really good community with very nice content indeed (with regard with it's category speciality). Getting good ratio there isn't hard at all , as : - Many freeleech (Gold) torrents uploaded daily , you can snatch with seedbox once uploaded. - Users there got freeleech tokens , to be used on a specific of your choice to snatch it freely. - You can upload your own stuffs , but with care about their uploading rules / prohibited uploads / etc... - When you donate , you get extra GBs upload count according to how much you're donating. Forums is active & nice to be there , also invites aren't hard to get as long as you can upload at least 1 torrent to reach PU rank to be able to receive invites , etc.. Needless to say this is a great tracker and probably the best when it comes to Mac stuff. HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS REQUESTS COLLAGES FORUMS UPLOAD TOP TORRENTS RULES WIKI USER CLASSES DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre Times - 9/10 Community 8/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8/10 Tracker Score 8/10
  20. FILELIST | FL | 2020 REVIEW Tracker Name: FileList Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: Tunisia Tracker IRC: / #filelist, TRACKER DESCRIPTION Filelist is a general content torrent tracker and the best Romanian general tracker that was born in 2007. It is ranked number 7 in the most popular and good trackers, due to the quality of its torrents and the giant number of users. It has English interface in most parts while the other parts can be easily translated using any supported browser. They have their internal encoders for Movies, TV and Music like playHD, playTV, playMUSIC, playON, playXD, playSD. FileList is considered P2P&Scene general tracker where they upload internal encodes from all other great HD trackers like, AwesomeHD, TTG, HDChina. Speeds are great and beat any other tracker all over the world. All torrents are well seeded even the very old ones. Filelist has approximately 180K torrents and over 1,150,000 users The Staff is very friendly, they are very helpful, willing to help you anytime with any problem. Forum competitions are often organized by staff, and all users are encouraged to participate. With an experience of over a decade, FileList reputation grows, increasing its torrents and user’s database more and more from year to year. Maintaining ratio is simple and easy, thanks to the many torrents that are freeleech. If you can't make a ratio of 1:1, seeding the torrents for 48h is enough. HOMEPAGE TORRENTS INTERNAL REQUEST UPLOAD FORUM RULES FAQ USER CLASS DONATION BONUS POINT RATING Pre-Time - 7/10 Speed - 9/10 Content - 8/10 Community - 7/10 Overall - 7.7/10
  21. TRACKER NAME : CGPeers TRACKER URL : CATEGORY : 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art TRACKER TYPE : Ratioless TRACKER SIGN UP : Closed/Invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : Easy BONUS : None BANNED COUNTRY : None IRC : Server: Tracker Description CGPeers is a torrent tracker specializing in 3D / Visual Effects / Computer Graphics / Design / Computer Assisted Art. • With a giant database of about 244,000 users, CGPeers owns 38,000 torrents. LOGIN STAT HOME BROWSE UPLOAD REQUEST RULES MY RATING CONTENT : 9/10 PRE TIME : 7/10 SPEED : 8/10 COMMUNITY : 7/10 OVERALL : 8/10