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  1. Tracker's Name: MonikaDesign Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://monikadesign.uk/register/null Closing date: Registration will be open until October 07 Additional information: MonikaDesign is a new Chinese private tracker general
  2. BIT-HDTV ▌BHDTV ▌HD ▌2022 REVIEW ... TRACKER NAME ... Name: Bit-HDTV URL: https://www.bit-hdtv.com/ Genre: HD Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: Server:irc.p2p-network.net Port:6667 Channel:#BiT-HDTV Channel key:XXXXXXX ●●● DESCRIPTION ●●● Bit-HDTV is one of the top HD dedicated trackers for +10 years With database of about 10K users and 304K torrents, it contains contents of Movies, TV, Audio in different Encodes (x264,x265), REMUX, BLURAY, WEBDL, 4K, HDTV, FLAC, etc.. It is ration-based, all torrents have to be seeded for at least 24 hours and you have to keep your ratio above 1.000 at all times If you have over 20GB downloaded you are required to have a ratio above 0.3, as a start There is a bonus system, which you can exchange points for GB upload, custom titles, invites, freeleech, warning remove, VIP, etc.. There are featured torrents which help users to build up their ration Yellow torrents = freeleech = 1x upload, 0x download Green torrents = freeleech = 2x upload, 0x download Grey torrents = not freeleech = 2x upload, 1x download Inactive accounts are disabled after 90 days for User class, after 180 days for Power User class, after 270 days for Elite User & Insane User class VPN/Seedbox are allowed (inform the staff !!) ... LOGIN PAGE ... ... HOME PAGE ... ●●● CATEGORY ●●● ●●● BROWSE ●●● ●●● BONUS ●●● ●●● FORUMS ●●● ... TORRENT PROFILE ... ●●● RULES ●●● ●●● FAQ ●●● ●●● UPLOAD ●●● ●●● DONATE ●●● ●●● USER LEVELS ●●● ●●● STATISTICS ●●● ●●● RATINGS ●●● Speed: 7/10 Pretimes: 7/10 Content: 7/10 Community: 6/10 Overall: 7/10
  3. Locadora (Lessor) | Movies | 2022 Review ... TRACKER NAME ... Name: Locadora URL https://locadora.xyz/ Genre: Movies Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Invite Only/Open Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: NA ●●● DESCRIPTION ●●● Locadora (Lessor) is a new Brazilian tracker dedicated for Movies/TV Shows based on UNIT3D script With database of about 1450 users and 1720 torrents of movies, shows and anime available in different types: REMUX, Full Disc, Encodes, WEBDL, etc... Lots of torrents are available in DUAL audio (English & Portuguese "Brazilian") or Portuguese only, in addition to Portuguese subtitle It is ratio-based tracker, every user is expected to maintain an overall site ratio of 0.4 All torrents require a minimum of 3 days (4320 minutes) of seed time, regardless of aspect ratio Upon reaching 8 H&R notices, your account will be banned Bonus system is available, which you can exchange points for GBs of upload, invites or personal freeleech Featured torrents are available - FREELEECH - 25% FREELEECH - 50% FREELEECH - 75% FREELEECH - DOUBLE UPLOAD The tracker is rising up and doors are still open (at the moment) for new comers ... LOGIN PAGE ... ●●● HOME ●●● ●●● CATEGORY ●●● ●●● BROWSE ●●● ●●● REQUEST ●●● ●●● TOP 10 ●●● ... UPLOAD ... ... TORRENT PROFILE ... ... MEDIA HUB ... ●●● FORUMS ●●● ●●● RULES ●●● ●●● FAQ ●●● ●●● BONUS ●●● ●●● USER LEVELS ●●● ●●● STATISTICS ●●● ●●● RATINGS ●●● Speed: 6/10 Pretimes: -/10 Content: 5/10 Community: -/10 Overall: -/10
  4. National Day gift, give an invitation Welcome to experience the current super high harem bonus, which will be gradually adjusted in the future. Please distribute the medicine politely, and wish everyone a happy National Day!
  5. BreizhPeers | General | 2022 Review ... TRACKER NAME ... Name : BreizhPeers URL https://breizhpeers.tk/register/null Genre : General Ratio Requirements : Ratio Based Signup : Invite Only Maintaining Ratio : Medium Bonus System : Available IRC : NA Banned Countries : NA ... Description ... BreizhPeers is a new general French private tracker based on CMS UNIT3D, it was founded in April 2022 a few months after the announcement of the closure of Xthor. With a database of about 325 users and 6261 torrents of movies, series, anime, concerts & sports mainly in HD content in different types: BluRay, REMUX, Full Disc, Encodes, WEB-DL,... Torrents are available in FRENCH (4285) MULTi (1841) & SUBFRENCH (410). Your ratio should never go below 0.4, the seed time is 7 days, with a grace of 3 days (in case your seed is cut, power failure or other...) The maximum number of alerts is 3 (before ban), the alerts drop after 7 days. A bonus system is available, which you can exchange points for download GB, invitations or personal freeleech ... LOGIN ... ... HOME PAGE ... ... BROWSE ... ... CATEGORY ... ... TORRENT PROFiL ... ... REQUESTS .. ... MEDiAHUB... ... UPLOAD ... ... FORUM ... ... RULES ... ... FAQ ... ... USER LEVELS ... ... BONUS ... ... TOP 10 ... ... STATISTICS ... ... RATiNGS ... Pretimes : 7/10 Community : 7/10 Content : 7/10 Speed : 7/10 Overall : 7/10
  6. Tracker's Name: BTSCHOOL Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://pt.btschool.club/signup.php Closing date: 01 October Additional information: BTSCHOOL is a Chines Private Torrent Tracker for General Releases.
  7. Show/Hide 2022.09.30 - National Day Activities and October Breeding Contest In order to activate the atmosphere of the site and encourage everyone to grow seeds, the following activities will be held on this National Day: 1. Open from 2022-09-30 22:00:00 to 2022-10-07 22:00:00 (GMT+08:00) 2xfree on the whole site, open registration, lower purchase and invitation level. 2. 2022-10-01 00:00:00 to 2022-10-31 23:59:59 (GMT+08:00) Objects: all members of this site and members of the working group The seeding level is limited, and all members can publish seeds directly. (2) Publishers, please read the upload rules carefully , and fill in the seed information in a standardized and complete manner. (3) The number of valid seeds released exceeds 20 to enter the leaderboard. (4) Definition of valid seeds: the seeds are at least greater than 1G , have passed the seed review , and are seeded for 3 days after release (or seeded for 10 days) . (5) The final interpretation right of the event belongs to HDVideo, that is, high-definition video. If you have any questions about the event, please consult the management team. Event rewards: (1) First place: 100,000 mana, 20 invitations, permanent VIP, permanent yellow star, permanent rainbow ID (2) Second place: 80,000 mana, 18 invitations, permanent yellow star, permanent rainbow ID (3) Third place: 70,000 mana, 16 invitations, 365 days of yellow stars and rainbow ID (4) No. Fourth place: 50,000 mana, 12 invitations, 180-day yellow star and rainbow ID (5) Fifth place: 50,000 mana, 12 invitations, 90-day yellow star and rainbow ID (6) Sixth place: 3 10,000 mana, 8 invitations, 90-day rainbow ID (7) 7th place: 30,000 mana, 7 invitations, 75-day rainbow ID (8) 8th place: 30,000 mana, 6 invitations, 60 days Rainbow ID (9) 9th place: 30,000 mana, 5 invitations, 45 days Rainbow ID (10) 10th place: 30,000 mana, 4 invitations, 30 days Rainbow ID (11) Top 20: 1 10,000 mana points, 3 invitations, 14-day rainbow ID (12) 10 valid species: 1 invitation, 7-day rainbow ID.
  8. Tracker's Name: animetracker.cc Genre: Anime Sign-up Link: https://www.animetracker.cc/register/null Closing date: N/A Additional information: animetracker.cc is a new US Private Torrent Tracker for Anime
  9. Tracker's Name: BreizhPeers Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://breizhpeers.tk/register/null Closing date: Registration will be open until October 2 around 7:00 p.m. Additional information: BreizhPeers is a new General French Private Tracker
  10. Tracker's Name: GAYTORRENT.RU AKA GAYTOR.RENT Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/?ref=1b9...8af5b1ba0aecd7 Closing date: N/A Additional information: NEWS 2022: Due to the events in Ukraine Gaytorrent.ru will be relocating & changing it's 16 year old URL address to gaytor.rent. World's largest gay / GBTQ torrent tracker, including books, comics, magazines, themed movies, tv shows, games, adult content, IRC and forums. Instructions: For smart phone GUI access: Use the 'SIGN UP' link in the 3-bar menu icon located top right. For conventional PC access: Use the 'SIGN UP' link located top left. Tracker stats: 960k+ Peers 160,872 torrents Daily Visitors: 28,400 Monthly Visitors: 852,000 Daily Pageviews: 135,752
  11. Tracker's Name: ScenceTime Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.scenetime.com/ Closing date: No idea Additional information: Name: SceneTime Tracker URL: http://scenetime.com Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Open Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None
  12. Tracker's Name: Kufirc Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: https://kufirc.com Closing date: N/A Additional information: kufirc.com has his gate open. Stats: Maximum number of users: 50,000 Authorized users: 32,471 Today active users: 1,795 (5.53%) Active users this week: 4,067 (12.53%) Monthly active users: 6,269 (19.31%) New torrents: 12 Torrents: 34,808 Requests: 34 (70.59% filled) Completed downloads: 1,412,732 Peers: 83,185 Record: 99,004 ( 2022 January 02 16:15:50.) Seeders: 79,717 Leechers: 3,468 Seeder/Leecher ratio: 22.98 Speed: 543.49 MiB/s
  13. 2022-09-25 - The Staff/Administration thanks all those who visit us regularly and who help us in the growth of this house, especially those who insert and share content with the community :cake:and the "stars" daily :stars:. Without your presence/help nothing would be possible :balloon:. Thanks!
  14. Tracker's Name: Digitalcore Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://digitalcore.club/signup/ Closing date: Closing Soon Stats: Registered users: 6,229 Torrents: 474,966 Active Torrents: 57,576 Peers: 91,537 Peers record: 93,049 Seeders: 90,390 Leechers: 1,147 Requests filled: 610 Total requests: 642 Active users in the past 15 min: 33 Active users in the past day: 571 Online IRC Users: 422
  15. Site Maintenance! Due to some stability issues, jackett api has been temporarily disabled. Chinese IP are still blocked (Please use a VPN if you are accessing from China).
  16. Site Maintenance! Due to some stability issues, jackett api has been temporarily disabled. Chinese IP are still blocked (Please use a VPN if you are accessing from China).
  17. 2022.09.22 - Members please join the QQ group If you haven't joined the group, it is recommended that you all join the group. You can get the Passkey login link in the group to avoid being unable to log in to the website after closing the visitor. The method of joining the group, click on the account binding to get 8 red characters, / the red letter behind the binding, add the group 97085390, fill in the verification message, which is the 8 red characters just now, and urgently recruit auditors (visit the website from time to time during the day) Review seeds), seed guards (minimum 4T hard drive long-term seed preservation), if you are interested, please add management group 119393709
  18. Tracker's Name: HDArea Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://www.hdarea.co/signup.php Closing date: 01 October Additional information: HDArea is one of the best Chinese HD trackers dedicated for HD contents
  19. Tracker Name: Femdomcult Genre: XXX - Porn Registration Link: https://femdomcult.org/register.php Closing date: The 3-day open registration starts on September 21!
  20. Tracker's Name: Docspedia Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link: https://www.docspedia.world/signup.php Closing date: Soon Additional information: 2.3k active torrents
  21. Tracker's Name: DICMusic (Open for Application Signup) Genre: Music Sign-up Link: https://hellodic.kshare.club/ Closing date: 2022-09-10 00:00 ~ 2022-09-12 23:59 Additional information: DICMusic is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for Music Releases. Note: DICMusic is Open for Application Signup.
  22. Tracker's Name: HDTime Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://hdtime.org/signup.php Closing date: 11 September Additional information: HDtime is a Chines Private Torrent Tracker for General Releases.
  23. Tracker's Name: TorrentSeeds (TS) Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.torrentseeds.org/register/FALL2022 Closing date: N/A Additional information: TorrentSeeds is a general/scene/0-day tracker with great pretimes
  24. Tracker's Name: Open: ExoticaZ | XXX Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: https://exoticaz.to/register Closing date: Soon Additional information: ExoticaZ is a Asian Porn private tracker for XXX releases
  25. Tracker's Name: Audionews Genre: Music Sign-up Link: https://audionews.org/profile.php?mode=register Closing date: Soon Additional information: Audionews is an AUDIO SOFTWARE / SAMPLES / ETC.
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