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  1. TV - Vault News

    Credit Where Credit is Due All uploaders need to be aware that this site's policy is that credit should be given to both the original uploader and to the site where the torrent was downloaded from, wherever possible. Any other action is just crass. Your cooperation is expected.
  2. FemdomCult News

    Transfer of tracker All new uploads have been dissabled during the transfer of the tracker to a new server.As long as we have news from the techs of when site will be up and running to new server will let you know.
  3. MyanonaMouse News

    The SSD that was being squirrely was replaced. Automatic Raid Rebuild took under 40minutes (normal). Tracker re-enabled and running smooth at about 20% above normal load level with no backlog now. Normal Operations have resumed. So ends the tracker outage. Clients will still take some time to come back online (due to the algorithm they use for retry on error), or at this time you may select your errored torrents and do a force reannounce to help it come back online faster.
  4. CHDBits News

    The friend station cnlang has a large number of Mandarin materials that are not modulated. There is an urgent need for audio track modulation talents. If you are interested in learning or have experience and intend to join the modulation group, please enter the station for consultation. Registration has been temporarily opened. Requirements: Other similar sites have no positions, have a certain spare time, like Chinese audio tracks, and have strong hands-on ability.
  5. MyAnonamouse News

    Tracker offline, apparent reason, and updates Here's what we know right now: There appears to be an issue in the SSD raid 10 array that is the main storage for the database. This is leading to very slow disk access, which in turn causes things to be slow. When the tracker is enabled, it's far too much disk write for it in this degraded status. We think we have identified which disk is failing, and are working with the data center to get it replaced, however due to some odd circumstances, this is going to be some number of hours. The drive we think is failing would need replaced soon anyway, so replacing it is prudent. I'll keep this updated as things go on.
  6. GreatPosterWall News

    The site has more than 30,000 seeds, and we hereby distribute 100,000 points to each user to celebrate. I wish you all a good time!
  7. LemonHD News

    Because a large number of members use third-party tools to access the site, download torrents, etc., which has caused great pressure on the server, so this site has enabled abuse of current limiting measures. After a period of testing, the pressure on the server has been effectively relieved. The situation of the measures is not known carefully. If it involves the use of IYUU, AutoReseed, PT-Plugin-Plus, Jackett and other self-built script tools, please be sure to reduce the running frequency of related actions to avoid triggering site flow control, and prompt when you download torrents "Too many requests, please download again after a while", indicating that the server has recorded the high-frequency behavior of you or the third-party tools you use and blocked your access. I hope everyone can make good use of the tools to set up a reasonable operation Frequency, please know!
  8. IDE News

    IDE is closing down Hello magical people. Its so hard to announce about a closure of site when everyone was doing well and we made it the best site available for magical people. But because of some internal problems i have decided to close down the site for the time being. It isnt easy to write what i said but its the truth. But hopefully site will be back after some time. I want to thank all the current staff and ex staff of IDE for your efforts and ofc our members who made ide what it is today. I thank you all. Grab 2hatever u can till site is active. Ill prolly shut down server in few days. If and when site comes back ill be sending email to every member telling site is back up. Everyone have fun and it was really great to be a part of this awesome community for me. Good Bye ppl. See ya guys around
  9. Orpheus News

    AoTM: May Round 2 Winner & June Round 1 Voting Open AoTM: May Round 2 Winner & June Round 1 Voting Open AoTM May Round 2 Voting has closed and we have a winner! AoTM May Round 2 Winner: The Bad Plus Joshua Redman Congratulations to q**** for their winning pick. 20,000 Bonus Points have been added to your account. This album will be Freeleech until the next round (FLAC only) AoTM June Round 1 Voting Voting is open for one week and all nominations are Neutral Leech. AoTM July Nominations are open.
  10. BrasilTracker News

    IMPORTANT We inform that the Qbittorrent client, when creating the .torrent file, is inserting in the content (folder) of the file to be launched an extension --> .pad which has no use for its reproduction. We are observing that this is happening more in the current version of qbittorrent, in the Utorrent client such problem has not yet been identified. POSSIBLE TESTS - Tutorial --> How to Post Movies in Brazil Tracker Qbittorrent configuration quoted from minute 4:00 on .torrent creation (select torrent format - V1) - Forum --> Problem with Qbittorrent 4.4.x - We had information from an uploader that previous versions as an example: 3.3.15 of Qbittorrent so far has not presented such a problem. We kindly ask the uploaders and users who are making releases, to observe and if this problem happens do not upload such release, then we recommend to create the .torrent using another client of your choice. Unfortunately, after this announcement we will be deleting files that contain this .pad extension We thank you for your understanding and collaboration.
  11. HQSource News

    QBittorrent users !! For some qBittorrent client users, the downloaded item is duplicated in the download list, which later results in multiple entries in Downloaded Torrents. The reason for this is the incorrect setting of the client, more precisely, the lack of selection of the network interface. Please go to qBittorent settings, Advanced section and at the Network Interface item, change Any Interface to your connection. Leaving the default settings, i.e. Any Interface, results in errors in communication with the client <-> tracker. Changing this setting is mainly recommended for users who are experiencing this problem.
  12. BrokenStones News

    July Newsletter 2022 Welcome To This Months Newsletter We have seen a few sites disappear over the last month or so and our thoughts go out to Staff and members of those sites. The good news is, BrokenStone's turns 18 this year. To celebrate this years BS birthday we will be having a Freeleech event and a FLT giveaway. Happy 18th Birthday BS To celebrate 18 Years, we are having a month long site wide FreeLeech 1 Month of Freeleech The event will start at 18.00pm (UTC) 2nd July 2022 and will end at 18.00pm (UTC) 30th July 2022. UTC=Universal Time Coordinated=GMT Note: ALL Torrents uploaded before this announcement are Freeleech! ALL Torrents uploaded after this announcement are Freeleech! Neutral Leech torrents will remain Neutral Leech. Torrents will return to their previous leech status after this event ends. Torrents uploaded during the event will revert to Normal Leech after this event ends. For some reason or other not all the torrents may be shown as Freeleech, but don't worry. You will see they are surely free if you go to the individual torrents page. Do not edit torrents during the Freeleech event to avoid causing damage to user's ratios. Report any edits required with a StaffPM to avoid torrents accidentally switching to a regular torrent. Please make sure to check that torrents are listed as Freeleech on the torrent browse page, and keep a close watch on your data (especially during the beginning and ending of the Freeleech). Also, as an added Bonus, we are giving away 18 FL tokens on July 2nd, BrokenStones birthday, to all members . We are gifting 18 tokens to all members. Please note, members who are leech disabled, can not use the FLT's whilst your account is in this mode. Once you rectify your account, enjoy... Check out....BrokenStones turns 18
  13. HD-Dolby News

    Daily release of 10 registration places 6/28-7/8 In addition to regularly deleting banned accounts that have not logged in for 1 year, 10 additional registration quotas will be released every day
  14. FemdomCult News

    Please read this post regarding your uploads! A couple of months ago we have introduced a new rule: All uploads require the preview thumbnails and cover images to be present in a folder within the torrent. 1. This means all video uploads! It does not matter if it is a single video file or a pack! 2. The folder that holds the screens and cover images must have one of the following 4 names: - /images/ - /thumbs/ - /screens/ - /previews/ We will only accept these 4 names to make automated downloading of these files as easy as possible. 3. Please remember that we do not allow cryptic filenames and we will also not allow cryptic folder names. If you upload a Brat Princess clip called "Lick my feet" then you should name the base folder something like "Brat Princess - Lick my feet", not simply "Brat Princess" or "feet98d71". The two most common mistakes people still make when uploading are: 1. Putting the thumbs and covers inside the base torrent folder. -> Put them into a subfolder as specified above! 2. Putting the thumbs inside of the images subfolder but forgetting to include gifs and cover images. -> All images must be included!
  15. Secret-Cinema News

    You may have noticed some of the movie posters missing on the site. It only affects the older torrents. We are currently working on a solution for the problem. Please be patient.