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  1. i have fakedoor.Store account looking for empornium invite
  2. .:: Materialize ::. Materialize | 3D Printing | 2023 Review TRACKER NAME : Materialize TRACKER URL : https://materialize.is/ CATEGORY : 3D Printing TRACKER TYPE : Ratio Based TRACKER SIGN UP : Invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : Medium BONUS : Yes .:: Tracker Description ::. Materialize.is—is a tracker created in 2020, it is Luminance-based private tracker specializing in 3D printing. You can find good collection of contents including Free and paid .STL, .OBJ, CAD files, applications, and tutorials. The community is there is very good and helpful, and it has, 3833 torrent files. .:: Login Page ::. .:: Home Page ::. .:: Torrents ::. .:: Requests ::. .:: Upload ::. .:: Forum ::. .:: User Class ::. .:: Rules ::. .:: FAQ ::. .:: Bonus ::. .:: Donate ::. .:: Stats ::. RATING PRETIMES 7/ 10 SPEEDS 7/ 10 CONTENT 7/ 10 COMMUNITY 7/ 10 OVERALL 7/ 10
  3. have forumcgpersia looking for xthor , forumsnahp account with email
  4. TeamHD.org | THD | HD | 2022 Review TRACKER NAME : TeamHD (THD) TRACKER URL : https://teamhd.org/ CATEGORY : HD TRACKER TYPE : Ratio Based TRACKER SIGN UP : Closed/Invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : Easy BONUS : Yes Tracker IRC: NA TRACKER DESCRIPTION TeamHD is a Russian tracker that focuses on HD video content. Currently, there’s only a Russian version of the website available, but They already started working on the English version. Registration is available by invites only. They have a total of 3,279 users and 23,702 torrents. With fewer users, their community is increasing faster. Ratio maintain is easy since they have bonus point system which allows you to increase upload and purchase invite. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS FORUMS RULES FAQ BONUS POINTS MY RATINGS Speed: 7/10 Pretimes: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 6/10 Overall: 8/10
  5. CGPeers | CGP | CG/VFX/Art | 2022 Review Tracker Name: CGPeers (CGP) Tracker URL: https://cgpeers.to/ Tracker Genre: 3D/Visual Effects/Computer Graphics/Design/Computer Assisted Art Tracker Type: Ratioless Tracker Signup closed/ invite only Bonus System: No Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker IRC: Server: irc.cgpersia.com Channel: #cg Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION CGPeers is a torrent tracker of 3D / Visual Effects / Computer Graphics / Design / Computer Assisted Art content. It has 220,672 Enabled Users with 42,792 Torrents. Maintaining ratio is easy since tracker is set FL for long time and Many torrents are uploaded daily with many leechers.CGPeers offers so many tutorials and programs that's why this tracker is the best tracker for CG / VFX based content. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS FORUMS UPLOAD RULES STATS MY RATINGS Pretimes - 8/10 Speed - 8/10 Content- 8/10 Community - 7/10 Overal 8/10
  6. HD-Only | HDO | HD | 2022 Review TRACKER NAME : HD-Only TRACKER URL : https://hd-only.org/ CATEGORY : HD TRACKER TYPE : Ratioless TRACKER SIGN UP : Invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : Medium BONUS : None Tracker Description HD-Only is a French Gazelle tracker for High Definition video, tracker born on September 14, 2014. The tracker mainly focuses on movies, but you will find series too. The majority of the uploads are dual tracks (Multi): French + original language. It had around 19,069 releases. Encodes uploaded to the tracker must comply with serious parameters. They don't have any crappy encode, they have the best encode in my opinion.it's a great tracker for French people who love to watch foreign movies with french dubbed, so If you are French and have an opportunity to join I would recommend it. Seedtime Rules: you must keep each completed torrent shared , either until you have a ratio of at least 1 , or for at least 72 cumulative hours during the 7 days following the end of the download. If these conditions are not met for a complete download, then you will have earned a Hit and Run (H&R). After 4 H&R assigned to your account, your download right will be withdrawn. It will not be returned to you until you have shared at least one of the four torrents concerned and reached above, either the 72 hours of seed, or the ratio of at least 1 LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS TORRENT PROFILE REQUESTS FORUMS RULES WIKI DONATE MY RATING Pretimes 8/10 Speed 8/10 Content 8/10 Community 8/10 Over all 8/10
  7. BakaBT | BBT | Anime | 2022 Review Name: BakaBT Tracker URL: http://bakabt.me Tracker Genre: Anime Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Medium Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION BakaBT is a private tracker, focused on East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) content. Content is quite diverse : Artbooks, Music videos, OSTs, live action and of course Anime series and movies. BakaBT became a private tracker on April 11th, 2017. It is the largest anime-dedicated private trackers around. BakaBT started 2003, originally known as Boxtorrents, its staff founded BakaBT in 2009 after discovering that the founder Box was profiting off of website donations. In May 2010 BakaBT was a target of a large DDoS attack. It was a semi-private tracker website before it changed to a private tracker model. It is the largest anime-dedicated private trackers around. With 52,435 registered users BakaBT is the largest private anime tracker around. BakaBT is tracking 22,499+ Torrents with 0 unseeded, there are many active members always searching for the best quality material to be able to archive them in the best possible quality over many years and maybe many decades in the future. Forums are always active, and the staff are willing to help whenever you need them and the encoders/uploads are always testing source material for creating the best encodes.Public submissions are not accepted, only Power Users and Power Uploaders may do so and are able to make an upload offer. All submissions are thoroughly checked before they are added to the ever-growing list of series; ever-growing as even old torrents are still seeded. Maintaining a good ratio is not an easy task despite the Seedbonus System in place. Joining BakaBT is very hard. The tracker is completely closed as there is no invite system. One of the best anime trackers in the game along with Animebytes. Highly Recommended. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS UPLOAD BONUS POINTS FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES MY RATINGS Pre-Times - / 10 Speed 9 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Community 9 / 10 Overall Score 9 / 10
  8. Anthelion | ATH | Movies | 2022 Review Name: Anthelion URL:https://anthelion.me/ Gender: Movies Ratio Requirements: Ratio Base Singup: Closed Maintaining Ratio: Easy/Medium Bonus System: Yes(ORBS) Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION Previously Known as TehConnection, Anthelion is private Tracker Specifies in Movies only. its a ratio base tracker with almost 3,808 Enabled Users and 9,887 Torrents. Maintaining Ratio can be difficult sometimes because of low amount of leechers. They got bonus system aswell. User can buy upload credit in exchange for earned bonus. community is not that active since its a new tracker and content wise Tracker does not have much to offer. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS COLLECTIONS REQUESTS FORUMS TOP TORRENTS UPLOAD BONUS (ORBS) RULES WIKI USER CLASSES DONATE MY RATINGS Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 7/10 Over All 7/10
  9. Welcome to this forum brother
  10. M-Team TP | MT | HD | 2022 Review Name : M-Team TP Tracker URL : https://kp.m-team.cc/ Tracker Genre : HD Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Invites Only Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Easy Banned Countries : None TRACKER DESCRIPTION M-Team is a private HD chinese tracker for Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Adult videos in various resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p,..etc) and video formats(.mkv, .mp4,.m2ts…etc).Tracker got around +56K registered members and +450K uploaded torrents, which shows how active the tracker is with really large content. They have internal groups who upload untouched HD JAV WEB-DL's which cannot be found elsewhere. The internal release groups of M-team are MTeam, MTeamPAD, MTeam3D, MTeamTV, KiSHD, BMDru, OneHD, CNHK, StBOX,R2HD. Like every chinese tracker, Newly registered members should pass the newbie test which is (Upload 20GB, Download 15GB, Bonus Points 4500), which is so easy to pass. New user accounts without any upload / download will be automatically disabled by system after 5 days.Maintain ratio is easy as : Many 50%, 100% freeleech torrents are uploaded daily on tracker.Bonus point system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count.To get an invite you should pay 80K bonus points which isn't so easy to achieve. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS MOVIES TV SHOW 4K ADULT MUSIC FORUMS REQUESTS UPLOAD WIKI USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Speed : 9/10 Pretimes : 9/10 Content : 9/10 Community : 8/10 Overall : 9/10
  11. Cinemaz.to | CZ | Movies Obscure/ Foreign | 2022 Review Name: CinemaZ Tracker URL: http://cinemaz.to Tracker Genre: Movies Obscure/ Foreign Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION CinemaZ is a Private Tracker that fairly large community for art house, foreign, obscure, and older/rarer content with both movies and TV episodes/seasons. It is a part of Avistaz Network (ExoticaZ, AnimeTorrents, AvistaZ and PrivateHD). They have a total of 30,715 users and 33,167 torrents . the content is quite unique that cannot be found anywhere else. There is also a good deal of TV Shows, both old and new. The allowed contents for cinemaz isRare, Hard-To-Find, B-Rated, Trashy, Obscure, ArtHouse, Alternative, Indie, Classics, Non-Mainstream English and Non-English content. Ratio is not very hard to maintain because of Lots of Half leech/Double Upload/Freeleech content also they have Bonus point system where you can buy Upload Credit or invites. Joining Cinemaz is not too hard, the tracker opens its doors from time to time. This tracker is a great alternative to other trackers like Cinematik, KaraGarga, SecretCinema etc. if you are not in Cinematik, KaraGarga, SecretCinema then you must join cinemaZ since joining cinemaZ is easy. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS MOVIES TV SHOW FORUMS REQUESTS UPLOAD RULES FAQ BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre-Time: -/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 8/10
  12. PrivateHD | PHD | HD | 2022 Review TRACKER'S NAME : PrivateHD TRACKER'S URL : https://privatehd.to/ SIGNUPS : Application/Invite Only! TRACKER'S TYPE : HD SEED DIFFICULTY : Easy RATIO BASED : Yes BONUS SYSTEM : Yes BANNED COUNTRIES : None TRACKER IRC : Server: irc.rizon.net; Port: 6667; Channel; #privatehd Tracker Description PrivateHD, born in May 2015, is one of the leading trackers for HD contents and has achieved a commendable growth in user base, quantity & variety of content, and user interface design. It has 52k active torrents with great speed and pre-times. There are 46k users in this forum which makes it quite active. This tracker primarily focuses on mainstream English contents from UK and USA.This tracker is very much active if you are interested in series so you will not be disappointed because they are very active and uploads new episodes as soon as possible, recently they have changed the rules TV Packs are not allowed anymore. They do not allow any contents to upload from European, South American, Asian and African countries. Anime contents are not allowed here (those are for its sister site AnimeTorrents.me instead). You can find contents from different sources (BDRip, BluRay, Full/Raw BluRay, HDRip, HDTV, REMUX, WEB-DL & WEBRip) and in different resolutions (720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p). You can find good amount of releases from various top notch encoders like from TEPES, DON, NTb, TrollUHD, Cinefeel , GHOULS, QOQ, NOGROUP, CultFilms, Cinefeel, iFT etc, but contents of RARBG, FGT, Grym, TBS or non-web EVO releases are not allowed here. Ratio maintainance isn't a problem there with so many free leech files of 50% /100% files along with double upload files.Ratio rules are basic and they're still testing out HnR If you get a Hit & Run, it can be easily removed by seeding the torrent for the required time. If you have too many Hit and Runs then you may lose your downloading privileges or your account may be disabled. Invites are not easily available as buying invites is bit costly. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS MOVIES TV SHOW FORUMS REQUESTS UPLOAD RULES FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Speed : 9/10 Pre-times : 9/10 Content : 9/10 Community : 9/10 Overall : 9/10
  13. AnimeTorrents | AnT | Anime | 2022 Review Tracker Name: AnimeTorrents TrackerURL: https://animetorrents.me/ Tracker Genre: Anime Ratio Requirements:Ratio Based Singup:Closed Maintaining Ratio:Medium/Hard Bonus System:Available Banned Countries:Non IRC:irc.rizon.net #AnimeTorrents[/COLOR][/URL] TRACKER DESCRIPTION AnimeTorrents.me is a private torrent tracker specializing in Anime Movies, Anime TV Series, OVA (Original Video Animation), Manga, Light Novels and Hentai in DVDRIP, BDRip, Blu-Ray and HD (720p/1080p). Majority of the content uploaded to this tracker are produced in Japan and other Asian countries. All the Anime, OVA and Hentai uploaded here have English subtitles.AnimeTorrents has approximately 17,446 users and 20,577torrents. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS FORUMS SUBTITLES UPLOAD RULES FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Content : 8/10 Speed : 7/10 Pre time : 7/10 Community : 7/10 Overoll : 7/10
  14. EXOTICAZ | EZ | 2022 REVIEW Tracker Name: ExoticaZ Tracker URL: https://exoticaz.to/ Tracker Genre: XXX/Porn Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: irc.rizon.net #exoticaz Tracker Description ExoticaZ is a Asian Porn private tracker for XXX releases.Previously known as YourExotic they are a brother site of AnimeTorrents, AvistaZ and PrivateHD.They are currently invites only but they do open sign up time to time .Invites are tough to get there, you need 10k Bps to buy invites in exoticaz same as avistaz rule .ExoticaZ offers a wide selection of Asian, censored, gay, non Asian, softcore, transsexual and uncensored content. These come as blurays, DVDs, video clips/packs, siterips, pornstar packs and photo packs. New members have little restriction on seeding is easy with high seed numbers, good seed retention and regular uploads.downloading contents they are allowed to download contents which are 1 week older before they finally become members there .Ratio maintain isn't a problem there with many Free download , Half download & Double upload contents along with many leechers. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS PHOTO ALBUMS FORUMS REQUESTS UPLOAD RULES FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre-Time: -/10 Speed: 7/10 Content: 7.6/10 Community: 5/10 Overall : 6.6/10
  15. AvistaZ | General | 2022 Review Name: AvistaZ Tracker URL: https://avistaz.to/ Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Tracker Signup: Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION AvistaZ is a general tracker for Asian content, they allow to upload Movies, TV-Shows and Music, they only allow Asian content like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, etc. for English content or other releases are it's brother trackers; which are: PrivateHD, AnimeTorrents, CinemaZ and YourExotic. It's content is from Full Blurays to encodes of DVDs and TV. Most Full Blurays are freeleech, and upload content from ADC, M-Team, CHDBits, TTG, HDChina, among others Chinese trackers. They have a total of 150,108 users and 91,199 torrents . They have a bonus system so it's easy to survive the tracker, They have a lot of 100%/50% freeleech torrents and which will make easy to build a good ratio. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS MOVIES TV SHOW FORUMS REQUESTS UPLOAD RULES FAQ GUIDES USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre-times: 6/10 Speed: 7/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 7/10
  16. U2.dhmy | Anime | HD, SD | 2022 Review Name: u2.dmhy Tracker URL: https://u2.dmhy.org/ Tracker Genre: Anime Tracker Type: Ratio Based Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Tracker Signup: Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries: Non Traker Irc: Non TRACKER DESCRIPTION U2 is a NexusPHP based anime private tracker with high quality standard. If you want to find Blu-ray and DVD rips or good quality encodes then u2 is a good place to go. U2 has a large collection of BDMVs and DVDISOs (more than 9968 BDMV and more than 3608 DVDISO). They have more than 43k torrents and only around +10k torrents have no seeders. Most of the torrents are well seeded. Many of the uploaders are downloading the new content from Japanese peer-to-peer file-sharing softwares such as Share and Perfect Dark and uploading on u2. All internal rip are all free with 2x or 3x upload while other self encode are of 50% freeleech. Maintaining a good ratio on u2 is easy. U2 also has manga, lossless music and live. Besides, u2 has subtitiles specialized for BDMVs. The bonus system is different from other trackers. There is no limit for the bonus you get everyday. You can use bonus points(UCoins) to change your username, title, and their color. Bonus points can also be used to change torrent's promotion status for yourself, others or everyone. U2 has practically no english subbed content. Unless you speak Japanese, encode, or want raws to mux, there's not much reason to be there. New accounts will be deleted if there is no traffic (0 KB upload and download) within the first 7 days of registration. It is considered as one of the top anime trackers now after Animebyt.es. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS SUBTITLES REQUESTS UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES UCOIN STATS MY RATINGS Pre-Times -/10 Speed 9/10 Content 9/10 Community 9/10 OverAll 9/10
  17. Cinematik | TIK | Movies | 2022 Review TRACKER'S NAME : Cinematik TRACKER'S URL : https://www.cinematik.net/ SIGNUPS : Invites Only TRACKER'S TYPE : Old movies (foreign/arthouse) SEED DIFFICULTY : Medium RATIO BASED : Yes BONUS SYSTEM : None BANNED COUNTRIES : None TRACKER IRC : Server: irc.p2p-network.net / SSL Port: 6697 or 7000 [Non-SSL Port: 6669] / Channel: #Cinematik Tracker Description Cinematik.net / TIK -is a well-known and advanced private tracker that, as you might guess, specializes in finding films of various genres. But the specificity of the site is that you can’t find the popular Hollywood or Bollywood action movies, naive TV shows, and also ordinary films about cops and terminators. This resource is a community that contains films of quite rare genres - classic, art house, western films, even experimental and niche films and other genres in DVD and HD quality. In addition, there is a variety of formats: DivX, XviD, mkv, mp4, avi, BD and others. Cinematik does not have any DVD-rips or BD-rips.Cinematik has around 6,377 users and 70647 torrents. Maintaining a ratio without a seedbox or uploading your stuff is hard here, but you will be fine as long as you snatch the freeleech (Golden Torrent) torrents as soon as they are uploaded. However, keeping a good ratio can be a bit tricky as there is no bonus system implemented. Luckily, they have global freeleeches several times a year. Rules clearly state that you have to seed torrents to 1:1 ratio or for a minimum of 3 days.It shows to the user a world of exciting films that cannot broadcasted in movie theaters.Cinematik.net is a leader in the number of hands the original DVD discs. If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood genre movies 40 -70 years, the Cinematik.net will certainly help you, as it is the source of DVD discs of rare and exclusive movies. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES MY RATINGS Speed : 9/10 Pretimes : 9/10 Content : 9/10 Community : 9/10 Overall : 9/10
  18. The Tokyo District Court has ordered two advertising companies to pay damages to a cartoonist whose work was offered illegally on now-defunct pirate manga site, Mangamura. The Court found that by posting adverts on the site, the agencies assisted in the copyright infringements of the site's former operator. Following its launch in 2016, pirate manga site Mangamura grew to become one of the most successful sites of its kind. With this growth, however, massive pressure from copyright holders and anti-piracy groups wasn’t far behind. According to Japan-based anti-piracy group CODA, over a period of just two years Mangamura caused around $2.91 billion in losses to the industry but in April 2018 the site’s progress came to a juddering halt when the platform shut itself down. It transpired that a criminal investigation was underway into the site’s activities which eventually led to the arrest of operator Romi Hoshino in Manilla. Hoshino was later deported to Japan where he was arrested by local authorities who put him on trial. On June 2, 2021, he was sentenced to three years in prison and fines in excess of US$650,000, much of it representing a clawback of revenue generated by advertising. Now, more than six months later, two of the agencies involved in placing ads on Mangamura have been found liable for assisting the site in a way that helped to cause losses to a local artist. Agencies Participated in Mangamura’s Infringement According to a report from Anime News Network, manga creator Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima!, UQ Holder!) filed a lawsuit against MM Lab and parent company Global Net. Akamatsu alleged that his manga titles were illegally posted on Mangamura and since the advertising companies supplied ads and were involved in generating revenue for the site, they should be held liable for his losses. This week at the Tokyo District Court, Judge Koichi Tanaka found that the two companies can indeed be held liable for their part in the Mangamura platform. The Judge said that the operator of Mangamura committed copyright infringement and the agency that paid the advertising fees to the operator helped to fuel that infringement. MM Lab and Global Net were ordered to pay 11 million yen (US$96,184) to Akamatsu, whose attorney noted that this is the first time that an advertising agency has been held liable for placing ads on pirate manga sites.
  19. The Czech Pirate Party has booked several election wins over the years, including the European Parliament election. With yet another milestone achievement following the national elections, the Pirates are now ready to govern. The Pirates will fill three ministerial positions in the new government, a breakthrough achievement for the political movement. When the Swedish Pirate Party was founded in early 2006, the majority of the mainstream press was skeptical, with some simply laughing it away. But they were wrong to dismiss this political movement right off the bat. Following their victory at the local elections, the Swedish Pirate Party secured a seat at the European Parliament in 2009, with another one being added a year later. The success inspired people in other countries to form their own Pirate parties. Over the years “Pirates” have cemented their place in the political arenas of Germany, Iceland, Czech Republic, and several other countries. Their influence reaches from regional districts all the way up to the European Parliament. Czech Pirates Rise The Czech Pirates have been particularly successful in recent years. A few years ago the party took on a local anti-piracy outfit by launching their own movie download site, making the point that linking is not a crime, and a lot has been achieved since then. During the 2017 national elections, more than 10% of the public voted for the Pirate Party and there are currently three Czech Pirates in the European Parliament. On top of that, the mayor of the country’s capital Prague is also a Pirate. This year, polls indicated that over a quarter of all votes could go to the Pirates in the parliamentary election, where it formed a coalition with the liberal STAN party. With these numbers in mind, it was somewhat of a disappointment when the party ended up with ‘just’ 15% of the vote. Pirate Party Enters Czech Government Nonetheless, the Czech Pirates managed to achieve another major milestone a few days ago. After several weeks of formation discussions, the party changed its opposition role for a spot in the Government. This is the first time in history that a Pirate Party forms part of a government coalition, which is a major achievement. While the Pirates are certainly not the largest government party, they managed to fill three ministerial positions. Czechia’s new Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, inaugurated Pirate Party Chairman Ivan Bartoš as the Minister of Regional Development. In addition, Bartoš will also take the role of Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization. The two other ministerial positions are filled by Jan Lipavský, who becomes the new Foreign Affairs Minister, and Michal Šalomoun, who was appointed Minister and Chairman of the Government’s Legislative Council. Pirates Have Evolved While the Pirate Party has its roots in the Swedish movement that once sided with The Pirate Bay, it has long since transformed into much more than that. Today’s main pillars include political transparency, civil rights, and direct democracy, among other things. Transparency and civil rights were also mentioned as key issues by the three new ministers. Thus far we haven’t seen any new comments regarding ‘piracy’ issues, but passing stricter copyright laws will probably not be on the political agenda in Czechia in the coming years.
  20. Malaysia's House of Representatives has passed amendments to copyright law that will boost the country's deterrent against those who facilitate access to pirate content via illegal streaming. The amendments, which cover both hardware and software, could see offenders imprisoned for up to 20 years. Laws that forbid the illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted content are common around the world but the rise of streaming has sometimes exposed gaps in legislation. Piracy-equipped Kodi devices, illegal streaming apps, and similar tools have led legal specialists to attempt to apply laws that didn’t envision the technology. In Malaysia, for example, it took a decision by the High Court last May to determine that the sale and distribution of streaming devices configured for piracy purposes does indeed constitute infringement under the Copyright Act. But Malaysia was far from done. After previously informing the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that the economic harm being caused to broadcasters and rightsholders in the country was a “serious problem”, Malaysia said it had amendments on the table to more directly tackle the illegal uploading, provision, and sharing of access to copyright works. House of Representatives Passes Copyright Amendment Bill This week Malaysia’s Dewan Rakyat (House of Representatives) passed the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2021 which, among other things, will more directly address the challenges of illegal streaming. “Act 332 is amended to ensure copyright laws implemented will provide more efficient and effective protection in line with current demands and to fulfill the needs of the business community and stakeholders,” said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi. The amendments are focused on those involved in the provision or facilitation of illegal streams. The term “streaming technology” is repeatedly referenced and for the purposes of the act this includes computer programs (apps and other software tools), devices (streaming hardware of all kinds) that, in whole or in part, are used to infringe copyright in a protected work. How the amendments will be used in practice remains to be seen but the scope appears to be intentionally broad and could result in significant punishments for those found to be in breach of the law. Punishments for Illegal Streaming Facilitators The first section of the amendment deals with those who “commit or facilitate infringement” of copyright by manufacturing a streaming technology for sale or hire, importing a streaming technology, selling or letting for hire (including offering, exposing or advertising for sale or hire), and/or possessing or distributing a streaming technology in the course of a business. It expands to include distributing or offering to the public an infringing streaming technology or service other than in the course of a business, to such an extent “as to affect prejudicially the owner of the copyright.” Anyone who contravenes these amendments will be guilty of an offense and upon conviction shall be liable to a fine of not less than 10 thousand ringgit (US$2,377) but not more than two hundred thousand ringgit (US$47,545). In addition to the possibility of fines, there are also custodial sentences that could reach a staggering 20 years imprisonment in the most serious of cases. Those hoping to use a corporate structure as a shield are also put on notice. When any offenses are committed by a corporate body or by a person who is a partner in a firm, everyone from directors to managers will be deemed guilty of the offense and may be charged severally or jointly, unless they can show they had no knowledge and conducted due diligence to prevent the offense. The details of the amendments can be found here (pdf)
  21. Tracker Name: AVGV Tracker URL: http://avgv.cc/ Tracker Genre: Porn Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Singup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: Non IRC: Non TRACKER DESCRIPTION AVGV is a small chinese porn tracker specializing in AV(Adult videos), GV(Gay porn videos), LES(lesbian porn videos)content, it has +14k users and a +3.75k torrents They have web-dl 720p&1080p,SD,4K and much more kind of porn.Maintaining ratio is not hard because you have the bonus system and they don't have any newbie task Overall, its a good porn tracker LOGIN HOME BROWSER AV CONTENT GV CONTENT LES CONTENT REQUEST BONUS FORUMS FAQ RULES MY RATINGS Pre-Time : -/10 Speed: 7/10 Content: 6/10 Community: 6/10 OverAll: 6/10
  22. Elsevier and other academic publishers see 'pirate' site Sci-Hub as a major threat to science and their own multi-billion-dollar industry. Through a lawsuit in India, the companies hope to have the site blocked but Sci-Hub is actively fighting this request in court. According to the site's founder, the publishers are the real threat to the progress of science. By offering free access to millions of ‘paywalled’ research papers, Sci-Hub is often described as “The Pirate Bay of Science”. The site is used by researchers from all over the world, to access papers they otherwise have a hard time accessing. For some, the site is essential to do their work. The major academic publishers such as Elsevier, Wiley, and American Chemical Society are not happy with the rogue research library. These companies have made billions of dollars by selling access to research and see Sci-Hub as a direct threat to their business model. This has resulted in several lawsuits including two that were won by publishers through default judgments in U.S. courts. Despite these rulings, Sci-Hub and its founder Alexandra Elbakyan are not backing down. On the contrary, the site has become a household name in many academic institutions and most users care very little about the copyright angle. They see more value in open access to research. The Indian Blocking Lawsuit Sci-Hub’s latest legal battle, which takes place in India, is the first one where the site will actively put up a defense. Soon after the legal action was announced last year lawyers came in to offer their help, while local researchers pledged their support. The broader academic community is watching the case closely as well. Nature, which itself is one of the most prestigious scientific publications, highlighted the ongoing legal battle in an article yesterday, including some comments the publishers behind the Indian lawsuit. “Pirate sites like Sci-Hub threaten the integrity of the scientific record, and the safety of university and personal data,” the publishers told Nature, adding that the site uses stolen credentials and compromises the security of libraries and higher education institutions. Nature also heard Sci-Hub’s founder who characterized the publishers’ comments as “empty accusations”. However, Elbakyan said more than that but not all her comments made it into the article. ‘Publishers Are The Real Threat’ In fact, the full response, posted by Elbakyan on Twitter, shows that she sees the publishers are the real threat to science. “Academic publishers threaten the progress of science: open communication is fundamental property of science and it makes scientific progress possible. Paywalled access prevents this and is a great threat to science.” “The great threat is also when the whole scientific knowledge became the private property of some corporation such as Elsevier, that has full control of it. That is a threat, and not Sci-Hub,” Elbakyan adds. Sci-Hub’s founder also rejects the notion that the site threatens the integrity of the scientific record. It simply republishes the same articles that are normally behind a paywall and doesn’t alter anything. Dangrously Useful? Similarly, the accusation that Sci-Hub threatens the safety of university and personal data is refuted at well. Those are a bunch of empty words. It sounds dangerous but it’s not backed up by any evidence, Elbakyan notes. The people who use Sci-Hub do so because they have no other affordable option to access the academic research they need for their own work. “Nobody is complaining about ‘compromised security’ except academic publishers. It is touching to see, how caring they are about others. Except, that they do not care at all about millions of people who cannot access science because they do not have money.” “Do they have any actual case when Sci-Hub somehow compromised the security of any library or a person? Any person that complained about credentials that were ‘stolen’ from them? Or is it again, nothing more but empty accusations.” Sci-Hub’s founder gets a lot of support from researchers from all over the world and her recent tweet is no exception to this. There are dozens of academics openly supporting her on Twitter. ‘Fair Dealing’ Ultimately, however, the ‘legality’ of Sci-Hub will be decided in court. While it’s clear that Sci-Hub takes copyrighted content without permission, the defense argues that this is for the greater good, so it’s ‘fair dealing’. Sci-Hub’s lawyers Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj and Sriya Sridhar are confident that they can make this case. They tell Nature that, if Sci-Hub wins, this could have a global ripple effect, which may change how foreign courts see the site. Of course, the opposite is also true. Thus far Sci-Hub has been blocked in several countries already, so a ‘fair dealing’ victory would be an outlier. Elbakyan hopes that Sci-Hub will eventually be recognized as a legal site. In that sense, not much has changed since we first interviewed here six years ago. Since then the legal pressure has increased, but so have the public support and users of the site. Below is Sci-Hub founder’s full response to Nature’s inquiry, as posted on Twitter.
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