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  1. Global anti-piracy group Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment is maintaining intense pressure on unlicensed streaming platforms. In a new wave takedowns, the video-focused coalition has targeted pirate IPTV services, app developers and unlicensed streaming sites, reaching settlements with some and sending others into hiding. IPTVThere is an old adage in piracy circles suggesting that when one piracy service is shut down, several more appear in their place. This so-called ‘hydra’ analogy is often cited to suggest that enforcement is futile but that doesn’t deter anti-piracy groups. In particular, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the global coalition featuring some of the world’s most powerful movie, TV show and content distribution companies, is continuing its quest to shut down as many unlicensed streaming services as it can. As result, new casualties are reported almost every week and sometimes several at a time. The past week runs true to form. ACE Shuts Down IPTV Provider Iconic Streams ACE has the stated aim of protecting the legal marketplace for movies and TV shows and as a result, regularly targets illicit IPTV providers. Around a week ago the domain was taken over by the Motion Picture Association, a sure indicator that the supplier had been targeted. Enforcement action has now been confirmed. Iconic Streams “Iconic Streams offered over 3,500 channels, with a specific focus on premium sports channels. After successful outreach and action executed by ACE with the service’s operator in Dresden, the service has not been available to consumers since June,” an ACE statement reads. While the service was reportedly closed a couple of months ago, there are reports online that Iconic Streams continued to sell subscriptions, meaning that some prospective customers were left disappointed. On Trust Pilot, for example, many people accuse the service of taking their money and running. Several posters also claim that the service has continued to operate at a new domain but at the time of writing, that hasn’t been officially confirmed. ACE Closes MyTVBoss and EZTV Streaming In common with the closure of Iconic Streams, the domain for MyTVBoss ( was also taken over by the Motion Picture Association in recent days. According to ACE, MyTVBoss and EZTV Streaming were popular IPTV providers, operated from the United States. “MyTVBoss was an IPTV subscription service with 7,000 live channels. ACE outreached directly to the Arkansas-based operator and the service is now offline. All MyTVBoss domains have been transferred to ACE and are now redirecting to the Watch Legally section on the ACE website,” an ACE statement reads. While the closure of MyTVBoss was apparently actioned in the usual way, it appears that EZTV Streaming was contacted by ACE and decided to close down of its own accord. “EZTV Streaming was an IPTV subscription service with 3,400 live channels. ACE identified the operators in Alabama and following direct communication, the service went offline,” ACE reveals. ACE Shutters Flixanity There are several sites and services using the ‘Flixanity’ branding online today but those that previously operated from,,,, and appear to be no more. ACE says that after a successful operation and communication with the domains’ operators, this particular variant has been shut down. “Flixanity was a popular streaming site that had been operating since 2015 through various domains,” ACE reports. “In recent years, the operation was expanded to include several domains that bear names similar to other popular pirate brands to attract more visitors. Over the last year, traffic to the Flixanity-connected sites had grown tenfold with 29 active domains connected to the service.” Other Domains Seized But Not Directly Confirmed By ACE Recent searches of domains falling under the control of the Motion Picture Association reveal other entities not directly referenced in ACE announcements. Whether these will be confirmed in due course or were taken as part of other operations is currently unknown. We report here for reference. Dastreamz appears to have been another unlicensed IPTV provider offering broadly the same services as others operating in the same niche. Publicly known as Double Agent IPTV, the domain is now Hollywood-controlled along with, which appears to have acted as the service’s billing portal. Other domains seized by the MPA include, and All play on familiar branding so could have been part of the Flixanity seizures, as mentioned by ACE.
  2. A group of movie companies continues its legal efforts to hold VPN services liable for pirating subscribers. A new lawsuit lists Surfshark, VPN Unlimited, Zenmate, and ExpressVPN as defendants. Besides damages, the filmmakers want the VPNs to block pirate sites and start logging user data. The accused companies have yet to respond in court. anonymous cardAmidst growing concerns about online privacy and security, VPN services have become increasingly popular in recent years. Millions of people use VPNs to stay secure and prevent outsiders from tracking their online activities. As with regular Internet providers, a subsection of these subscribers may be engaged in piracy activities. Over the past years, we have seen copyright holders take several ISPs to court, accusing them of failing to disconnect repeat copyright infringers. These lawsuits have expanded recently, with VPN providers as the main targets. The VPN lawsuits are filed by a group of independent movies companies that also go after piracy sites and apps. They include the makers of films such as The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Dallas Buyers Club, and London Has Fallen. Last week, these companies filed a new lawsuit at a federal court in Virginia, targeting four VPN services. In their complaint, the filmmakers accuse Surfshark, VPN Unlimited, Zenmate and ExpressVPN of being involved in widespread copyright infringement. Bypassing Netflix Restrictions The complaint sums up a long list of alleged wrongdoings. This includes allowing VPN subscribers to bypass the geographical restrictions of streaming services such as Netflix. “Defendants advertise their service for allowing their subscribers to bypass regional restrictions of streaming platforms to stream copies of copyright protected content including Plaintiffs’ Works from locations Plaintiffs have not authorized the platform to stream the Works,” the lawsuit reads. The filmmakers list various examples of promotional pages where the VPN providers claim that their services can bypass blocking efforts and other restrictive measures. In some cases, these are fairly outspoken, as the following announcement from UnlimitedVPN illustrates. vpnunlimited BitTorrent Piracy In addition to bypassing geographical restrictions, the filmmakers also list various examples of VPN subscribers who are directly involved in sharing pirated movies via BitTorrent. While BitTorrent can also be used legally, the VPN companies allegedly promote their service as a tool to download copyright-infringing material anonymously. “Defendants promote their VPN services as a tool that can be used to pirate copyright protected content without getting caught,” the complaint reads. “The records show Defendants’ subscribers downloaded the torrent files for reproducing Plaintiffs’ motion pictures such as The Brass Teapot, Hellboy, Rambo V: Last Blood, Angel Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, 2 Guns, And So It Goes, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt…” The filmmakers argue that some VPNs “partner” with notorious movie piracy websites to promote their service. For example, the site encourages the use of ExpressVPN. It’s not immediately clear whether ExpressVPN is aware of that, however. yts express The movie companies further allege that VPN customers are engaged in other types of “outrageous conduct” under this privacy shield, including racist comments, child pornography, and even committing murder. Logging Repeat Infringers? The rightsholders have sent thousands of copyright infringement notices to hosting companies, which were reportedly forwarded to the VPN defendants. However, based on these notices, the accused VPNs can’t pinpoint individual subscribers. Most VPN users are connected to shared IP addresses that can’t be directly tied to single users, so the VPN companies simply don’t know which subscribers are flagged. According to the movie companies, VPNs can easily overcome this problem by logging user data. “Defendants have the capability to log their subscribers’ access to their VPN service but purposely delete the logged information or set up their system so that the logged information is deleted so that they can promote their service as a means to pirate copyright protected Works anonymously.” Damages, Site-Blocking, and Logging Based on these and other claims, the filmmakers argue that the VPN services are liable for direct, contributory, and vicarious copyright infringement. Through this lawsuit, they request compensation for the alleged damage. In addition to money, the filmmakers also request that the VPN services start blocking known pirate sites such as The Pirate Bay and RARBG, which have been listed in the notorious markets list of the US Trade Representative. vpn demands Furthermore, they request an order that required the VPN companies to terminate the accounts of subscribers for which they receive three unique copyright noticed within 72 hours, unless the subscriber appeals. Needless to say, these are broad allegations that will likely be contested in court. At the time of writing, the VPN providers have yet to file an official response. This isn’t the first time that VPN providers are facing copyright infringement allegations. Previously, was sued as well, while Private Internet Access and TorGuard were recently added to previously filed lawsuits against Quadranet and LiquidVPN respectively.
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    RED ACCOUNT NOTIFICATION "Just pm me your birthday, thats automated message from account verification company, you probably did not enter date of birth right when registered. Or with an old accounts due to recent database update they did checks on override accounts too. Nothing to worry about. It does not affect your privacy or account security in any way. No other info needed, pm only 8 numbers"
  4. Tracker's Name: Insane tracker Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: max 2 weeks, but it depends on the amount of registrations Additional information: Hungarian general tracker, but English, Romana, Slovencina + Deutsch languages can be set. The site is free to register for an indefinite period (max 2 weeks /13 Sept./, but it depends on the amount of registrations). If you want to add a new user, please start deleting the old one first! Avoid double registration! User: 47 472 Torrent: 146 239
  5. UK ISP Sky Broadband is monitoring the IP addresses of servers suspected of streaming pirated content to subscribers and supplying that data to an anti-piracy company working with the Premier League. That inside knowledge is then processed and used to create blocklists used by the country's leading ISPs, to prevent subscribers from watching pirated events. SpyHigh Court injunctions that order ISPs to block certain websites deemed to be infringing have been in existence for around a decade in the UK. Obtained by entertainment industry companies, largely in the movie, TV and music sector, traditional orders target torrent, streaming and file-hosting platform websites, with ISPs taking measures to prevent subscribers from accessing them by ordinary means. More recently, sports companies such as The Premier League, Matchroom Boxing, and Queensbury Promotions have obtained injunctions to block live sports broadcast by unlicensed streaming providers, mostly IPTV services. While the aims of these injunctions are broadly similar, blocking pirated IPTV broadcasts is a more complex affair since the targeted servers and systems are less static than traditional websites. Nevertheless, the anti-piracy vendors involved in these projects enjoy a level of success but how they actually achieve this is largely shrouded in mystery. Today we can reveal one interesting aspect that has been hinted at previously but never fully explored – the cooperation of at least one major ISP in the UK. Court Documents Provide a General Background As far back as 2017, there were indications that despite being defendants in blocking injunction legal action, one or more ISPs actively helped the sports company applicants in their quest to have pirate streams blocked in the UK. Then, two years ago, we reported on comments made by Friend MTS, a UK-based anti-piracy company that works with the Premier League and ISPs, which also confirmed a level of ISP cooperation. However, limited information made available as part of a blocking injunction obtained by UEFA in 2020 put even more meat on the bones, suggesting that Sky had been monitoring the traffic of subscribers accessing pirate servers. Codename: RedBeard In recent weeks, an anonymous source shared a small trove of information relating to the systems used to find, positively identity, and then ultimately block pirate streams at ISPs. According to the documents, the module related to the Premier League work is codenamed ‘RedBeard’. The activity appears to start during the week football matches or PPV events take place. A set of scripts at anti-piracy company Friend MTS are tasked with producing lists of IP addresses that are suspected of being connected to copyright infringement. These addresses are subsequently dumped to Amazon S3 buckets and the data is used by ISPs to block access to infringing video streams, the documents indicate. During actual event scanning, content is either manually or fingerprint matched, with IP addresses extracted from DNS information related to hostnames in media URLs, load balancers, and servers hosting Electronic Program Guides (EPG), all of which are used by unlicensed IPTV services. Confirmed: Sky is Supplying Traffic Data to Assist IPTV Blocking The big question then is how the Premier League’s anti-piracy partner discovers the initial server IP addresses that it subsequently puts forward for ISP blocking. According to documents reviewed by TF, information comes from three sources – the anti-piracy company’s regular monitoring (which identifies IP addresses and their /24 range), manually entered IP addresses (IP addresses and ports), and a third, potentially more intriguing source – ISPs themselves. “ISPs provide lists of Top Talker IP addresses, these are the IP addresses that they see on their network which many consumers are receiving a large sum of bandwidth from,” one of the documents reveals. “The IP addresses are the uploading IP address which host information which the ISP’s customers are downloading information from. They are not the IP addresses of the ISP’s customer’s home internet connections.” The document revealing this information is not dated but other documents in the batch reference dates in 2021. At the time of publishing date, the document indicates that ISP cooperation is currently limited to Sky Broadband only. TorrentFreak asked Friend MTS if that remains the case or whether additional ISPs are now involved. “While the details of our content protection technology engagements with our customers are strictly confidential, we can confirm that neither Sky nor any other ISP provides Friend MTS with any customer data, and they never have done so,” a spokesperson said. It appears that instead of monitoring customer IP addresses, Sky is compiling data on which IP addresses subscribers are pulling most data from during (and potentially before) match or event times. Sky then uploads the highest-trafficked IP addresses along with the port the traffic is streamed on to the S3 bucket mentioned above, every five minutes. It is then accessed by the anti-piracy company which, every five minutes, extracts the IP, bandwidth rate, and the port number that bandwidth is on. At the time of the document’s publication, the Sky ‘Top Talker’ threshold for the Premier League’s ‘RedBeard’ module was 100mbps. The IP address information provided by the ISP that exceeds this limit then appears to be cross-referenced by IP address and port number with data obtained during game week scanning at Friend MTS. It is then processed accordingly. Sky today, more ISPs tomorrow? While the documents indicate that ISPs (plural) provide ‘Top Talker’ IP address lists, as far as we can see only Sky is cooperating at the moment. However, the Premier League is reportedly seeking cooperation from additional ISPs too. This would prove obviously helpful in identifying potential ‘pirate’ servers and infrastructure so they can be tested and subjected to blocking, when appropriate. In summary, it appears that Sky subscribers aren’t being directly monitored per se, but the servers they draw most bandwidth from are being noted by Sky and that data is being forwarded for anti-piracy enforcement. This means that Sky subscribers’ piracy habits are directly providing information to support Premier League, Matchroom Boxing, and Queensbury Promotions blocking efforts. Whether that will affect IPTV providers’ attitudes towards Sky customers moving forward remains a question.
  6. FitGirl Repacks is currently one of the most popular torrent sites on the Internet but its operator is warning of turbulent times ahead. Site operator FitGirl says that due to a serious domain issue, the site's main domain could go offline temporarily or even forever. Fitgirl RepacksIn piracy circles, ‘FitGirl’ is a very well known brand, especially for gamers looking for the latest titles without the usual price tag. Operating from the domain, platform operator FitGirl is perhaps the most well-known ‘repacker’ online today due to her/his ability to compress full-size games into more manageable packages. The resulting smaller file sizes are useful for people who want to download pirated games but don’t have (or don’t want to use up) lots of bandwidth. And according to traffic data, that’s a lot of people. After FitGirl Repacks became one of the most-visited torrent sites last year, TorrentFreak was able to interview FitGirl who was happy to explain how the site began and more details about its rise to fame. Now, however, the site may be facing a more stormy period with its main domain under threat. “Prepare For a Crash” In an announcement posted Sunday, FitGirl warned that the site could face some downtime or may even have to change domain altogether. “Due to some troubles with my domain name, this site may go down soon for unknown period of time or forever,” FitGirl explains. “In the latter case the new domain (which name I didn’t think of) will arise and information about it will be posted on sites I upload to. Fingers crossed none of the above events will happen, but fasten your seat belts and prepare for a crash.” FitGirl is a popular uploader on fellow torrent site so whatever happens to the main FitGirl domain, at least in theory uploads should continue unhindered. However, the FitGirl torrent site itself is extremely popular so getting the issues fixed will be a priority in the next few days. So what are the issues exactly? Accused of Having a Spam Problem In an announcement on an unofficial Discord channel, Hermietkreeft, the sysadmin of the FitGirl site, puts a little more meat on the bones. (Correction: An earlier version of this article attributed the quotes to FitGirl) “Our domain registrar took the fitgirl-repacks-site domain hostage, meaning we are unable to modify or change anything,” Hermietkreeft writes. “The registrar has decided that we are sending spam emails, kinda funny for a domain without MX records or any email servers. Transferring the domain to another registrar is also impossible due to the imposed limits by the registrar.” Public DNS records support the site’s claims of having no MX (mail exchange) records that are able to direct email to a mail server. However, checks at Spamhaus – an organization that tracks email spammers and spam-related activity – reveal that the group has blacklisted FitGirl’s domain. FitGirl Spamhaus Blocklist Inclusion Could Have Been Triggered By Third-Party Spamhaus advises that the domain may have been added to the blocklist due to a “poor sending reputation” but there are other factors too. The organization notes that anonymized Whois records should be avoided (FitGirl has these) and advises that poor IP address reputation can play a part too. This may be an important factor. The IP address used by the belongs to Russian DDoS mitigation company DDoS-Guard. While it serves many ‘ordinary’ customers, the company also services more questionable ones too. FitGirl shares an IP address with more than 6,000 other domains, any one (or more) of which could have been responsible for serving up spam. FitGirl Will Need to Exhaust an Appeals Process To be removed from the Spamhaus list, these issues and more will have to be addressed before filing an appeal with the spam mitigation organization. And then, presuming the issues are linked, FitGirl will also need to convince its domain registrar PDR Ltd that there’s nothing further to worry about. If this process fails a new domain will be required. It is likely to be announced on torrent site but in the meantime, if the main site goes down, people should be cautious to avoid imposter sites that could seek to infect users with malware. Update: FitGirl’s sysadmin informs TF that the domain is now being moved to a new registrar
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    Hey, welcome to invitestore Enjoy your stay and hope you have a good time here.
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    Mystical Ruins & Refreshing Summer Hey GazelleGames! Lost Ruins The summer torrential rains have washed out the hillside and exposed the entrance to a long lost dwarven mine! Being long isolated from their fellow dwarves, these mines surely hold unique tribes, with powers as yet unknown to gazelle kind! Take the chance to explore the secret dwarven tunnels and discover new tribes of dwarves and their unique cuisine! Just make sure not to go too deep into the tunnels, you never know what kind of dangerous miner-consuming monsters lurk in these shadows! Be careful on the journey. Archeological finds are easily consumed, losing valuable hints in the process! Excavation work is also still undergoing to clear the rubble away. Check back later for new updates if you're stuck! Update! Excavation workers have announced a big new find: forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=25352&postid =2052149#post2052149 Refreshing Drinks The local gazelles have turned out in quite the number at the beach next to the landslide, some of them have been setting up shop and handing out delicious drinks to the intrepid cave explorers! Unfortunately, we currently lack the knowledge to craft these invigorating beverages, but perhaps we'll find some hints in the ruins? Slimes The reveal of the dwarven mines has released some unknown magic, causing all of the slimes in Gazellia to mutate! Instead of dropping the screams of consumed miners, slimes now cough up slime balls which could contain digested gold from the miners, crystallized screams, or even a special slime dye that turns your username strangely sticky for a couple of weeks! There are even rumours of a strangely mutated new colourful slime! Check them out in the shop to buy them if you meet their requirements, or gaze upon them in longing as you chat away! If you're already a friend to slimes, perhaps the Book of Pet Crafting can reveal a secret! Many thanks to our dedicated item and art team members, especially Phantasm, ThePeach, and TNSepta, for realizing this event. GGn Staff
  12. Movie studios are increasingly experimenting with shorter release windows or even simultaneous theatrical and digital premieres. This is good news for consumers, who have more choice. This drastic decision is also changing the piracy landscape, which worries some stakeholders. However, we caution everyone from jumping to conclusions. jack sparrowMovie studios are increasingly experimenting with shorter release windows, or even no windows at all. During the COVID pandemic, studios including Disney, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros have premiered titles on streaming services and at the box office at the same time. This is good news for consumers, who have more choice. However, not everyone is happy. Movie theaters, in particular, are terrified that the new release strategy will cannibalize their revenues. ‘Consumers and Movie Studios Benefit’ This discussion isn’t new. Release windows have been a topic of debate for decades. Back in 2005, then Disney CEO Bob Iger went on the record stating that his company and consumers would actually prefer shorter release windows. “We’d be better off as a company and an industry if we compressed that window. We could spend less money pushing the box office and get to the next window sooner where a movie has more perceived value to the consumer because it’s more fresh,” Iger said. “The problem is the theater owners threaten that if you do that, then you’re not going to run your film on as many screens,” Iger told WSJ, which brings up a point that’s still relevant today. Pushback from Theaters The recent wave of simultaneous releases is being met with massive pushback from movie theaters. AMC, for example, announced earlier this year that it would no longer screen movies from Universal at its theaters. This decision was ultimately reversed after both parties agreed on a 17-day window. The uproar is understandable, but one can wonder whether theaters should be the ones deciding here. While they have been a loyal Hollywood partner for a century, they are not necessarily entitled to exclusive releases. A quick comparison to the music industry makes this clear. Imagine a world where you’d have to wait six weeks to hear the latest album from your favorite artist because auditoriums have the exclusive rights to the premiere. That wouldn’t go over well. The Piracy Angle It is still early days for ‘simultaneous releases’ and it will take months or years to figure out how this model impacts the broader movie industry revenue-wise. What’s clear, however, is that it’s already changing the piracy landscape. One of the direct consequences is that high-quality pirated copies are available much sooner, as the WSJ highlighted this week. Previously, pirates had to wait weeks or months following a theatrical release, but this window disappears when streaming releases are pirated instantly. As we have shown in our earlier coverage relating to Mulan and Wonder Woman 1984, this results in massive piracy surges. With the movie PR at its peak, millions of pirates flock to illegal download and streaming sites right away. Wonder Woman 1984 (c. Warner Bros.) wonder woman 1984 More & Less Appealing This ‘instant’ availability makes piracy more appealing to some. People who were planning to pirate movies anyway can access them earlier. However, it’s only one part of a much more complex puzzle. We can just as easily argue that simultaneous releases make piracy less appealing. For years, people used release windows as a reason to explain why they pirated movies. With the new release strategy, this reason is gone. This means that some people may actually choose to watch a movie legally – instead of pirating it – because they can see it whenever and wherever they want. It allows them to see the movie legally while it’s still fresh, without being ‘forced’ to go to a movie theater. But what about that massive piracy surge then? Well, as we stressed in our earlier coverage, a more concentrated piracy peak doesn’t necessarily mean that more people end up pirating a movie. It may simply be more concentrated. Extensive Research With the information we have now it’s impossible to tell how the movie industry is impacted. That said, we’re fairly sure that studios wouldn’t experiment with this model if they have nothing to gain. They will guard every penny closely. Detailed research will eventually shed more light on the new release strategies. This is already taking place behind closed doors at the studios but academics have shown an interest as well. A few weeks ago we covered a Korean study that looked into significantly shorter release windows. The research concluded that pirated titles indeed become available quicker. However, the overall piracy numbers don’t change. The research also found that box office revenue is unaffected by earlier releases. At the same time, there were more on-demand streaming sales, so revenue for movie studios increased. The Korean research can’t be one-on-one applied to the ‘simultaneous’ release model we see today, but it clearly signals that early releases may have positive effects, even when piracy is pushed forward. Mixed Signals from the Movie Industry This week, MPA CEO Charles Rivkin, who represents the major Hollywood studios, was also positive about the new developments. During his ‘State of the Industry’ speech at CinemaCon, he briefly touched on the issue. “Recent studies have confirmed that streaming and moviegoing are not zero-sum. They are not in competition,” Rivkin said, suggesting that streaming and box-office premieres can co-exist. At the same event, John Fithian, CEO of the movie theater industry group NATO, shared an entirely different opinion. Simultaneous releases simply do not work. “Exclusive release periods remain vital to the survival and success of the industry. They won’t be what they were before, but they can’t be what they were during the pandemic,” Fithian said. These comments were backed by AMC CEO Adam Aron, who stressed that exclusive theater premieres are the only way to prevent massive piracy. Jumping to Conclusions We don’t want to take sides in this internal movie industry battle. However, it’s probably wise to do proper research and let the data decide what works and what doesn’t. There are still dozens of questions to answer. Will some people stop pirating because they have a legal streaming option? Will others cancel their theater visits because they can pirate? Movie theaters could be impacted by the simultaneous release model, but that’s not a given. And even if they are, do their profits have priority over the advantages movie studios and consumers may experience? There is one conclusion we can draw though. Whatever the future release strategy will look like, piracy doesn’t appear to go away. Pirates will get their fix sooner or later. Release windows are simply not the answer to that problem.
  13. What is Ur First Private Torrent Tracker ? i think my First Private Torrent Tracker is crazyhd
  14. What is Ur First Private Torrent Tracker ? i think my First Private Torrent Tracker is crazyhd
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    REMINDER: LAST CHANCE FOR THE DONATION OFFER Hello*fellow RFM*members! Here's how it works: If you donate 10 euro, we guarantee a 30 GB bonus added to your upload amount. It doesn't matter whether you have a positive or negative GB difference, the 30 GB is guaranteed. So instead of getting only 10 GB, we reward you with an additional 20 GB(1). How's that for an offer...! So take this opportunity*for this extended weekend offer and donate now! The RFM Team. For those that wish to donate 3 x €10, a €30 donate button will be available for a single-click donation ** (1) = If you have a positive GB difference and prefer to have the 2 invites instead, then that is not a problem. Simply contact EnzoF1 with your re