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  1. FinVip News

    DESCRIPTIONS OF PUBLICATIONS As a reminder: A link to the pages of the film / TV series must be found in the description, even if the numbers in the IMDB field have been filled in at the time of publication. IMDB embedding does not work properly in publication descriptions - only the "Torrents" page works properly.
  2. PTMSG News

    System at The mail has been Repaired mail system has been repaired!
  3. Tracker Name: WarezForum Genre: General Sign Up Link: Closing Time: Closes in 2 days
  4. Tracker Name: Genre: General Review (If Any) : Sign Up Link: Closing Time: NA
  5. Empornium News

    Freeleech Picks October 2021 Hey Pervs, We proudly present our staff picks for October 2021! To view a collage of this month's picks, please Click Here. If you wish to view the previous picks, go to the collage section at the top of the page, and filter for Staff Picks. If you wish to discuss this month's picks, please do so in this thread. Enjoy! Talon Torrent: [BangBros - BangBus] Losing Her Nerdinity [Leana Lovings] [720p] {Se7enSeas} Not gonna lie. I 100% picked this because I could watch the cover gif on an infinite loop Don't get me wrong. Leana is a smoke show with one of the nicest racks I've seen in a while. For those curious, the part in the gif is nearer to the end of the scene. Enjoy! KillDeer Torrent: [ManyVids] EmmaBaby420 - 17 Video Megapack [CamWhorders] A girl and a bunch of dildos and a camera - was there ever a more perfect story? AccidentalSlut Torrent: Gia Derza & Vanna Bardot - [1080p] Trick or treat surprise! NellyFrozen Torrent: metb_bd_mb522.mp4 This little sweetheart was too curious and got stuck. Will she free herself? Find out in the lastest episode of "I'm horny and I can't help myself" Polanski Torrent: New Barbarians 1 (1990) - Classic - Parody - Victoria Paris, Nina Hartley, Natasha Skyler, Sabrina Dawn, Tianna, Michelle Monroe - DVDRip "What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!" Conan the Barbarian (c. 10,000 BC) RobouteGuilliman Torrent: [LegalPorno] Fuckerman rushes to the rescue to save Jessie Way from anal hunger and power her ass with superhero power NRX096 2160p Super hot Russian girl b627916 Torrent: [ManyVids / MySweetApple] Halloween Urban Legend of the Candy Slut (2017-10-28) [1080p] Happy spooktober empervs! brokedarius Torrent: [SlutInspection] Mona Azar [1080p] One of the best rimjobs this year Mona Azar seems to be looking for some buried treasures with her tongue. The rest only adds intensity to an already immersive scene. dumblebop Torrent: [] Seltin Sweety (38 Videos) Seltin Sweety teasing, posing and making you drool for her. All of them are solo videos, few videos of her sucking a dildo and masturbation. She's a real hottie!!! Fight_Club Torrent: Anal Extremists 2 (2021) 1080p Emily Willis, Abigail Mac, Kristen Scott AND Karmen Karma, you say? Yes please! GaMbi Torrent: SLROriginals - Naughty Dorm Party: Spanish Lullaby - Melody Marks, Lily Larimar, Kenzie Reeves (Oculus 5K) You, Melody Marks, Lily Larimar and Kenzie Reeves are having a study session... but when the girls a having trouble concentrating, they strip out of their uniforms and starts playing with each other, before turning their attention to YOU! Enter this Virtual Reality scene and teach these horny schoolgirls some sex-ed! gluon124 Torrent: NubileFilms - Elle Alexandra & Malena Morgan - HD*1080p [NEW] Malena Morgan and Elle Alexandra pleasuring each other in 1080p - you don't need to know any more, just download and enjoy. jeananonymous Torrent: [Big Wet Butts] - Kate England - Free Anal 3 (2016-09-07) [1080p] The pretty Kate England take place in the pillory device from the series "free Anal" from brazzers. She loves taking cock in her ass. NakedAngel Torrent: Sheena School Irrepressible Sheena trains four flexible sexual adventurers... rorschach Torrent: Angel in... Hell | WEBRIP | 480x384 | x264 This is a great interracial gangbang movie filmed in Germany featuring a tiny blonde (Petra/Anastasia) and five BBCs. Despite her petite stature she eventually builds up to taking all the guys in all her holes becoming airtight. This is in SD yet still a worthy addition to your collection for fans of this porn genre. sandy1312 Torrent: [] - Marica Hase - 06.04.14 - [540p][1500K] - Japanese fuck-toy gets her tiny holes stuffed with American cock Marica Hase comes to America, hungry for "American Dick" as she says. Her husband fucks her every day but her tight little pussy is hungry for more. She begs him to let his friends all bang her at once so after his weekly poker game he puts the question to them. Naturally, the horny guys are all in! Tiny little Marica gets every hole stuffed with cock. 2 in the pussy! Cream pie ending. Skerrako Torrent: THESTARTOFUS - The IMPOSSIBLE FACIAL !!! [1080p] A short but amazing scene where the cutie Adhara sucks her dudes cock who has been saving up a massive load. Some POV riding and then its gametime! After she edges him nicely he busts multiple times; massively on her pretty face. Happily covered with cum she sucks the tip for some after-care and smiles at the cam, knowing she has done well. A Hot scene!
  6. Lat-Team News

    Recommend and rate your favorite series! In this thread you can recommend, rate and comment on your favorite series. Animate! Lat-Team Latin Power
  7. HD-Space News

    Reminder I want to remind you that the H&R's are not tolerated here! After you download a torrent you are required to seed it for a MINIMUM 48 hours! Over 50 members are banned in the past week for just downloading and not sharing anything back! Only the VIP's have immunity from this rule!
  8. HDDolby News

    Topic: Pre- announcement of the Preservation Points System For a long time, PT stations have relied on the behavior of brushing traffic to protect their numbers. That is, after the user level is brushed to the security level, the species is no longer protected and is not active. Only look at the website when necessary. This situation is very detrimental to the sustainable development of the website. We have upgraded in 2021.1 to do species calculations, and will complete the link to user upgrades in 2022.1.1. Special instructions: 1. The implementation of the point link system on this site will not cause existing users to be downgraded , but if the downgrade is caused by reasons such as sharing rate, re-upgrade needs to meet the required points. 2. The point system for seeding will not affect your ability to obtain resources on this site. 3. The upgrade link plan will be implemented and completed on January 1, 2022. 4. The limit of seeding points is the same as the time required for the original upgrade. Specific operations: 1. Upgrade the Power User level on October 16, 2021. In addition to the original requirements, you need to do 10000 points. 2. 2022.01.01 implement the following standards. The reference value for the full weekly seeding points is 140*24*7=23520 Power User level requirements. Kind points 47040 points, which is equivalent to the time required for 2 weeks to upgrade to the original upgrade. The Elite User level requires 94080 points for seeding, which is equivalent to the time required for the upgrade of the full magic to protect the seed for 4 weeks. The Crazy User level requires 188160 points for seeding, which is equivalent to 8 weeks for the upgrade of the original upgrade. Insane User level requires 282,240 points for seeding, which is equivalent to 12 weeks for the full magic to protect the original upgrade. The Veteran User level requires 3,763,200,000 points for seeding, which is equivalent to 16 weeks for the full magic to protect the original upgrade. The Extreme User level requires 470,400 points for seeding, which is equivalent to 20 weeks for the original upgrade of the full magic. The Ultimate User level requires 5644.8 million points for seeding, which is equivalent to 24 weeks for the full magic to protect the original upgrade. The Nexus Master level requires 1,128,960 points for seeding, which is equivalent to 48 weeks for the full magic to protect the original upgrade.
  9. ABNormal News

    Hello, To put it simply, a giant failure has been affecting our server provider for several days, since this morning none are online. A ticket is open, I'm waiting for the answer. Until then, we are unable to operate the upload and seed servers, which is why there are so few uploads today. I thank the uploaders who have already reacted to seeing the server turned off. <3 I ask for help from all those who love ABN, I launch a hard upload contest. all those who will make a 1st upload and who will ask for it will earn 50GB up at my expense, and I offer 10GB additional for all uploads beyond. And I put the site in freeleech to hope to attract other leecheurs on your uploads until
  10. baconBits News

    Your account is in danger We've disabled a bunch of accounts today that apparently used a password that was not unique to this site. All of the accounts in question had email addresses that appeared in password dumps. YOU MUST have a unique password on baconBits, or you may find yourself banned not just from here, but from the greater private tracker community. Really, you should have unique passwords everywhere. Force yourself to use a password manager, and preferably not just the browser. I personally use KeePass because the files remain within my control. You could even pair it with a sync service so you can access the current version on multiple devices, or wear it in USB key on a lanyard. Figure out what's right for you. If you haven't changed your password in over a year, now is a good time to do so. There've been a lot of high profile data dumps during these unprecedented times. -wtferret
  11. Aither News

    Update to Chatbox rooms & Bot announces Hi all, We have added a new chat room called "Announces". This chatroom is only for bot announces, like the "X has uploaded a new file Y". So you won't get distracted by bot messages in our "General" chat room anymore. We are looking forward to seeing you leaving a "hello " in our updated Chatbox! ~Your Aither Staff
  12. LegacyHD News

    oday we finished the migration of the site. You should be redirected automatically, but you can also go here: Username and login are the same as on the "old" site. Those who are seeding torrents, should change the announce url on their torrent to start seeding those files. We hope to see you soon on the new site. LEGi0N
  13. XSpeeds News

    Dear valued member, There is now a new sub-category for TV-HD HEVC for those of you who mainly download HEVC. Also, please feel free to upload to this category with your HEVC content. Cheers, DaveXS.
  14. KeepFriends News

    Publisher related Recruitment of publishers: Our recruitment condition is to be able to learn and suppress works. But it is best to have a certain amount of energy and love. It should be noted that the publisher's authority will be revoked for works that have not been released for half a year, and works that reach a certain number will be classified into the retirement category. If you want to continue publishing later, please PM management team
  15. CHDBits News

    This site will officially implement HR on October 16th (the specific time is subject to the restoration of the initial value of HP). The existing records will be cleared and the initial value of HP will be restored at the time. The HR rules are as follows: 1. Seeds marked with H5 are HR seeds. 2. When the HR seed download is greater than or equal to 50%, the required preservation time must be completed. H3 requires that the seed preservation time must reach 72 hours within 20 days after downloading, and the H5 must be preserved for 120 hours within 20 days. 3. If the HR seed does not meet the standard, one HP point will be deducted, and the account with 0 HP points will enter the download limited mode. 4. The initial value of HP is 5, VIP is 10, and accounts with HP 0 will be automatically banned by the system for more than 20 days. You can redeem HP value by doing kind of points on the relevant page. 5. All VIP members with a yellow star logo (within the validity period) are exempt from HR statistics. When donating a yellow star or above, the HP will be restored to the initial value.
  16. Orpheus News

    AoTM: September Round 1 Winner & Round 2 Voting is Open AoTM September Round 1 Voting has closed and we have a winner! AoTM September Round 1 Winner: Naked City - BlackBox: Torture Garden & Leng Tch'e (1997) Congratulations to i********* for their winning pick. 20,000 Bonus Points have been added to your account. This album will be Freeleech until the next round (FLAC only) AoTM September Round 2 Voting is open: Voting is open for 10 days and all nominations are Neutral Leech. AoTM October Nominations are open.
  17. Greatposterwall News

    The National Day holiday has passed and it is time to continue working. In this round of open registration, more than 2500 newcomers have joined SEAL. Here, the management team would like to welcome the newcomers on behalf of all old users. In the inbound welcome letter, we provided some guidelines specifically designed for newcomers, but we also found that you still have some other questions, so we have made a collection of frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to raise them in this post: [Mengxin Q&A] The seal looks a bit special, I want to know... At the same time, we strongly recommend every novice friend to read the following two newbies: [Novice] Start your first download and watching in GPW [Newbie] Wiki Guide We also have long-term activities with benefits, and everyone is welcome to participate: [Long Term] [Official] Newcomer Registration Points Reward Post [Long-term] [Official] Newcomer’s first bonus post As a new site that has only been open for a few months, SEAL still has a lot of room for improvement. We will continue to work hard to build an excellent film and television library. Welcome everyone! GPW Staff
  18. VietDB News

    Regulatory Adjustment Notice October 8, 2021 User can upload directly after successfully uploading 3 torrents. Details: Change of regulations: 1. Newly torrents uploaded will be set FREE for 48 hours. 2. Internal torrent: set free 48h (x2 free depending on each item). 3. BD,UHD BD, Remux size > 30GB will be FREE forever 4. Role User have 3 offers approved and successfully uploaded can uploaded directly. Have fun. ---------------------- Change domain name and management system/ Change new domain and system Hi all, after 2 days of transfer, NT4H officially runs with the new domain: Accompanied by a change in the identity logo, infrastructure and staffs. The goal is make us become an international tracker and creating a valuable home for everyone. The old domain is still accessible and will be redirected to the new domain. The old announcement URL can still be seeded, but it is recommended that you reload the old tor or replace the new announcement URL: The new rules are also fully updated in the Vietnamese version . The English rules will be updated in the future. On behalf of the staffs, I apologize for the problems happen in the past 2 days of transferrin new domains. Have fun.
  19. News

    We have detected attacks on a large number of accounts in order to get hold of them. To avoid greater evils, we suggest that those of you who have the same password on other trackers / websites change it and above all that it is not the same as your email. registration here. Any problem talk privately with someone from the staff here or via Telegram. Att: The Staff team.
  20. BrSociety News

    The old Telegram community groups have been deactivated, that is, they are read-only. Previously, to participate in them, it was necessary to contact a member of the Staff and wait for them to check their profile and try to add them manually in each group, without the possibility of leaving/returning when they thought it was necessary and without having much control over them. that they were banned and/or took some punishment on Tracker (it is possible to see in the chat history some ex-users who no longer remember what their accounts were and/or asking when they could register, this in the members chat...). Evidently, this was a fault on our part. To address this existing problem, we're changing the way off-site communities work, starting with Telegram, The solution... Participation in external groups now does not depend on the Staff, of course we are present there to maintain order and answer questions, if any, and of course interact, but we will not add more members to the groups (except for very specific exceptions), but hey how you do it to enter?! Introducing the Community Bot! A BOT in Telegram is active and it allows you to join/exit groups whenever you want! You can contact the BOT through the user: @BrSociety_bot ! You will only need your PID and username when contacting the bot. It is in the testing phase and if problems arise you can contact us and we will work to resolve it. How to join groups? As stated above, you will need to have your PID and username ready to authenticate. You can do the entire process on your cell phone, or on your computer, they will be exactly the same steps, although the post shows how to do it on your computer (Telegram Desktop); 1) Get your PID! To do this, go to your profile, you can do this by clicking on your username in the top left corner, or by clicking on your photo and clicking on "My Profile" You can also access your profile using a direct link: ; Once in your profile, scroll down until you find the "Show PID" button, it is below the followers preview section, when you click on the button your PID will be displayed to the right of the button, then just copy. NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR PID! 2) Get in touch with the Bot! Access the Telegram from anywhere (Desktop App, Browser, Mobile, it doesn't matter...) and in the chat search bar look for @BrSociety_bot (if you are logged in, you can click on the link contained in the text here in the post and the chat with the bot it will open) Just click on the result to open the chat with the bot. By clicking on the displayed button the bot will welcome you. If there is no "Start" button in the chat you can send "/start" to the bot yourself. The commands "/help" and "/help" still show the initial message. As shown in the message, the PID is necessary in the next step, where we must send the command "/auth username pid" to the bot. ATTENTION: You have 3 attempts to set your username and PID, after that your Telegram account will be blocked and you will need to contact the Staff here on Tracker by Ticket explaining how you managed to miss a ctrl+v 3 times. When logging into the bot, it will confirm your role and if you are not logged into Discord it will inform you of the possibility (this is still being worked on, please wait.). Also, after logging into the bot, you can use the "/links" command to see all the groups you can join! And as stated in the message, you can use the command "/link group" to receive an invitation link to that group! ATTENTION: All links generated are registered for your user. It is only possible to generate a link to a group that your user has permission to join (there may be a time difference between your title updating here on the site and in the bot, don't worry), so your Telegram will only be able to generate a link if it is authenticated as a Tracker account and for that you need your PID, which is something random and only you have access. If another Telegram account enters using YOUR link, it is because you have leaked access , account sharing is serious and you will be presented with a permanent banTracker. The bot was built so that if a group is trying to "invade" a Tracker account, authentication is blocked and we will only unlock it if the owner requests it here on Tracker (if you want your user to be blocked, that is, not want to join an external community, just let us know and we'll block it until you change your mind). As informed by the bot, you are free to join and leave the member group whenever you wish. If you belong to a special group, you can generate a link to it only once, and all links expire 1 hour after their creation and are for single use. If you leave the group, or let the link expire without entering, please contact us and we will evaluate the case. We ask that you do not use the function to block the bot after joining the groups, as this inhibits the bot from sending messages in your private (and only that), we can use this function to talk directly to you in case of problems, and we will also use it to make important announcements to the community. COMMON QUESTIONS! Q) The bot says my username was not found when using the "/auth" command, what to do? A) User data is updated in the bot from time to time, if you have changed your username recently and are trying to use the new one, try using the old one or simply wait that soon it will be updated in the bot. If your PID is found to be incorrect it's the same scenario, except you changed your PID instead of username. If that's not the case, get in touch and we'll investigate what's going on, as said, it's in the testing phase! Q) Doesn't this put users at risk? Exposing the PID and everything! A) No. The system is probably more secure than your account for any government service. As mentioned, the system blocks PID checks if many fail against a user, PIDs are a super long and random string of characters, a brute force attack would take time to get right (if you didn't have a system automatically locking) and would be needed multiple Telegram accounts. It's easier for someone to find your PID trying to make an announce attack on some .torrent (spoiler: in the Tracker software it also blocks stuff like that). If someone hits their PID on luck, we will contact the person to ask them to play the lottery so we can become millionaires by earning gold bars that are worth more than money. If you still don't feel safe, Q) I want to link my Tracker account with a Telegram account but join the groups using another one, is it possible? A) No, don't ask. Q) I want to change the Telegram account I am using, is it possible? How do I do? A) Ask the Staff via Ticket. Your current Telegram account will be permanently banned from all groups by the bot and the link will be broken, allowing you to authenticate with another one. Q) How does Discord work? Any date? A) It's still in the planning stage, Discord allows the use of positions, these will be automatically assigned to your account after you log in, without having to generate links for example. Q) What are the groups and who can participate? A) The bot will inform you of the groups that you can join the moment you use the "/links" command, in any case, at the level of curiosity... Members : Absolutely all members who are not restricted for toxicity. Gold Giver : Staff, Uploaders, Celestials, Gold Giver Blacks : Staff, Uploaders, Celestials, Elites, Librarians, Blacks Founders : Staff, Uploaders, Celestials, Founders Elites : Staff, Celestials, Elites The 3 hidden chats in the post prints are of Staff utility
  21. BrasilTracker News

    The HnR system returns to its functioning from: 23:59hrs on 10/07/2021 HNR Rules TEAM
  22. OpenCD News

    2021.10.08- Notification of Temporary Opening of Invitation System To celebrate the National Day, this site will open the invitation system from October 9th to October 10th. Please do not send invitations in public places (posting bars, Weibo, etc.), please send invitations in a low-key manner. OpenCD Management Group 2021.10.08 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To celebrate the Chinese National Day, we will enable the invite system for 2 days on October 9-10(GMT+8). Please do not invite people from public sites, we want to keep low profile. OpenCD Staff 2021.10.08
  23. : News

    server Hello all , As you will surely have noticed we often have gateway500 error cut-offs this is due to the server overload, yes we are growing and therefore the server is struggling we have to upgrade to triple the cpu which has a cost that we cannot to allow us, it would take a helping hand to NesQuiK to be able to support this financial overload. I am sorry that I cannot help at this time as I have done so far. if some people can give this help, contact NesQuiK to find out how. thank you to everyone, the survival of the tracker is at stake. MP mass by bebel
  24. BitHorlo News

    Seed time Dear Users! There is continuous work on the site. Therefore, there may be oddities in the days. Do not account for the upload, etc. Of course, we will take this into account and we will not penalize it yet! Bithorlo Staff
  25. ABTorrents News

    Lottery in Progress Lottery started Oct 5 2021, 12:20 AM and ends Oct 12 2021, 12:20 AM Remaining time: 4d 11:19:18 Cost per Ticket: seedbonus => 2 Tickets Available: 10,000 Tickets Sold: 47,642 Jackpot: 95,284 Winners: 1 Approximate Odds: 1 in 6 Buy tickets