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    Next Happy Hour Starts Tuesday 12th November 2019 at 7:07 pm
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  7. In a recent submission to the US Trade Representative, the MPA applauds Australia's anti-piracy enforcement tools, including effective copyright laws. Hollywood's trade group notes that piracy rates are dropping. However, it adds that even more can be done on the anti-piracy front to keep copyright problems at bay. For years on end, entertainment industry insiders have regularly portrayed Australia as a piracy-ridden country. However, after several legislative updates, the tide appears to have turned. This is the conclusion reached by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) in a recent report. The industry group, which is largely made up of Hollywood studios, along with the recently added Netflix, continuously monitors Australia’s anti-piracy efforts. In recent years, things have been going in the right direction. A short summary of its findings was recently reported to the US Government as part of the annual trade barriers consultation. The MPA’s overview is generally a summary of copyright challenges and shortcomings around the world. However, Australia is one of the few exceptions when it comes to anti-piracy enforcement. In fact, the industry group is rather positive about the progress the country has made. “Australia has developed excellent tools to fight online piracy, including effective laws allowing for no-fault injunctive relief against ISPs and ‘search engine service providers’,” the MPA writes in its report. The report points out that in recent years piracy rates have declined significantly Down Under. Pirate site blocking and other measures have helped to boost interest in legal subscription services, including Netflix, it suggests. The MPA is also positive about recent developments regarding takedown notices. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is currently considering the introduction of a mandatory takedown notice scheme, one that would be stricter than the DMCA-style standard which is common today. “This would include procedures for urgent take downs (extending to pre-release or new-release films and TV shows as well as live entertainment content), as well as ‘stay down’ obligations to ensure that content already identified as infringing does not quickly re-appear,” the MPA notes. The Hollywood-backed group supports this initiative and adds that companies who breach the new takedown standard should face “meaningful” penalties. Aside from the positive remarks in Australia, the MPA informs the US Government that there is room for improvement as well. For example, the police could offer more help with piracy-related investigations, something that’s lacking today. In addition, the MPA is worried about an ongoing Copyright Modernization consultation where further exceptions to copyright are being considered. This includes new definitions of fair dealing or fair use, which are seen as a threat by the industry group. “This consultation risks undermining the current balance of IP protection in Australia that has fueled the country’s creative industries, and could create significant market uncertainty and effectively weaken Australia’s infrastructure for intellectual property protection,” the MPA states. Closing out the list is a recommendation to propose tough anti-camcording piracy laws. While fewer illegal recordings are sourced from Australia today, the current penalties for this activity are simply not enough to act as a proper deterrent, the group says. The last request is far from new. The same demands have appeared in previous reports, as is the case with many of the recommendations throughout the MPA’s report, which are often copied verbatim year after year. — The full overview of the MPA’s trade barrier comments to the US Trade Representative is available here (pdf). Source:
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    Inactivity Unfortunately, like all trackers there are always members who are "inactive" therefore the BOT has now been programmed to remove all members after 28 days of inactivity.
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    Congratulations to H**** who won lottery 2019-45 Results for Lottery 2019-45 *** people entered, with a total sweetening of ****GB. Winners were: FIRST PLACE 100GB H**** SECOND PLACE 50GB ***** THIRD PLACE 30GB *****
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  14. Sitewide Freeleech for 17 hours and 42 mins ---------------------------------------------------------- Veterans Day Free Leech It's Veterans Day here in the US and to celebrate we are throwing a Free Leech party for the next 24 hours.
  15. It looks like 11,000 people pirated KSI vs Logan Paul through the reflection in a YouTube streamer’s glasses YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul fought a blockbuster boxing rematch in LA on Saturday, with KSI only just snatching victory. The match was broadcast on DAZN, a subscription sports streaming service. It wasn’t available to stream on YouTube. But one YouTuber apparently found a way to stream the match on YouTube to thousands of viewers who didn’t want to cough up for a subscription – by filming himself watching the match with the reflection showing in his glasses. While thousands of viewers forked over their cash to watch YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul’s boxing rematch on Saturday, others were were finding creative ways to pirate the fight. KSI and Logan Paul faced off a second time in the Staples Center in LA on Saturday evening, with KSI scraping a narrow victory. The match was streamed live on DAZN, a subscription sport streaming service. Viewers had to pay $19.99 for a month’s subscription, or $99.99 for a year’s subscription to watch the fight. Anyone trying to stream the fight illegally on YouTube or other streaming platforms quickly found their footage removed. It appears however that at least one YouTuber found a creative way to stream the fight without tripping the site’s copyright sensors. He filmed himself watching the fight while wearing glasses, which reflected his screen. Anyone watching his YouTube stream could watch the fight through the reflection of his glasses. Screenshots circulated on Twitter showed a live viewer-count of 11,000. Twitter user @xojayys was the first to tweet about the stream. Bruh I was watching the KSI vs Logan Paul fight through this guys glasses ???????? — Jayys ✹ (@xojayys) November 10, 2019 Shout out to everyone who streamed the Logan Paul Vs. KSI fight ???????????? Even if we had to watch the reflection off of your glasses #loganpaulvsKSI2 — bkf1re (@bkf1re) November 10, 2019 so my friend watched the ksi vs logan paul fight through someone’s glasses, and ive never laughed so hard in my life ???????????????????????????????????????? — adna (@asapadna) November 10, 2019 Shout out to everyone who streamed the Logan Paul Vs. KSI fight ???????????? Even if we had to watch the reflection off of your glasses #loganpaulvsKSI2 — bkf1re (@bkf1re) November 10, 2019 Business Insider was not able to locate the stream at time of writing, and YouTube was not immediately available for comment when asked whether it had removed it. KSI and Logan Paul’s camps have yet to release official streaming figures, or numbers on how much streaming revenue the fight pulled in. Logan Paul and KSI’s first match in 2018 brought in an estimated $11 million in revenue. The piracy cost is likely to be high this time around. If 11,000 people streamed the match via this one YouTube’s glasses, Dazn is out of pocket by around $220,000 from that one stream alone. A rep for KSI said that the pair had decided to stream their rematch on Dazn, and not YouTube, because of the piracy risks.
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    Missing Screenshots!! Just a quick note, some torrents are missing screenshots. This is because the bots don't always find photos from its source. We will try and fix them as we catch them. So, screenshots are indeed still required!!! Thanks!!!
  18. P2P vs. Sharehoster vs. Streaming: A new study by irdeto says that although the use of illegal streaming portals has increased. Nevertheless, at least 800 million P2P downloads per month are calculated for the previous year worldwide. The P2P file sharing exchanges have experienced a veritable boom in 2017, despite the high warning risk. In addition to irdeto, the Naspers group of companies also includes the Austrian software manufacturer Denuvo. Among other things, irdeto is an anti-piracy company and has its own goals. Therefore, the survey data should be treated with caution. According to irdeto, dangers such as malicious software are waiting for users on numerous illegal websites. Still, many users prefer to head to these sites, even though they know it carries some risk. For the survey, the consumption behavior of the surfers was evaluated in 19 nations. Web analytics companies have contributed their data to evaluate the traffic flow from 962 apparently illegal portals from January to September 2017. P2P vs. Sharehoster vs. Streaming: The different types of file sharing do not cannibalize Traffic generated in the United States from September last year through the consumption of illegal streams increased by 10 percent. P2P file sharing exchanges experienced a veritable boom in the previous year even without the mention in the media. Globally, over 800 million transfers were made there each month. The only exception was April 2017 with "only" 791 million downloads. According to the study, the two usage options do not take each other away from each other, but rather add them together. irdeto expects sporadic online pirates to dodge streaming portals, while power downloaders prefer P2P downloads. Especially when it comes to movies or TV series, it is enough for many users to be able to consume the works. Only a few want to keep the files of the movies permanently on their own hard disk. Peter Cossack, deputy head of cybersecurity services at irdeto, commented on the results as follows: "While many experts believe that P2P piracy has been overtaken by direct downloads (sharehosters) and streaming portals, the study clearly demonstrates that not done yet. P2P piracy continues to be a major threat to the industry, while copyright issues continue to grow overall. "Rising piracy is being driven by ever-increasing user bandwidth as well as the use of social networks by pirates. Social media play a major role in the illegal distribution of sports event streams, according to Cossack. All other forms of file sharing would not have decreased. This must be considered in the orientation of their own strategy in the fight against copyright infringement.
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    Crazyhour...All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 20:36:12
  20. Austrian ISP T-Mobile has announced that following a supervisory procedure carried out by local telecoms regulator TKK, it has begun blocking two dozen Sci-Hub and Libgen related domains. The original complaint was filed against rival ISP A1 several months ago by publishing giant Elsevier. A1's blocking is also well underway. For well over a decade, entertainment industry groups have been developing legal processes to have allegedly-infringing websites blocked at the ISP level. The majority of these complaints have been initiated by movie and music companies but in recent years, other content distributors have sought similar blockades in order to protect their interests. Publishing giant Elsevier has emerged as a major player with arch-rivals Sci-Hub (‘The Pirate Bay of Science’) and Libgen (Library Genesis) as its key targets. Late last week, Austrian ISP T-Mobile revealed that it had begun blocking several Sci-Hub and Libgen related domains following a supervisory procedure carried out by local telecoms regulator TKK. The original complaint against more than two dozen domains was filed in the summer by Elsevier Ltd, Elsevier BV and Elsevier Inc. against rival ISP A1. The ISP took the decision to block the domains in July but due to concerns that blocking has the potential to breach net neutrality rules, it reported the case to TKK (Telekom-Control-Commission). Early August, TKK launched a supervisory process and both A1 and Elsevier were asked to participate. In September, TKK informed the parties of the results of its investigation which determined that 24 of the 27 domains listed in the original blocking request (listed below) were “structurally infringing”. In summary, the 24 domains either provided direct access to Sci-Hub or Libgen or provided proxy/mirror access to essentially the same content. Three domains –, and – were determined to be either inaccessible during the process or didn’t carry content owned by Elsevier at the time. After notification from TKK, A1 confirmed that it had lifted its blocks against the three domains in question. Following A1’s blocking of the listed domains, TKK says no end-users complained to the ISP that the blocks had been put in place or filed any official complaints with the telecoms regulator. So, after analysis of the nature of the sites and their conduct, TKK therefore ruled (pdf) that blocking them at the ISP level would be the correct balance between the rights of Internet users and Elsevier’s rights to protect its intellectual property.. Over the border, Elsevier previously obtained a 2018 Sci-Hub-blocking order in Germany. In March 2019, several French ISPs were told to do the same after similar action. In September, a Danish court handed down a similar ruling. The question remains, however, whether anti-piracy enforcement action alone will ever keep Sci-Hub down, particularly when universities are reconsidering their business dealings with Elsevier and making the platform more relevant than ever. The full list of 24 domains blocked in Austria reads as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Source:
  21. Welcome to Your First Pick for sharing Torrent Invites. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


  22. Welcome to Your First Pick for sharing Torrent Invites. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


  23. Welcome to Your First Pick for sharing Torrent Invites. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


  24. Welcome to Your First Pick for sharing Torrent Invites. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


  25. Welcome to Your First Pick for sharing Torrent Invites. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.