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  1. Dutch ISPs Ziggo and XS4ALL must block access to The Pirate Bay, the Amsterdam Court ruled today. The verdict is the latest in a long-running legal battle that started over a decade ago. The verdict, which was issued despite a long list of defenses, opens the door to more pirate site blockades in the Netherlands. pirate bayThe Pirate Bay is blocked in dozens of countries around the world. In most cases, ISPs are ordered to take action after a relatively short legal process. In the Netherlands, however, pirate site blocking has proven to be a rather cumbersome and slow-moving process, lasting over a decade. The blocking battle started in 2010 when Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN went to court, demanding that local ISP Ziggo should block The Pirate Bay. The ISP, which was later joined by XS4ALL, fought tooth and nail and used all options at its disposal to prevent a blocking requirement. Appeals, EU Court, and a Do-over A Dutch court first issued an order to block The Pirate Bay in 2012, but this order was overturned two years later. Anti-piracy group BREIN then took the matter to the Supreme Court, which subsequently referred the case to the EU Court of Justice, seeking further clarification. After a careful review of the case, last year the EU Court of Justice decided that The Pirate Bay can indeed be blocked. The top EU court ruled that Pirate Bay’s operators knowingly provide users with a platform to share copyright-infringing links, which violates the EU Copyright Directive. The EU ruling put the case back with the Dutch Supreme Court for a final say. However, instead of ending the matter, the country’s highest court decided that the case should get a do-over. The Supreme Court sent the case back to the Court of Amsterdam for a fresh look at the matter. ISPs’ Long List of Defenses Fail Today the Court of Amsterdam issued its new ruling, which is a clear win for BREIN. Based on existing jurisprudence from the EU Court of Justice as well as local law, it concluded that a Pirate Bay block is warranted. In its decision, the Court waved away a long list of defenses from the Internet providers. For example, the argument that legal content would also be blocked failed, as the vast majority of The Pirate Bay’s links – 90 to 95% – point to copyright-infringing material. If this changes in the future, subscribers have options to address this in court. The fact that Pirate Bay users will circumvent the blockades is not seen as a stumbling block either, nor is the argument that pirate streaming services are a bigger problem than torrent sites. “The streaming phenomenon and its magnitude are irrelevant to the decision in this case, as both parties assume, as mentioned, that TPB is still a well-visited website,” the Court writes. Other defenses failed as well. These include the alleged violation of the ISPs’ entrepreneurial freedoms, BREIN’s alleged failure to go after the Pirate Bay’s operators, and BREIN’s unauthorized collection of subscribers’ IP-addresses. Dynamic Blocking Order The Court ordered that the two ISPs, Ziggo and XS4ALL, must block The Pirate Bay’s domain and IP-addresses. This is a so-called dynamic blocking order, which means that new IP-addresses and domain names of TPB and its proxies can be added along the way. The ISPs were also ordered to pay BREIN’s legal costs, which comes down to more than €250,000 for Ziggo and roughly €60,000 for XS4ALL. What’s Next? The Pirate Bay has been blocked by Dutch ISPs for several years. This was the result of preliminary ruling which first required the most-used ISPs to take measures while the legal process makes its way through the courts. So for TPB users, not much will change. Ziggo and XS4ALL have yet to comment on the verdict but are expected to be disappointed. For BREIN and the copyright holders, however, this first blocking case is a crucial victory. Research has shown that blocking measures are not effective if a single site is blocked, so they are eager to request more pirate site blockades. BREIN is happy with the outcome and it expects that this will be the end of the legal proceedings. However, if the ISPs see any reason to continue the case, the anti-piracy group is confident that the blocking order will stay in place. BREIN also intends to ask other ISPs to follow suit. While these are not covered in this proceeding, the anti-piracy group can use the court order to back up their request.
  2. A former police officer, currently serving a six-year sentence for running a cannabis farm, was handed an additional 12 months inside yesterday for running a pirate streaming operation. Daniel Aimson, who sold piracy-configured devices and ran an online streaming portal, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud. IPTVOver the years there have been many claims that people involved in piracy are linked to other areas of criminality but a case concluded yesterday probably wasn’t the leading example the authorities had in mind. In 2017, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) assisted by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) launched an investigation into Daniel Aimson, who at the time was a serving officer with the force. Another matter, which we’ll come to shortly, triggered an investigation into Aimson’s finances and his connection to A1MSN Ltd, a company registered in the UK during October 2016 directed by his then-wife, Rachel Aimson. It transpired that this company, which described itself as being involved in the “retail sale of audio and video equipment in specialized stores”, was being used to supply piracy-configured IPTV devices providing access to sport and movies for a monthly subscription. According to GMP, the company also sold pirate streaming subscriptions that allowed users to log into a web-based portal where the content could be viewed without the need for a dedicated device. “Over a seven-month period between January to August 2017, the turnover for just one of the accounts linked to the company was in excess of £300,000, none of which was declared to HMRC,” GMP said in a statement. “Further analysis of the account revealed that between September 2016 and May 2017, approximately 1,640 illicit IPTV devices were sold.” Alleged losses for SKY TV In September 2017, Aimson was arrested at his home under suspicion and fraud and he was suspended from his role with the police. An analysis by Sky TV suggested it could have lost around £5 million in official subscriptions but a figure of $2.124m is now being cited by GMP. Yesterday, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud, a judge at Manchester Crown Court sentenced the former police officer to 12 months in prison. “Aimson was making enormous amounts of money from what he knew to be an illegal activity,” commented Detective Constable Paul Bayliss of Greater Manchester Police. “He was a police employee with a good career. That is now in tatters and he’s facing a lengthy prison sentence during which to contemplate his foolish and deceitful actions.” While 12 months may sound like a long time in prison, many offenders spend just half of their sentences behind bars. However, Daniel Aimson’s case goes much deeper than that, something that went unmentioned in the force’s statement this morning. Already Serving a Six-Year Sentence for Drugs Offenses According to the archives of the Manchester Evening News, in 2015 when Daniel Aimson was still a serving officer, he and several other individuals were producing cannabis on a commercial scale. One of the growing locations was leased using the identity of the member of the public after Aimson stole the individual’s driving license during a spot check. Aimson’s farms continued to produce cannabis for at least 30 months but in June 2017 the operation was raided by police and shut down. “He (Aimson) was seen at various stages on his own CCTV hard drive to wear a t-shirt depicting the lead character Walt in the hit TV series called Breaking Bad,” Prosecutor Owen Edwards previously commented. “In his various text messages it is clear that Aimson reveled in his double life as officer and criminal.” IPTV Piracy Continued While Aimson Was On Bail While Aimson was on bail for the drugs offenses, financial investigators found links to his still-operating set-top box business, his wife’s limited company through which they were sold, and bank accounts operated by other family members used to handle the money. In 2017, Aimson was handed a prison sentence of six years and four months for running the cannabis operation. Yesterday, just two and a half years into that sentence, he was handed an additional 12 months inside for selling the pirate TV devices.
  3. BREIN has published the results of its 2019 anti-piracy campaign. In addition to shuttering 564 downloading and streaming platforms, the group had The Pirate Bay and 258 of its mirrors and proxies blocked by ISPs. More than 330 similar platforms shut themselves down. Founded in 1998, BREIN is one of the world’s most recognizable anti-piracy groups and has taken on some of the largest names in piracy, including the infamous Pirate Bay. BREIN has a laundry list of significant anti-piracy victories under its belt, not only by introducing site blocking to the Netherlands via a case against The Pirate Bay but also winning a landmark decision in the Filmspeler case, which found that selling piracy-configured set-top boxes is illegal under EU law. Many of BREIN’s achievements aren’t so widely publicized in real-time but via its annual report, the Dutch anti-piracy group shines a light on its activities of the preceding 12 months. Its latest publication reveals that 2019 was a busy year, as BREIN sought to protect the rights of copyright holders in the fields of movies, TV shows, music and publishing, plus games and images. BREIN Investigations Increase Year on Year The global anti-piracy landscape is huge and almost impossible to map comprehensively given its fluid nature. However, BREIN is certainly taking on its fair share of cases and looking into a surprising number of matters at any one time. During 2019, BREIN said it completed 596 investigations, up from the 511 it concluded during the previous year. The anti-piracy group doesn’t provide a precise overview of the nature of each of these investigations or the reasons for discontinuing each of them. Nevertheless, at the close of last year, 243 were still active, up from the 97 that remained ongoing at the end of 2018. The War Against Downloading and Streaming Platforms For many years, BREIN has reported successes against pirate platforms, often taking down hundreds in a 12 month period and 2019 was no exception. When downloading and streaming platforms are combined, BREIN says that it disabled 564 overall during the period. Sites targeted by the anti-piracy group commonly operate in the torrent, Usenet, linking, and cyberlocker niches. Continuing to Tackle The Pirate Bay After unrelenting pressure by BREIN, in 2012 a Dutch court issued an order for ISPs to block The Pirate Bay in the Netherlands. While that decision was overturned two years later, BREIN took the matter to the Supreme Court, which led to an EU Court of Justice referral. In 2017, Europe’s highest court ruled that The Pirate Bay could indeed be blocked. The case in the Netherlands is still pending but with an interim injunction in place, ISPs are blocking the site. That has led to the emergence of hundreds of mirrors and proxies, all of which keep BREIN busy. According to the group’s annual report, 258 mirrors and proxies of The Pirate Bay were blocked by ISPs using IP address and DNS methods while 333 proxies “ceased their service” during 2019. Illegal IPTV and VOD suppliers One of BREIN’s most notable achievements in 2019 took place in partnership with the MPA. Together the groups took legal action against Russian pirate CDN ‘Moonwalk’ (1,2) which reportedly serviced around 80% of Russia-based streaming sites. Lower down the chain of supply, BREIN reports it also curtailed the activities of “23 illegal dealers” in ‘pirate’ IPTV and VOD subscriptions plus another 12 sellers operating via Facebook. A seller of piracy-configured IPTV devices offered through an online marketplace agreed to pay a settlement to BREIN after being tracked down by the group. During the past several years, BREIN has taken down around 300 pirate IPTV sellers and obtained settlements worth tens of thousands of euros. BREIN also took on a more unusual case targeting the operator of a so-called ‘Plex share’ offering 5,700 movies and 10,000 TV-shows. That individual agreed to shut down and pay a settlement to the anti-piracy group. Uploaders and other distributors BREIN doesn’t have a history of regularly targeting small-time ‘personal’ file-sharers but does take action against people who supply content for download or devices designed for copyright infringement on a larger scale. During 2019, BREIN targeted several Facebook and other social media-based groups offering eBooks, shutting them down and obtaining settlements from their operators. The anti-piracy outfit also concluded a case against a seller of Nintendo R4 cartridges pre-loaded with up to 100 games after the seller signed a cease-and-desist with a financial penalty clause. A similar agreement was reached with a Usenet uploader. In a sign that BREIN expects these types of settlements to be adhered to, the anti-piracy group reports that it took action against at least two offenders who previously agreed to comply and then reneged. In response, a repeat eBook pirate who continued her activities had her house and assets seized by BREIN before payments were resumed. A major uploader who did not comply with the terms of his settlement was summoned to court, with additional legal and collection costs. Upcoming Activities in 2020 After being granted permission to monitor BitTorrent users several users ago, BREIN indicated that it might be prepared to demand cash settlements from people who repeatedly upload infringing content. While that never appeared at any scale, the anti-piracy group does have something up its sleeve for the months ahead. “The dealing with frequent uploaders includes an awareness program of 6 months in which a maximum of 1000 accounts a month will receive an educational warning by email. For research into its effect, funding has been obtained,” BREIN says. “The start of the education is planned mid-2020. Whether enforcement will eventually take place is subject to the effect of the awareness program.” The full BREIN Review 2019 report can be obtained here (pdf) Source:
  4. Tracker Name: AYSTorrent Genre: general Review: Sign Up Link: Additional Information: AYSTorrent is a Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / General Releases
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