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  1. Tracker Name: Netcosmo Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type : Ratio based Bonus System: Yes Maintaining ratio: Easy Tracker Signup: open sign up Banned Countries None Description NetCosmo is an Italian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases. Home Torrents Forum Extra Stat Rules Bonus Donate Ratings Pretimes 5/10 Speeds 7/10 Content 6.5/10 Community 6/10 Overall 6.5/10
  2. Tracker Name HQSource Tracker URL Tracker SignUp Closed/Invite Only Tracker Genre General Seed Difficulty Medium Banned Countries None Tracker Description HQS is general Polish Tracker with a large search category from BDRip, BluRay, DVD, HDTV, movies packs to TV-series and Music. This tracker full of releases of ELiTE and HQS encoding teams. Pretimes are not too fast but always have Polish dubbing or subtitles. So it would be a great choice for native Polish speakers or people who learn this language. This site has interesting sections for BluRay and DVD covers and games where you can play for your GB's. H&R system is pretty easy to satisfy and depends of your ratio (for example, if your ratio below 0.5 or Upload below 5 GB you should seed for 72 hours, but if you ratio below 1 you should seed just for 3 hours). Plus, you can exchange your seeding bonus points for GBs what is really useful for ratio maintaining. Home Categories Torrents Forums Requests Covers Uploader User Class Help Desk Rules FAQ Seed Bonus Donate Games Ratings Pretimes 4/10 Speeds 7/10 Content 6/10 Community 6/10 Overall 6/10
  3. Tracker's Name: PTMSG Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon! Additional information: PTMSG is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases
  4. Tracker's Name: HQSource (HQS) Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon! Review's Link: Additional information: HQSource (HQS) is a Polish Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV / General Releases.
  5. Tracker's Name: MicroBit Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon! Review's Link: Additional information: MicroBit (μBit) is a Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
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  7. Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Type : Ratio based Bonus System: Yes Maintaining ratio: Easy Tracker Signup: open sign up Banned Countries None Description HDZone is a chinese private tracker dedicated to movies. This is a new tracker and like most of chinese trackers you have to pass an exam in 30 days (ratio 10, upload 30 Gb, download 30 Gb, bonus 5000 points). I dont believe this is a good way to start a tracker Stat Home Browse Forums Upload Subtitles Offers User Class Faq Rules Bonus Donate Ratings Pre times 5/10 Community 5/10 Content 5/10 Speed 5/10 Tracker score 5/10
  8. Tracker URL: Tracker Genre General Tracker Type : Ratio base Bonus System: Yes Maintaining ratio: Easy Tracker Signup : Invite Only Banned Countries: None Discription PTHOME is a Chinese tracker. It has abundant HD movies, TV series and Music from China, Korean, Japan, United states and other countries. It also owns HD content group. Due to actively propagating on the Internet, it's growing bigger and bigger. Home Browse Forums Seek Upload Subtitles Offers User class Faq Rules Bonus Donate Ratings Pre times 5/10 Community 5/10 Content 5/10 Speed 5/10 Tracker score 5/10
  9. Tracker's Name: Kufirc Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: Closing date: Open only for a few spots. Additional information: Kufirc is a Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for XXX Releases.
  10. Tracker's Name: PTHome Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: Open for one day. Review's Link: Additional information: PTHome is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases
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    Website is experiencing issues during the last days.
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    Server is down
  13. Popular eBook download platform eBookee has lost control of its main .org domain. The suspension was carried out by the Public Domain Registry but it's not yet clear what specific issue caused the domain to be suspended. However, since the site is a regular target for rightsholders, particularly those in the publishing industry, copyright woes seem a likely candidate. Alongside the mass uptake of digital readers such as Kindles, phones and tablets, plus a relatively small filesize, downloading of eBook and magazine content has gained in popularity over recent years. There are plenty of sites catering to this popular niche but in common with platforms specializing in other areas, a handful of dedicated sites have found their way onto the preferred lists of many pirates. One of those is eBookee, a download platform that doesn’t appear to carry content itself but indexes content hosted on other sites, notably file-hosting services. Indeed, a cursory review of eBookee’s traffic referral stats reveals that large volumes of users are directed to platforms such as Rapidgator and Nitroflare, for example. During the past 24 hours, however, visitors to (the site’s main domain) were greeted not by links to eBooks or magazines (and less frequently videos and audio), but by a blank page. While temporary site downtime is nothing new in this space, it appears that eBookee has experienced a more significant problem relating to its main domain. In common with The Pirate Bay’s main domain, eBookee’s .org domain is ultimately overseen by the Public Interest Registry with day-to-day business controlled by India-based Public Domain Registry. As the image below shows, the latter has suspended the domain. While it seems likely that a significant action caused the suspension, the specific issue (such as a complaint from a third-party, for example) hasn’t been revealed in public. PDR did not immediately respond to TF’s request for comment but it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if the issue was copyright related. Companies including Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Cambridge University Press, Amazon, and National Geographic have all filed copyright infringement complaints against the platform with Google during the first few weeks of this year. Overall, Google’s Transparency Report reveals that over the past several years, it has processed requests from rightsholders and anti-piracy groups to have 858,782 URLs deleted from its search results. Just 52% resulted in content being taken down, with the remainder either not in Google’s indexes or duplicate requests. The domain was first registered way back in 2007 but it hasn’t been a trouble-free ride. In 2015, publishers obtained an injunction from the High Court in England to have the site’s domain blocked by local ISPs. That resulted in many proxy sites springing up to service the platform, none of which appear to be working today. Finally, several social media pages claiming to be connected to or operated by are suggesting a new domain for the site. Checks carried out by TF suggest that the site is probably not connected with the official platform. Source:
  14. Infamous pirate release group Hive-CM8 is accusing rival group TOPKEK of putting people in danger by leaving watermarks and tracers in its recent releases. If true, this could spell trouble for those involved. Screener leaks are considered to be major breaches by the movie industry, which are severe enough to get the FBI involved. People who operate or even get involved with pirate release groups take major risks. Those who release screeners of unreleased movies up the ante further still. The movie screeners that are sent out to film insiders to be considered for various awards come with all sorts of protection mechanisms. These include visible and invisible watermarks as well as other tracers that can lead directly to the source. These extensive protections are supposed to deter people from leaking screeners. This is important, as some of the films have yet to air in theaters. For example, ‘Color Out of Space’ is widely available on pirate sites at the moment, but will officially premiere in the US this Friday. Apart from the deterrence factor, the watermarks also help to track down people involved in the leaks. They allow Hollywood to pinpoint the source and call in the feds who have helped to bring several people to justice. Over the past decade, Hive-CM8 has been a constant factor. Rival group EVO has also shared several screeners in the last three years but most others stay away from the practice. However, a few days ago another group joined in. Out of nowhere, TOPKEK released six screeners in the span of a few hours, including ‘1917,’ and the aforementioned ‘Color Out of Space.’ While the pirate audience was happy with this new material, it appears that Hive-CM8 didn’t appreciate the form in which it was offered. In the release notes of its most recent screener leak of the film “Just Mercy,” the group accuses TOPKEK of putting people at risk by leaving watermarks and tracers in its releases. “Bet you all seen the topkek scr flood 2 days ago, we have nothing to do with them btw. We are not happy that they got out like this, with watermarks and tracers still in it. careless and unprofessional it was, its a shame for the community [sic],” Hive-CM8 writes. “Whoever owned that bunch will regret sharing this for the rest of his life. Dont you think this will not get back to you, wish you luck. Dont trust the wrong people,” the group adds in its notes. Verifying Hive-CM8’s claims independently would require a specific form of technical expertise mostly unavailable to the public. If they’re true, however, we can expect some legal action to follow soon. After all, Hollywood sees screener leaks as one as the worst threats to their business. Not only because of the potential revenue losses but also because the screener leaks originate from within the industry. If Hollywood, with help from law enforcement, can pinpoint a source and perhaps even a release group, they certainly won’t hesitate. Hive-CM8, meanwhile, is attempting to play nice with Hollywood. The group has been criticized for holding back releases for too long, as they want to give films time to recoup their investments on the silver screen. Not everyone appreciates that but the release group stands by the decision taken after it received heavy criticism for its early leaks in 2015. “Some might say us delaying some titles is good, some will think this is stupid. Either way, but we think its more fair like this for everyone under the circumstances. “We watch the gross in relation to budget so that the movie has a fair chance in cinemas and at the same time make some people happy at home who are not able to visit the cinema [sic],” Hive-CM8 adds. Although the group appears to be sincere in its motivations, the major movie studios won’t hesitate to bring them down if they get the chance. That said, it seems that the group is good at covering its tracks, as it’s been releasing screeners for a decade without getting busted. That would have been impossible if the group didn’t have its security in order. Source:
  15., one of the most popular Popcorn Time applications, has lost control over its domain name. The registrar suspended the domain following a complaint, according to a Popcorn Time spokesperson. Further details were not provided but the problems prompted the popular app to relocate to a new home for the time being. Half a decade ago, Popcorn Time was the first application to bridge the gap between torrenting and streaming. The software amassed millions of users by offering an easy-to-use Netflix-style interface, providing access to the latest pirated movies and TV-shows. In recent years many other pirate streaming alternatives have outgrown Popcorn Time in terms of popularity. However, the various forks of the app still have a significant user base. One of the most popular ones is Like all other forks, it’s not linked to the original developers, who have long moved on. However, that doesn’t mean it’s spared from legal issues. Several movie companies previously targeted the app by obtaining a subpoena which directed Cloudflare to reveal the identity of the operator. The same companies also targeted alleged Popcorn Time users in court. A few hours ago another problem emerged. Without prior warning, the domain name was suspended by its registrar. A quick Whois search shows the associated “clienthold” status. This clienthold status is set by the domain registrar, 101domain in this case, and informs the registry not to activate the DNS. As a result, the website had been rendered inaccessible to the public at large. A spokesperson from confirmed the problems and informs TorrentFreak that they were not warned in advance about the issue. Nor was it made clear by the registrar what the precise reason for this suspension is. “They have sent zero notice before the suspension, neither did they explain why it’s suspended,” Popcorn Time’s spokesperson says. The 101domain support team did inform Popcorn Time that a complaint had been received, the spokesperson says. However, who this complaint is from and what it’s about remains a guess. This isn’t the first time that the registrar has taken action. Last November a similar problem occurred. However, according to Popcorn Time, this was the result of a payment issue. This time it appears to be an external complaint. Given the nature of the Popcorn Time application and repeated complaints from rightsholders in the past about this type of software, it’s likely that a movie or TV outfit sent a complaint. We reached out to 101domains with a request for further information but, at the time of writing, we have yet to hear back. The Popcorn Time spokesperson says that they have switched to for the time being. If they are unable to resolve the domain issue this change could become permanent. Update: 101domain suspended the domain after the company received a subpoena. We have good reason to believe that this subpoena is not legitimate and are working on a follow-up piece to be published later this week. Source: