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  1. Prèsentation

    You can. & you can also use translator.
  2. Almost 12 million French people consumed pirated audiovisual and sports content in 2019. According to a study by Hadopi, the deficit for these sectors amounts to 1.03 billion euros. This corresponds to 9% of a market with a weight of 11.6 billion euros. The sectors with the greatest piracy are physical turnover (310 million euros) and the sale of pay-TV subscriptions (260 million euros). Public finances are also affected as they let more than 320 million euros pass. This sum corresponds to VAT, social and employer contributions, as well as corporation and income tax. Piracy also means the potential destruction of 2,650 jobs for the affected sectors. According to Hadopi President Denis Rapone, the sectors in question “are already very much weakened by the effects of the health crisis”. He adds that torrent (P2P) downloads have declined since 2009 and the creation of the Hadopi. In contrast, streaming and direct download (DDL) remain important. Depending on the case, there is even talk of “considerable progress”. Another problem for rights holders and Hadopi is none other than IPTV. With this system you have access to many TV channels for just a few euros. This practice is attracting more and more people. Hadopi wants to continue the fight against piracy “This means that an average of 11.8 million Internet users engage in these practices every month.” In March it was 13.6 million, with detention “exacerbating the phenomenon,” said Denis Repone. In this context, Hadopi “passionately” calls the “resumption of examination” of the anti-piracy provisions provided for in the audiovisual reform. The first version of the provisions was abandoned because the health crisis had messed up the parliamentary calendar. In particular, this text provided for a merger between CSA and Hadopi with a new regulator called Arcom.
  3. A Polish pirate has been ordered to compensate Canal+ Polska and Cyfrowy Polsat a record amount of over PLN1 million (€223,000) for illegally distributing their pay-TV services. In addition, the District Court in Wieliczka has sentenced him to one year’s imprisonment, suspended for three years. The court’s judgement is final. According to Canal+ Polska, the man was arrested in March 2018 in a detached house in the Krakow powiat, where he had built an entire infrastructure for illegal sharing of TV signals. There, the police secured electronic equipment acting as “sharing” servers, set-top boxes and computers. Several dozen subscriber cards were plugged into the server, enabling the reception of payable, encrypted TV, which was then made available to unauthorised persons via the internet. The organiser of the “sharing” charged fees for providing pay -TV to others, which were much lower than when concluding a legal contract. During the search, the police found cash in the amount of almost PLN180,000. More than one suspect was arrested during the course of the investigation and a second man also received a suspended sentence and demand to pay compensation to Canal+ Polska and Cyfrowy Polsat.
  4. DICMusic News

    Google Translation: Dolphin PT: The second official revision of the attitude towards reuploading banned resources Attitudes towards reuploading banned resources Respect for original resources is the first consideration. In the early days of DIC's establishment, the first batch of regulations on prohibiting the reuploading of resources from other sites were added to the "Prohibited Publication List" on the uploading page. We will seriously deal with any illegal reuploading of prohibited resources, whether it is transferred out or in. Principles for handling matters related to reprinting banned resources Negotiation principles: Transfer out: It can introduce the complaint channels of other sites for the original publisher, and can also assist the original publisher to negotiate with other sites. For users who reprint in violation of the rules on this site, they will be dealt with as appropriate. Transfer in: Priority is given to the original publisher's appeal. You can contact us through Staff PM, official TG channel, official IRC, etc. It is forbidden to use the reporting system to appeal. Reprint processing principles: Transfer out: The management will understand the original situation, and then deal with it according to the actual situation and severity, such as no responsibility/warning/banned authority/banned. Transfer in: If it is determined to be reprinted in violation of regulations, delete the releases, and deal with it according to the actual situation and severity, such as no responsibility/warning/banned authority/banned.
  5. PTFiles News

    Advent Calendar You can click here for your daily gift
  6. HaitangPT News

    Google Translation: Considering that the resource capacity of this site is too small, we adjusted the account upgrade data Considering that the resource capacity of this site is too small, so we adjusted the account upgrade data, the configuration is as follows: ********************************** The account of Veteran User and above level will be kept forever. Delete of archived account: If the archived account is not logged in for 365 consecutive days, it will be deleted. Delete of unarchived account: If the unarchived account is not logged in for 45 consecutive days, it will be deleted. **Invite mana in exchange, adjusted to 8888 If you have better suggestions for upgrading, please contact us. ********************************** Registration time is greater than 4 Weeks, more than 30 GB and share ratio is greater than 1.05 The user will be upgraded to (platoon leader) Power User. ********************************** Registration time is greater than 8 Weeks, more than 80 GB and share ratio is greater than 1.55 The user will be upgraded to (company commander) Elite User. ************************************** Registration time is greater than 15 Weeks, more than 200 GB and share ratio is greater than 2.05 The user will be upgraded to (battalion commander) Crazy User. *************************************** Registration time is greater than 25 Weeks, more than 350 GB and share ratio is greater than 2.55 The user will be upgraded to (group leader) Insane User. ***************************************** Registration time is greater than 40 Weeks, more than 500 GB and share ratio is greater than 3.05 The user will be upgraded to (Brigade Commander) Veteran User. ****************************************** Registration time is greater than 60 Weeks, more than 888 GB and share ratio is greater than 3.55 The user will be upgraded to (teacher) Extreme User. ****************************************** Registration time is greater than 80 Weeks, more than 1200 GB and share ratio is greater than 4.05 The user will be upgraded to (Military Commander) Ultimate User. ********************************************* Registration time is greater than 100 Weeks, more than 2500 GB and share ratio is greater than 4.55 The user will be upgraded to (Commander) Nexus Master. **********************************************
  7. Libranet News

    Google Translation: Free registration The site is open for registration until December 31, 2020, so you don't need an invitation code to register! Share it so that as many people as possible know about it! signup.php
  8. XSpeeds (XS) News

    Last day Double Promo It's come to the end of the UK's national lockdown, so last day for our double upload promotion donate.php Kind regards Xs staff
  9. BootyTape News

    Hello, I recently upgraded a piece of server software and didn't realize basically 3 lines of code had to be changed to say with-jpeg instead of with-jpeg-dir, etc. These small little changes are what have been causing the new images to show as no gd. See GD is another program that helps uploaded images display and when I upgraded the software I didn't realize this small change was required. The problem is now fixed. The only issue is that those images require to be reuploaded. Best Regards, BootyTape Webmaster
  10. HDHome News

    Please be informed our server will be upgraded on 05Dec2020 23:00-23:59. Both website and tracker cannot be accessed by then. We'll complete the process ASAP. The exact shutdown period might be advanced or postponed slightly.
  11. Open.CD News

    Google Translation: A note on dolphin users reuploading Open.CD’s prohibited resources Now we will explain the incident of DicMusic users forwarding the ban on resource transfer on our site Our site received a private message from a site user at about 9 pm on September 3, 2020, indicating that two torrents were stolen, and the torrent ID (8****, 7****) and description were attached. The applicant hoped our site could help to find out and deal with it. After receiving the application, the administrator M*** used his account to verify and found that the two torrents mentioned did indeed have theft problem and involved two different users. The verification basis is that the equipment and time in the resource LOG are the same, so it can be judged as the same resource. The administrator M*** then used Dolphin’s report system to report on the two torrents and hoped to delete and provide information such as the IP address of the reposted person to facilitate processing on our site. Warning, punishing or even banning users who repost the resources of this site in violation of the rules are in line with our site's prohibition rules. However, even though the management of Dolphin chatted and laughed in their official group, we still did not see that the report was processed or responded. The administrator M*** approached the Dolphin webmaster C*** and asked him to deal with it. Dolphin webmaster C*** rejected our site request, and immediately the administrator M*** made the matter public on our site’s official group, indicating that it will be traced to the end, hoping that informed users can provide relevant evidence. With the help of enthusiastic netizens in the group, one of the offenders learned of the incident through matchmaking and took the initiative to apologize to the applicant. The applicant took the initiative to respond to me and informed me that the 8*** torrent issue had been resolved, and hoped that I would withdraw the punishment for the user who violated the rules, and I agreed and would not pursue the case. Our site's handling of the offender is reasonable, and the handling results respect the opinions of the releaser, and there is no problem. The other violator never admitted or clarified this matter to our site. We believe that he recognized his problem and accepted the ban. In fact, there is not only one illegal reprint (7***) for this user. Our site is still open to appeal to this user, and there is no process error. So far, the application processing for this user ends here. Regarding the attitude and practice of Dolphin webmaster C***, I believe that he has greatly hindered the work of safeguarding the interests of users and maintaining the security of resources. It is against the spirit of the domestic PT circle, so he is banned. For the AD-level management of Dolphin, our site thinks they also need to be banned accordingly. However, I do not know the management structure of Dolphins because of the fact that I have not asked the world. I am worried that the innocent will not be dealt with temporarily. The ban was not made until the day before yesterday after it was confirmed. This processing method is consistent with the fruit GD event processing method, and there is no intentional target. If Dolphin's AD-level management can prove that he has not participated in the seed management work, our site will cancel the punishment according to the situation. Follow-up: According to reports from enthusiastic users, the prohibited torrents of Dolphin were not deleted, and they were replaced by Dolphin AD-level management resources on November 23, 2020. The time point is intriguing. I will not comment on this, only a statement of facts. The above is an explanation of the incident on our site, and some user information has been coded. Dolphin strongly protested and refused to accept the slander of our site and its management, and condemned its harassment of our site users (including but not limited to the use of small group voices, private chats to spread false statements). Finally, I hereby appeal to everyone to abide by the no-transfer rules of our site and other sites and be lawful PT people. Play PT and enjoy life. OpenCD Management GROUP
  12. Prèsentation

    @nikitta68 Welcome here on the Community. Enjoy!
  13. BroadcasThe.Net (BTN) News

    BTN Advent Calendar is live! Click here for your daily fix
  14. Thanos Store for Private Torrent Invites Hello, This selling thread is one exclusive thread in this forum. Every tracker is categorized properly by exact content. If you are looking for something that's not in my list, let me know, i will get that for you. HD, UHD & 4K Trackers [ Invite Or Account ] - Awesome-HD - BeyondHD -Blutopia - CHDBits ( Chinese tracker ) -HDchina ( Chinese tracker ) [Fastest BD | 1080p ,720p } - HDCorea (B2S) -HD-Space -HD-Torrents -HDhome ( Chinese tracker ) -M-team ( Chinese tracker ) ( Chinese tracker ) - PixelHD (HDCity is a Chinese HD tracker ) E-learning Trackers [Invite or account] - Biztorrents -LearnFlakes -Bitspyder -LearnBits -MyAnonaMouse -420Project Movies Trackers [Invite or account] - AsianDVDclub ( Asian Movies & TV tracker ) - Avistaz ( Asian Movies & TV tracker ) ( Korean Movies & TV tracker ) - Cinemageddon ( Classic & rare Movies Tracker ) -Cinematik ( Classic & rare Movies Tracker ) -KaraGarga -Secret-Cinema -TheHorrorCharnel -SDBits -PirateTheNet -Xthor (French Tracker) Music Trackers [Invite or account] -redacted (Apollo) -JpopSuki -Waffles -PsyTorrents -ProAudioTorrents -Music-Vid -IndieTorrents -PsyTorrents -Music-Vid -Shellife TV Trackers [Invite or account] - MoreThanTV (MTV - Best Tv tracker after BTN) -TV-Vault -ShazbaTV -Nebulance -Tasmanit (Tasmanit (TAS) is a private tracker for Australian and New Zealand TV shows.) General Trackers [Invite or account] -IPTorrents -Filelist -BaconBits -TorrentDay -Torrentleech -CrazyHD -Polishtracker - Desitorrents ( Indian Tracker ) -Hon3yHD ( Indian Tracker ) -TorrentBytes -PotUK ( General tracker from the UK ) -nCore -Norbits -ImmortalSeed -Fano -TNTracker( It is an invite only German tracker - Anime & Cartoon Trackers [Invite or account] -u2.dmhy (Best Anime tracker ) -AnimeTorrents -BakaBT -Myspleen ( Best Comic site ) -Cartoonchaos O Day Trackers / Ratioless Trackers [Invite or account] -Alpharatio ( Ratioless ) -Xspeeds -Filelist Gaming Trackers [Invite or account] -gazellegames -BitGamer Porn Trackers [Invite or account] -PornBay ( Hentai & Asian Porn ) Sports Trackers [Invite or account] -MMA Torrents -RacingFor.Me -T3nnis -XtremeWrestling Software And Mac Tools Trackers [Invite or account] - cgpeers -MacTorrents -Brokenstones ( Best For MAC users ) Other Trackers [Invite or account] - ------==------ ------==------ ------==------ ------==------ ------==------ ------==------ Payment Method: Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum Contact me: Mail : Telegram: @Invitestore Discord: Thanoos#1023
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